Big Bird? Haven’t seen him, why?

photo taken March 2010 • title thanks to Chris P.

Holy moly your submissions were fantastic.
And the Sesame Street theme?
My hat is off to you.
It was really hard to choose a winner this week.

This photo is brought to you by the letter “C”: Chloe, Charlie, Calcium.
One, one big beautiful bone. ahahahahah (The Count)
A Bone, Coyote, Dog (ABCD)
“One of these things is not like the other…”
brought to you by the number 3
Sunny days, sweepin’ the clouds away/ On my way to where the air is clean/ Can you tell me how to get, how to get to… Charlie’s Treat! (Sesame Street Theme Song)
medium, large, and jumbone
Humerus Coyote
Dune of the Coyote
portion distortion
Inclined to Recline
The Bone Ranger and his trusty Sidekick
Wyoming Wormhole and the Woolly Boar
The Bone of Contentment
We’re busy.

one year ago: Bovine Benetton Ad
two years ago: Wary Of Sunshine

This picture brings to mind Sesame Street.  For some reason.  Something in Charlie’s expression, and oblivious little Chloe way up on the hill and the gigantic bleached-out bone in the foreground.  And the color of the sky.  And the clouds.  And the black angular shadows on the ground.  It’s either Sesame Street or a David Lynch movie.  Can you give a name to a picture like that?  I can’t, I have to write a paragraph, but I KNOW YOU CAN.

Leave your title, caption, or thought-bubble-commentary in the comment section of this post and you’ll be in the running to WIN!  Hurrah!  This weeks prize will be one Charlie Calendar (because I just found a box of them I didn’t know I had!  Get yours here, on super sale!) and a signed 5×7 print of this image (squeee!) OK, get to naming!!

199 Responses to “Big Bird? Haven’t seen him, why?”

  1. Isobel Says:

    Humerus Coyote


    Sierra Siesta

  2. valerie Says:

    to me it’s very much like a Dali painting, so I was thinking:

    - The Persistence of Charlie


    - The Sublime Moment


    - The Enigma of Evolution (as comtemplated by Charlie)

  3. Sally Says:

    A block of wood… a bone… and thou.

  4. Nancy Roberts Says:

    Eyes on the Prize

  5. Kit.e Says:

    Chloe to the left of me, a big bone to my right. Here I am, stuck in the middle to snooze.

  6. Suzy Says:

    Yes, look away Chloe- the bone is mine, ALL MINE!

  7. Suzy Says:

    High C – hloe Low C – harlie Big B – one

    Bad to the Bone

  8. belle Says:

    Nothing comes betweeen me and my femur.

    (there used to be a commercial about “nothing comes between me and my bvd’s” – cannot remember which brand it was)

  9. Craig Says:

    2010: A Wyoming Odyssey, directed by Charlie Kubrick

  10. Neil Says:

    2001 – A Canine Odyssey

  11. Neil Says:

    Too late it seems :)

  12. Yaara Says:

    Bona fide Bliss

  13. JML Says:

    “One of these things is not like the other…” (in honor of Sesame Street)

  14. janice Says:

    brought to you by the number 3

  15. Tina Says:

    Pebbles and Bam Bam

  16. Rhedrose Says:

    Objects de Wyoming

  17. Rhedrose Says:

    Isn’t That Spatial?

  18. Kirby Says:

    Bare Necessities

  19. Stacey Says:

    Lesson in perspective and shades of orange.

  20. junkshop_coyote Says:

    Rejected back cover shot for Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”


    Untitled Installation Piece #32

  21. Helioprogenus Says:

    He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it….Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker’s guide). This picture makes that line so relevant.

    The ethereal shadow also brings to mind “”The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.”

    Another thing the caption reminded me of is Dune…a David Lynch classic.

    Dune of the Coyote might be a good title.


    Dune in for more of Charlie and Chloe.

