Fang Tango

photo taken April 2010 • title thanks to Saxon

one year ago: Neck Nuzzle
two years ago: A Preview From Last Summer

Oh ho ho ha ha ah!  Y’all are good.
It’s so fun to see all the angles that different people tune into.
Saxon, yours is fantastic!  Love the play off of fandango.
And tied for second place:
Tensleep twostep! er fourstep! er eight step! er elk leg ballet!
Thriller…on the Hiller
Twisted Sister
Snappy Comeback
Give me a break, Chloe!  Try doing the tango with two left feet.
Aprol fools.
Chloe attempts to herd Charlie . . . with mixed results.
All they need is a piano.
“Dancin Days  Are Here Again”
Pirouette Duet
Hut one… hut two… HIKE… HIKE!!
hip hop
Sibling Quibbling!
Chloe ain’t no howler back girl!

• • • Happy Holiday for those of you in the USA, and happy day or night to those elsewhere!  I’m in a major blueberry ecstasy coma at this very moment and words seem so…. elusive right now.  So I’ll just say do your thang!  Give this photo a title, caption, or talking bubbles and we will read them and laugh and marvel at the varied minds that take part in this little Monday ritual.
Prize will be… a print of your choice!

187 Responses to “Fang Tango”

  1. Suzy Says:

    Twist and Shout!

    Wave your paws in the air like you just don’t care!

    Dances with Coyotes

    You put your right paw in- you’re not doing it right.

  2. Suzy Says:

    Dance! Dance little sister, dance!

  3. Leffe Says:

    Ten Sleep dance school

  4. Frannie Says:


  5. Scotty Says:

    Friend fend

  6. belle Says:

    You are my favorite toy!!


  7. belle Says:

    Happy Dance!!

    Ode’ to Joy!!

  8. lynda Says:

    two step

    movin’ n’ groovin’

    the hokey pokey….that’s what it’s all about

    superbly synchronized

  9. Claudia Says:

    Chloe has PMS and Charlie doesn’t get it!!!

    Different species, same concept!!!!

  10. E. Jolie Says:

    Line Dancing

  11. JMS Says:

    Tensleep twostep! er fourstep! er eight step! er elk leg ballet!

  12. Ida Says:

    Line dance
    .. and one to the left and two to the right …. no Cloe left is this way

  13. anne Says:

    wanna wrestle~~

  14. Mary Says:

    “This should get her attention!”

  15. Jane Stanley Says:

    Paws de deux

  16. Annemiek Says:

    Do the hustle!

  17. JE Says:

    Love Knows No Boundaries.

  18. Laffindog Says:


  19. saxon Says:

    fang tango

  20. Bethrusso Says:

    Practicing for Dances with Wolves.

  21. Bethrusso Says:

    Cheek to cheek.

  22. Tina Says:

    Interpretive Dance

  23. coygirl Says:


  24. Deb D. Says:

    “Tag, you’re it!”

  25. Alice Says:

    Canine can-can

  26. Bethrusso Says:

    Yep, that’s what it’s all about.

  27. nancy Says:

    no chloe this is a perfect 3 point stance in football

  28. Kay Says:

    No Chloe this is a square dance… it’s allemande left and dosado, got it?

  29. Helioprogenus Says:

    When auditioning for the role of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, you can’t both be Mr. Hyde.

    or from the epic of Gilgamesh: “Let them contend together and leave Uruk in quiet”.

  30. Kali Says:

    Pin the tail on the coyote

  31. Heather L Says:

    Kung Fu Fighting…..

    Thriller…on the Hiller

  32. Angela S. Says:

    Grrrr…. No, you grrrr….

  33. Ava Says:

    Twisted Sister

  34. Rhedrose Says:

    Chloe: “Play!”

    Charlie: “Dang it, I said not now!”

    Chloe: “Play!”

  35. Kirby Says:


  36. Mia Says:

    Charlie and his Dancing Partner!

  37. Rhedrose Says:

    When an Irresistable Force Meets an Irritable Object

  38. tom Says:

    LET’s ROCK!!!!!

  39. Laurie "Wo" Smith Says:

    ‘Cause the twitch is fine,
    have yourself a time in Bedrock…
    Twitch! Twitch!

  40. Paige Says:


  41. Heather L Says:

    Scuffle Shuffle……………

    Wyoming Ballet 101

  42. Patr Says:

    He goes right ‘n’ she goes left – Charlie loves Mambo!

