Fang Tango

photo taken April 2010 • title thanks to Saxon

one year ago: Neck Nuzzle
two years ago: A Preview From Last Summer

Oh ho ho ha ha ah!  Y’all are good.
It’s so fun to see all the angles that different people tune into.
Saxon, yours is fantastic!  Love the play off of fandango.
And tied for second place:
Tensleep twostep! er fourstep! er eight step! er elk leg ballet!
Thriller…on the Hiller
Twisted Sister
Snappy Comeback
Give me a break, Chloe!  Try doing the tango with two left feet.
Aprol fools.
Chloe attempts to herd Charlie . . . with mixed results.
All they need is a piano.
“Dancin Days  Are Here Again”
Pirouette Duet
Hut one… hut two… HIKE… HIKE!!
hip hop
Sibling Quibbling!
Chloe ain’t no howler back girl!

• • • Happy Holiday for those of you in the USA, and happy day or night to those elsewhere!  I’m in a major blueberry ecstasy coma at this very moment and words seem so…. elusive right now.  So I’ll just say do your thang!  Give this photo a title, caption, or talking bubbles and we will read them and laugh and marvel at the varied minds that take part in this little Monday ritual.
Prize will be… a print of your choice!

187 Responses to “Fang Tango”

  1. carmel Says:

    Charlie you’re tops

  2. KayO Says:

    Sibling Rivalry

  3. JON Says:

    Even Elf Legs take a backseat to playtime.

    Playtime, more important than Elf legs.

  4. Jackie/Montana Says:

    We luv dance n the Cotten Eye Joe !!

  5. Evan Says:

    Let’s do the time warp again.

  6. carmel Says:

    yip and yap

  7. carmel Says:

    aye aye caption

  8. carmel Says:

    captive caption

  9. carmel Says:

    aye aye captain charlie

  10. carmel Says:

    freedom fighters!

  11. carmel Says:

    yin and yang

  12. carmel Says:


  13. Mike Says:

    Sibling Quibbling!

  14. carmel Says:

    we swing to the right, we swing to the left.

    (not been political here!)

  15. carmel Says:

    A tale between two friends

  16. Alex Says:

    “No, Walk THIS Way!”

    “The Catwalk and the Dog Paddle”

    “Fred and Ginger Tap and Swing”

  17. carmel Says:

    a hop, skip and a jump…

  18. carmel Says:

    elusive butterflies !

  19. carmel Says:

    daily coyote ritule

  20. carmel Says:

    daily coyote ritual

  21. Kirby Says:

    Chloe: Eli did that? That’s crazy!!!
    Charlie: Yup. Here’s how it happened…

  22. Emily Says:

    Furry Fireworks

    The Wyoming Waltz

    Charlie: Does This Tail Make My Butt Look Big?

    Classy Charlie, Crazy Chloe

    Wild Thangz


  23. carmel Says:

    eli’s in the dog house…ha ha ha

  24. carmel Says:

    best friends forever

  25. bonnie Says:

    well, i really don’t know how you are going to chose this time shreve—these posts are all so good!

  26. Diane Says:

    Horsing around

  27. Lisa in Washington Says:

    Chasing wild hairs

  28. Dale Says:

    Chloe looks fierce here…reminds me of a sixties song by the Shangri Las, so:

    That’s why they call her, the leader of the pack

  29. Yaara Says:

    Chomping at the Butte

  30. Wife of a Sailor Says:

    Red, White and True Blue Friends

    It Takes Two To Tango

    The Coyoming Tango

  31. katy Says:

    “No, Chloe, chase your OWN tail!”

    (although “Snappy Comeback” is my favorite so far…)

  32. Suzy Says:

    Chloe ain’t no howler back girl!

  33. Maegan Says:

    Dances with Woofs
    Prairie Square Dance
    Hokey Pokey Puppies
    Happy Meet Snappy

  34. Lynne Woodrell Says:

    You gotta fight
    for your right
    to paw-ty

    The Beastie Boys song.

  35. Bess Says:

    “You put your right paw in…you bring your right paw out…and then you shake it all about…”

  36. Maria Says:

    and the grasshopper becomes the master.

  37. Pat D. Says:

    “Dancing with Stars in their eyes and a song in their hearts!”

    Very cool pic– I like the captured action.

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