  22. Scott Says:

    Wyoming Wormhole and the Woolly Boar

  23. Rhedrose Says:

    Arresting Perspective

  24. Cindy Says:

    Bone lazy

  25. Yaara Says:

    Encroaching on Crunch time

  26. Bess Says:

    Near and Deer

    In the Middle of his World

  27. Claudia Says:

    Another of the LOST mysteries

  28. Kim Says:

    Darwin Exemplified

  29. Mary Says:

    Shadows – Don’t fence in my bone!

  30. nancy Says:

    medium, large and jumbone

  31. Di Says:

    Chloe, nothing comes between me and my cache.

  32. Heidi Says:

    portion distortion

  33. moondoggie Says:

    Sunny Slope

    Shadow Play

  34. Mary Says:

    Dust Bathers

  35. Gary R. Says:

    Cloe up HIGH….Charlie in the MIDDLE….Bone down LOW.

  36. vicka Says:

    “you and me and a bone makes three!”

  37. paula Says:

    Dogwork Orange
    Lazy Bones
    Orange Landscape with Canine and Bone

  38. Brianna Says:

    Chilin’ in the Sun

  39. Lucky Says:

    Home on the Range

    Red Dirt Road

  40. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Light of Contentment

  41. Jessi Says:

    “One of these things is not like the other!”
    if you like sesame street then you’d get that… :)

  42. Barbara Says:

    Depending on Your Perspective

  43. susan Says:

    Jurassic/Pleistocene boundary

  44. Kelly Says:

    DoF, or Dog of Field (depth of field!)

    Corny, but sometimes I can’t help myself =)

  45. Heather L Says:


  46. Heather L Says:

    Front Runner……………..

    Pecking Order…………………

    Animal Archeologists……………

  47. Heather L Says:

    Not a Shadow of a Doubt….Whose Bone that Is…………….

  48. Heather L Says:

    “It’s a Dirty Job…..But Someone Has to Do It”

  49. Heather L Says:

    Bone Dry…………..

  50. Julia Says:

    It reminds me of a combination of Andrew Wyeth and Rene Magritte.

    “Chloe’s Familiar World”

    It’s a little obscure, but maybe not to an art historian. :)

  51. Karen Says:

    The Bone of Their Contentment

  52. Kirby Says:

    Objects in the coyote’s eye may appear closer…

  53. Lindsay P. Says:

    Twin Peekers

  54. Karen Says:

    Everything shows when you’re on the red carpet

  55. Kirby Says:

    Location, Location, Location!

  56. Pam Says:

    Point Perspective

  57. Heather L Says:

    Make No Bones About It….Charlie Wins!

  58. Dave Robatcek Says:

    (l to r) Hambone, Bonehead, Elk Bone

  59. Heather L Says:

    The Bone Yard!

  60. Alisa Says:

    This photo is brought to you by the letter “C”: Chloe, Charlie, Calcium.

  61. Heather L Says:

    Bone Idle (Idol)…..

  62. Kathleen Says:

    Doggone bone tired

  63. Lynda J Says:


  64. Barbara Says:

    Bone TIred

  65. SheilaE Says:

    The ups and downs of life in Wyoming.

  66. Laurie "Wo" Smith Says:

    The Layin’, The Bitch & The Contoured

    …(Lion, Witch, Wardrobe)

  67. Patti Says:

    It’s all relative

  68. ursula Says:

    Arid times…

    Bone dry…

    Clay hues…

    Bleach Blondes

  69. Eija Says:

    Break in ‘ACTION’

    Air is crisp, the sun is warm…who needs shade, bone or Chloe

    Aaaaahhh….la vita e bella!

    Nothing but the blue sky…..

  70. Heather L Says:

    The Skeleton Crew……..

  71. Teaspoon Says:

    Up a Dusty Hill: Perspective Study in Redscale

  72. Stephanie Says:

    When I first saw the picture, and before I read your blurb, I immediately thought of Sesame Street too, but my thought was of the little skit teaching about ‘near and far’ so I had a little muppet-type voice yelling that in my head. Then I read what you wrote and automatically giggled!