  43. Lana Says:


  44. Patty Says:

    Fred and Ginger

  45. Craig Says:

    Chloe and Charlie do the Paso Doble. OLE!

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Canine Choreography

  47. Tracey Says:

    No, not my tail!

  48. Carissa Says:

    “Sometimes you pick your friends, sometimes they pick you.”

    “Compared to friendship, gold is dirt.”

  49. Dave Robatcek Says:

    “Are ya ready? Let’s GO!”

  50. Rulla Says:

    Come on baby, let’s do the twist!

  51. Heather L Says:

    Playing Chop Sticks in the Dirt

  52. Heather L Says:

    Dirty Dancing!

  53. Katie Says:

    Tap Dance Kids


    Shake your bacon

    Invisible bobsled launching in 3…2…1…

    “Chloe, stop copying me!”

    Puttin’ on a Ritz

  54. Diana Says:

    Yappin’ it up

  55. Farmer Lady Says:

    Let’s Dance!

  56. Tina Says:

    Who let the dog(s) out?

  57. kelly Says:

    I * AM * NOT * A * TOY!

  58. Lana Says:

    Snappy Comeback

  59. bonnie Says:

    Let’s do the Time Warp again!!

  60. Lindsay Says:

    Charlie gives Chloe her first dance lesson

  61. bonnie Says:

    Canine Chorus Line

  62. Mari Says:

    Chloe: Charlie, there’s no yawning in dancing.

  63. bonnie Says:

    Doin’ the Happy Dance!!

  64. lois Says:

    “You put your little foot right out…” (Ramsey Lewis Trio and the children’s song)
    “Happy Feet” (Paolo Cante)
    “Boogie…Woogie” (Paolo)

  65. Stephanie Says:

    Though they both mastered the foxtrot, Charlie and Chloe were still working on the 4-step.
    (Instead of, of course, the 2-step!)

  66. Meredith Staples Says:

    Give me a break, Chloe! Try doing the tango with two left feet.

  67. shannon Says:

    “i’m not touching youu”

    “i’m not touching youuu”

    “i’m not touching youuu”

  68. Heather L Says:

    Animated Conversation…

    It Takes Two to Tango..

    Full of Piss & Vinegar

    It’s Friendship, friendship….just the Perfect Blendship

  69. Lesley Says:

    Shake it up, Baby, now…Twist and Snout!

  70. jon Says:

    Paws, then Pounce!
    Pawsing to Pounce!

    Aprol fools.

  71. E.Jolie Says:

    Happy Dance

  72. Heather L Says:

    The Wyoming WA “TWO” SI….

    The Wyoming Watusi….

  73. moondoggie Says:

    Steppin’ Up to Play

  74. Barbara Says:

    Charlie and Chloe Play Tennis

  75. Lynne R Says:

    Tango Tussle

  76. Rhedrose Says:

    “Oh my god, Charlie! There’s a bug on your whiskers!”

    “Aargh! Get it off!”

  77. Penny Says:

    Double time dance in the dirt

  78. Chris Says:

    “Okay, now I’M the circling great white and YOU’RE the National Geographic photographer…”

  79. MJ Says:

    Charlie and Chloe Practice the Canine Quick Step

    Imitation is the high form of praise.

    Footloose and Fancy Free

  80. Lynne R Says:

    Dueling Doggies

  81. Steven Swanson Says:

    Charlie in W C Fields style, “Don’t bother me kid.”

  82. Cynthia Says:

    Chloe attempts to herd Charlie . . . with mixed results.

  83. Kirby Says:

    Block and Tackle

  84. Kirby Says:

    Hurricane Chloe

  85. iris Says:

    Follow my moves…

    Dance with me…

  86. Heather L Says:

    “In Harmony with the Hound”

  87. Heather L Says:

    Prairie Home Companions……..

  88. Patti Says:

    You put your tail in, you put your tail out, you put your tail in and shake it all about….

  89. Sandy G. Says:

    Just simply: “Happy Days!”

  90. Roxie Says:

    “When I dance they call me macarena
    and the boys they say that I´m buena
    they all want me, they can´t have me
    So they all come and dance beside me
    move with me jam with me
    and if your good I take you home with me
    A la tuhuelpa legria macarena
    Que tuhuelce paralla legria cosabuena
    A la tuhuelpa legria macarena— Eeeh, macarena ”
    –Los Del Rio

  91. Shanin Says:

    Chloe vs. Charlie

    Vieing for the Alpha Dog title

  92. Joanne Says:

    “Twist and Snouts”

  93. Karen Says:

    Get this, Chloe: If we hold our heads and tails just so, we’ll form a heart shape.