  73. Stephanie Says:

    OMG!!! I found the clip on youtube! It’s actually a song about opposites, but the ‘near far’ part is at around 40 seconds in.

  74. Ava Says:

    2010: Earth Odyssey (with canines)

    (It reminds me of that spooky, iconic moment in the film when the ape flings the bone into the air. Canines are much more sensible. When a bone doesn’t have much good chew left in it, just let it be, curl up and take a nap.)

  75. RevAnne Says:

    Still Life with Canines
    Sun-baked Lazy Day

  76. Bruce Says:

    Two Dog bone

  77. Kathleen Says:

    A Nap After the Battle (with the T-Rex)

  78. Heather L Says:

    The Bone Collector…..

  79. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Dog Bliss

  80. Heather L Says:

    NOW PLAYING………..”Clueless” and “The Bone Collector”

  81. Penny Says:

    Still life with coyote, dog and bone

    (not to be confused with Still Life with Woodpecker)…

  82. Elise Says:

    Either “Near…Far…” or “Phenomena” in honor of Sesame Street. Just for fun I emailed a little cartoon to dailycoyote[at]gmail to illustrate. :)

  83. b Says:

    Step away from the bone. I mean it. Don’t make me come over there….

  84. MJ Says:

    Feigned Indifference

    Charlie is pondering, “Will the bone fit inside the square container to my left so Chloe will never know it was here?”

    Canine Contentment

    Objective study in: Still Legs

    Quiet Contemplation

  85. Heather L Says:

    Man in the Middle………….

  86. E.Jolie Says:

    Scale and Perspective Lesson

  87. Lynne R Says:

    Dog Days of Wyoming

  88. bonnie Says:

    We’re busy.

  89. Lynne R Says:

    Dog Days of Spring

  90. Kathy Says:

    Proper chain of command.

  91. Kathleen Says:

    “Bone Tired”

  92. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Dirt Nap

  93. Lynne R Says:

    I double-dog dare ya~

  94. E.Jolie Says:

    Archaeology Volunteers Charlie and Chloe Rest After Dig

  95. Dave Robatcek Says:


  96. LynneR Says:

    I’m supposed to bury this thing?

  97. littlebobina Says:

    “Bone – Thug – Harmony”
    ( I so don’t listen to rap music but that was the 1st thing that came to mind)

    F is for Femur, that’s good enough for me!

  98. Dave Robatcek Says:

    The Shadow Knows

  99. Emily Says:

    Bone on the Range

    Charlie’s in Charge of the Calcium


  100. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Erosion Control

  101. Pat D. Says:

    Charlie and Chloe pose for a painting by Georgia O’Keefe.

    Keeping Things inPerspective.

    “B is for Bone…”

    What a big bone you have, Charlie!

    (Neat pic, thanks for sharing it with us.)

  102. LP Says:

    Dust to Dust

  103. E.Jolie Says:

    One Two Three , Bone Coyote Dog

  104. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Slope Management

  105. Lynne R Says:

    One, one big beautiful bone. ahahahahah (The Count)

  106. Dave Robatcek Says:

    “Chloe, I think that cold white stuff has to be on the ground for it to work.”

  107. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Perspectives in Light

  108. pika Says:


    Infinite Regress

    Meatloaf in the Middle

  109. Dave Robatcek Says:

    “Lighten up, Charlie.”

  110. MissTdJ Says:

    Haha @Stephanie with the “Near, Far” reference. Awesome!
    I think the scene looks rather Dali-esque, no?

  111. Dave Robatcek Says:

    “YOU fetch.”

  112. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Coyote La-Z-Boy

  113. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Bleach Bums

  114. Dave Robatcek Says:

    “Whoa, I just had the weirdest dream…”

  115. Chris P Says:

    Big Bird? Haven’t seen him, why?

  116. Dave Robatcek Says:

    (Awesome, Chris P)

  117. jessie Says:

    Life in slow motion

  118. JaneofTrades Says:

    “Here… there… far”

    A Bone, Coyote, Dog (ABCD)

    Sunny Dispositions

  119. James Says:

    Rulers of their own Inland Empire

  120. Kirby Says:

    “Does this angle make my bone look big?”

  121. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Light Bath…

  122. Patr Says:

    Shreve plays Wyoming Hop Scotch while Charlie and Chloe look on.

  123. George Says:


  124. Sophie Says:

    “Tic Tac Toe”

  125. Dave Robatcek Says:

    Over, Under, Around & Through

  126. Rachel Says:

    Chloe: “Fine! Ignore me!! I don’t like you or your bone anyway!”
    Charlie: “Did you say something?”

  127. Kirby Says:

    Close to the bone

  128. Eija Says:

    A is for Ahhh.., B is for Bone, C is for Charlie and Chloe

    Charlie’s World

  129. Shanin Says:


  130. Steven Swanson Says:

    Do you feel lucky? (Clint Eastwood style)

  131. Courtney Says:

    It’s all about perspective

    Be the bone

    Shades and Shadows

  132. lynn Says:

    The Bone Ranger

  133. Meg Says:

    A Bone’s Life

    Life in Diagonal

  134. lynn Says:

    amending the above submission to:

    The Bone Ranger and his trusty Sidekick

  135. Lynne R Says:

    Bone? I thought that was a piece of furniture!

  136. Lynne R Says:

    You sure that there bone ain’t from Texas?

  137. Julie R. Says:

    Sunny days, sweepin’ the clouds away. On my way to where the air is clean. Can you tell me how to get, how to get to…Charlie’s Treat! (Sesame Street Theme Song)

  138. Heather L Says:

    The Bone of Contention?

  139. Lynne R Says:

    High Def Dog Bone

  140. Heather L Says:


  141. Liz Says:

    One of these things is not like the others

    Chloe & Charlie: b-b-b-bad to the bone!

  142. Kathleen Says:


  143. i-ching Says:

    Inclined to Recline


    Bona Fide Beauties

  144. Martha Parks Johnson Says:

    I’ve got a bone to pick with you!

  145. Karen C Says:

    Sir Baby Enter Stage Right

  146. Random Charlie Fan Says:

    ((I swear we’ve done this one before o.O))

    Sunnin’ on a Hill

    Two Canines, One Bone, And A Box

    A Nice Day

  147. lynn Says:

    Still friends but they need their space after a long game of Tic-Tac-Bone

  148. Heather L Says:

    Chloe doesn’t seem to have a Bone to Pick with Charlie………..

  149. Marcella Says:

    Look at the coyote…


    Where’s Big bird?

    -it was my brother’s idea for the first one
    ~mine was the second…
    ~I truly couldn’t help it.

  150. Craig Says:

    Just resting our bones …

  151. Sarah Says:

    La la la la! La la la la! Charlie’s World!

    Yes, I have a toddler. :-)

  152. terry Says:

    Bone in the foreground, Chloe in the background, Charlie thought it had the makings of a great music video.

  153. debra Says:

    fade to reddish-white

  154. Karyn Says:

    Can you find the hidden Eli in this picture?

  155. DiPhi Says:

    Oh, give me a b-o-o-o-o-o-ne,
    where the buffalo ro-o-o-o-o-a-m,
    and the deer and the antelope pla-a-a-a-a-ay!

  156. diphi Says:

    Now, that right there, girl, that right there is some red dirt, mmmhmmm.

  157. Kathleen Says:


  158. Tessa Says:

    Toeing the Line, Coyote Style.

  159. Alice Says:

    Charlie hopes that bone is not a hallucination after being out in the desert all day.

    Chloe just can’t bear to look when they stumble upon the remains of Snuffle-upagus.

  160. Rebecca Says:

    Bone ami
    Resting my bones
    Different shades of resting in peace

  161. moof Says:

    Chloe expresses disinterest in Charlie’s hangover. Charlie bemoans that last night’s excessive dancing to ‘Bad to the Bone’ may not have been a good idea.