  94. Stacey Says:

    Fragile balance between Legacy and Genetics.

  95. Isobel Says:

    Mad Eye Chloe Vs. Charlie Potter

  96. Heather L Says:

    Clash of the BiteNs….

    Wyoming Wrestlers….

    Friendly Fray……..

    Happy Havoc……

  97. Random Charlie Fan Says:

    Charlie: “Watch, Chloe. What you have to do is spin around and try to grab your tail. The first one to catch it is the winner, got it? And-No! You have to get your OWN tail, not mine!”

    Friendly Feud

    Turn Your Partner ‘Round And ‘Round

    ((I probably won’t be here the next few Mondays, vacation time ^.^))

  98. Sara Says:

    Fight Club

  99. Barbara in California Says:

    Gimme that old soft shoe ’cause nothing else will do

  100. Barbara in California Says:

    Paw Jive

  101. Sophie Says:

    “Yippe yi yo, yipper yi ya!”

  102. Sophie Says:

    (Oops, supposed to be yippeE yi ya!) (“Ghost Riders in the Sky”)

  103. Bill Says:

    Okay Chloe, I’ll play Eli, you pretend you’re me!

  104. Cat Says:

    mi casa es su casa, but this is mi tail!

  105. arwo Says:

    Dog Dance Afternoon

  106. Tracy Says:

    Dog Can Can, Coyote Too Too

  107. Heidi Says:

    “Gottcha last!”
    “Tag! You’re it!”
    Dog got your tail?

  108. mlaiuppa Says:

    Do the hustle.

  109. mlaiuppa Says:

    All they need is a piano.

  110. Cgirl Says:

    Canid Twister

  111. mlaiuppa Says:

    Piano four paws: Dolly sweet

  112. mlaiuppa Says:

    Hey, Macarena!

  113. mlaiuppa Says:

    Kiss my a$$.

    (you may need to censor this, sorry)

  114. MK Ray Says:

    red rock rockettes

  115. Richard Says:

    “Dancin Days Are Here Again”

    I can almost hear them singing.

  116. Diana Says:

    I won’t dance, don’t ask me
    I won’t dance, don’t ask me
    I won’t dance madame with you
    My heart won’t let my feet do things that they should do

    From the Fred Astaire / Ginger Rogers film “Roberta” (1935)

  117. Sherri Says:

    “I am gonna get ya and I am gonna eat ya!”
    “Not if I get YOU first!”

  118. Lynne Rf Says:

    Pirouette Duet

  119. karzie Says:

    I always wondered why they called that game ‘Twister”

  120. Anonymous Says:

    There it is again!! I TOLD you!! It’s keeps FOLLOWING me!! GET IT!!

  121. Barbara in California Says:

    Dance with me. I want to be your partner, can’t you see?

  122. junkshop_coyote Says:

    Oh Snap!

  123. lynn Says:

    She shoulda’ been a chicken, ‘cuz she’s always eggin’ him on!

  124. Lydia G Says:

    Coyote Two Step

  125. Denise Says:

    Do -Si-Do (with the foxtrot thrown in)

  126. Sally Says:

    A Tail Between Friends

  127. Sara Says:

    Ring Around the Charlie

  128. terigrace Says:

    Swing your partner….do-si-do

  129. Feral Boy Says:

    Green light! RED LIGHT!!! (darn…)

  130. Anna Says:

    “But don’t tell my heart, my achy breaky heart …”

  131. Gary R. Says:

    Cloe!!!…This is how you do….THE COYOTE FOUR STEP!

  132. Meg Says:

    Don’t Even Think About It….

    Coyote Hoedown

    When Zoeys attack… (When Animals Attack show title)

    Back it up, sister!

  133. Jane Says:

    Perfect love dance
    Play mates

  134. MJ Says:

    Groovin’ On A Sunny Afternoon

    Chloe, you are the dancing queen!

    “Red Rover, Red Rover, Let Charlie Come Over!” (you can almost picture the jump rope in Chloe’s paws and Charlie getting ready to jump in)

  135. jane Says:

    Lock step love

  136. Barbie Says:

    ” Its Just a Step to the Left”

    Rocky horror picture show.