  162. moof Says:

    Western Gothic

  163. Roxie Says:

    Homage to Magritte

    (I agree w/Julia, who beat me to it. Something about the clouds and tonal quality of the hues– quite special! )

  164. Roxie Says:

    Still Life with Rusted Box

    (That thing to the right, with the shadow in it; plus a reflection on how ‘still’ and ‘alive’ Charlie and Chloe are, in contrast to the mastadon(?) bone).

  165. Anna Says:

    Wyoming Tic-Tac-Toe

  166. Jia En Says:

    And the number of the day is… 3!

  167. Anonymous Says:

    “A Little Perspective”

  168. Lana Says:

    depth of field


    bone dry

  169. ilana Says:

    or one more

    “the dog days of summer are bone dry”

  170. Debi Says:

    Past, Present, Future..

    (Chloe is the future cause she is the youngest, Charlie is the present, the bone the past!)

  171. mlaiuppa Says:


  172. mlaiuppa Says:

    The Lovely Bone(s).

  173. Rhedrose Says:


  174. Rhedrose Says:

    The Layered Look

  175. Spencer Kaitlin Says:

    ‘The Hierarchy’ or ‘Chain of Command.”

  176. Jenny C Says:

    Around the Block

    Stark Relief

    Angel Angles

    “I’m your huckleberry”

    No Name, Wyoming

    Simple Complexity

  177. Kirby Says:

    Upscale all the way

  178. Rhedrose Says:


  179. Sally Says:

    Efemural Afternoon

  180. Michelle R Says:

    “A one, A two, A three! Ah, ah, ah, ah!!” (eg. Count von Count)

    “What cow? We didn’t see any cow.”

    “Me want femur!!!” (eg. Cookie Monster’s, “Me want cookie!”)

    Charlie and the Composing Femur.

    Bone et ami

    So many ideas today! :)

  181. Nicole Says:

    In the spirit of Grover in Sesame Street:
    “Near….. Far!”

  182. Kris Says:

    “The Evolution of Dog”.

  183. Darci Says:

    Who dat? … Don’t you be lookin’ at my bone …

  184. Barbie Says:

    “I can’t believe we ate the whole thing”

  185. Evan Says:

    Moon Doggies and a Bone

  186. Jen Bowen Says:

    “They had three in the family…and that’s a magic number!”

    Your Sesame Street comment suddenly sparked a Schoolhouse Rock revival in me. ;-)

  187. Cristina S Says:


  188. Adrienne Says:

    Ever read Shel Silversteins “Lazy Jane” poem? Here’s some blatant plagerism:

    Wanted a bite of bone
    So he laid on his side
    And looked like a rock
    And waited
    and waited
    and waited
    and waited
    and waited
    For the shadow to move

  189. Adrienne Says:

    OR a la Sesame Street:

    “H” is for Hungry

  190. Mel Says:

    The Persistence of Memory

    Shadows across the land, my clan

    Riders on the Storm

  191. Barbara in California Says:

    B-b-bad to the bone.

    – or –

    Bone tired in Red Hill Town.

    (U-2 song = “Red Hill Town”)

    – or –

    Don’t stay out too long in the sun
    (or you’ll end up like the bleached bone).

  192. Jamie Says:

    A Bone’s Thought Bubble

  193. Sue Says:

    Charlie has a bone to pick with Chloe

  194. Nancy Says:

    Not a contribution to this caption contest, but just admiration for a previous caption and comment on the picture “Posing for Picasso”. Picture was hilarious and the caption was great! I need to keep up with your blogs more often! Charlie is, as always, awesome and photogenic!

  195. Lauren H Says:

    Eli would put this picture in Purr-spective…

  196. sybann Says:

    Uno, dos, tres, Red Clay!

  197. wagga Says:

    Twin Geeks

  198. Ann Says:

    Forever deja vu

  199. carmel Says:

    Home was never like this

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