  137. Jay Says:

    “You should see my my little Sis
    She really knows how to rock
    She knows how to twist “

  138. Jay Says:

    Whoopise. :B I hit enter before I was finished heheh.

    “Come on little miss and do the twist ”

    Both from The Twist by Chubby Checkers. Such a silly song.

  139. JML Says:

    Hut one… hut two… HIKE… HIKE!!

  140. finnegan's mom Says:

    Coyotelectric Slide

  141. V Says:

    Freeze Tag.

    Cops and Robbers.

    Charlie was limping for attention, Chloe saw through his act.
    (since his paw is up)

  142. V Says:

    *reposted with email address this time*

    Freeze Tag.

    Cops and Robbers.

    Charlie was limping for attention, Chloe saw through his act.
    (since his paw is up)

  143. Sandy Says:

    “So you think you can dance”

  144. Patty Says:

    Steppin’ Out

  145. Roxie Says:


    Winners in the 2010 Interspecies Ballroom Dancing–Latin, 8 Legged Division: Chloe & Charlie!

  146. Leah C Says:

    Chloe: That’s it Charlie, I told you to quit talking about my spot!

  147. Kathleen Says:

    “…and it’s Chloe by a leg”

    (it took me a bit to figure out anitomically where the heck Charlie’s other leg went :) )

    Freeze Frame

  148. carmel Says:

    Fools rush in!

  149. carmel Says:


  150. carmel Says:

    hip hop

  151. carmel Says:

    Charlie you’re tops

  152. KayO Says:

    Sibling Rivalry

  153. JON Says:

    Even Elf Legs take a backseat to playtime.

    Playtime, more important than Elf legs.

  154. Jackie/Montana Says:

    We luv dance n the Cotten Eye Joe !!

  155. Evan Says:

    Let’s do the time warp again.

  156. carmel Says:

    yip and yap

  157. carmel Says:

    aye aye caption

  158. carmel Says:

    captive caption

  159. carmel Says:

    aye aye captain charlie

  160. carmel Says:

    freedom fighters!

  161. carmel Says:

    yin and yang

  162. carmel Says:


  163. Mike Says:

    Sibling Quibbling!

  164. carmel Says:

    we swing to the right, we swing to the left.

    (not been political here!)

  165. carmel Says:

    A tale between two friends

  166. Alex Says:

    “No, Walk THIS Way!”

    “The Catwalk and the Dog Paddle”

    “Fred and Ginger Tap and Swing”

  167. carmel Says:

    a hop, skip and a jump…

  168. carmel Says:

    elusive butterflies !

  169. carmel Says:

    daily coyote ritule

  170. carmel Says:

    daily coyote ritual

  171. Kirby Says:

    Chloe: Eli did that? That’s crazy!!!
    Charlie: Yup. Here’s how it happened…

  172. Emily Says:

    Furry Fireworks

    The Wyoming Waltz

    Charlie: Does This Tail Make My Butt Look Big?

    Classy Charlie, Crazy Chloe

    Wild Thangz


  173. carmel Says:

    eli’s in the dog house…ha ha ha

  174. carmel Says:

    best friends forever

  175. bonnie Says:

    well, i really don’t know how you are going to chose this time shreve—these posts are all so good!

  176. Diane Says:

    Horsing around

  177. Lisa in Washington Says:

    Chasing wild hairs

  178. Dale Says:

    Chloe looks fierce here…reminds me of a sixties song by the Shangri Las, so:

    That’s why they call her, the leader of the pack

  179. Yaara Says:

    Chomping at the Butte

  180. Wife of a Sailor Says:

    Red, White and True Blue Friends

    It Takes Two To Tango

    The Coyoming Tango

  181. katy Says:

    “No, Chloe, chase your OWN tail!”

    (although “Snappy Comeback” is my favorite so far…)

  182. Suzy Says:

    Chloe ain’t no howler back girl!

  183. Maegan Says:

    Dances with Woofs
    Prairie Square Dance
    Hokey Pokey Puppies
    Happy Meet Snappy

  184. Lynne Woodrell Says:

    You gotta fight
    for your right
    to paw-ty

    The Beastie Boys song.

  185. Bess Says:

    “You put your right paw in…you bring your right paw out…and then you shake it all about…”

  186. Maria Says:

    and the grasshopper becomes the master.

  187. Pat D. Says:

    “Dancing with Stars in their eyes and a song in their hearts!”

    Very cool pic– I like the captured action.

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