Mighty Mouth

photo taken April 2010 • title thanks to Suzy & carmel

one year ago: Donkey In Tap Shoes
two years ago: Hot ‘N Happy

This is getting REALLY difficult for me!
Captions are all so good…. Tuesday mornings are an absolute agony for me these days.  But that’s ok.  A small price to pay to enjoy your collective genius.

Two entrants tied for the title ~ and they were so far apart, timewise, I really do think the second was oblivious to the first.  Mighty Mouth.  I just love this.
Tied for second:
Arc Angel
Wizard of Aaaaahs
The Wide, Wide West
Jaws of Prarie Life
Fangular angles
Holy Molar!
Copper & Choppers
The Yawn Patrol
Sun kiss-serrated!
“With all these points, I must have earned some great rewards!”
He widens his white toothy grin, to fit a dozen elk legs in.
Honey Rock Yawn
Angular Angel

and all the rest tied for third.
Ribbons for everyone!

• • • The mighty jaw of Charlie!  It’s a thing of wonder to me, even after all these years.  So!  While Charlie stretches his jaw, stretch your mind muscles and give this photo a name!
Winner will receive a wild Wyoming care package which includes an Artemis necklace ~ haven’t made one of those in a while, and this is a perfect opportunity!  Chomp chomp.

187 Responses to “Mighty Mouth”

  1. Suzy Says:

    Mighty Mouth!

    Open for Business

  2. Simone Says:

    Starting the week at the right angle

  3. Yaara Says:

    What light through yawnder window breaks?

  4. Steven Swanson Says:

    Is this wide enough?

    Okay, measure it for the Guinness World Record. Now!

    This is a record breaker yawn!

  5. belle Says:


  6. Kim Russell Says:


  7. saxon Says:

    Charlie finds the caption contests JAW DROPPING!

    Hey–I finally won one last week–hehe! I have entered every caption contest since the start–thanks Shreve!

  8. Tina Says:

    Say Aaaaaaahhh

  9. skip Says:

    Taking a bite out of life.

  10. Marisol Says:

    Look ma!, NO cavities!!

  11. sybann Says:

    Charlie puts reptiles to shame. No TMJ in that lineage! But that’s not the caption, this is the very first thing that came to mind (and that always worked in the magazine biz):

    “Hey you kids! Get offa my lawn!”

  12. Christina Says:

    Jaws?! That shark ain’t got nothin’ on me.

    Jaws?! I’ll show you jaws!

  13. Kay Says:

    Charlie caption bubble: “Maawwm, waahaas waahk-jaahh?”
    Translation: Mom, what’s lockjaw?

  14. MJ Says:


    Get To The Point!

    Pointed Statement

    Ark of the Coyote

  15. Heather L Says:

    White Fang………..

  16. Maria Says:

    Aiy yi yi yi!!!

  17. Mary Says:

    I’m not yawning; I’m getting in practice for the new elk leg I know you want to get me!!

  18. Dog-geek Says:

    Go, go gadget jaws!

  19. Trudy Says:

    Wyoming’s Jawling.

  20. Heather L Says:

    “I Am Coyote….Hear Me Roar”

  21. Heather L Says:

    Charlie’s Baby Bird Imitation….

  22. Ava Says:

    45º of Separation

  23. Heather L Says:

    Charlie the Circular Saw………..

  24. Heather L Says:

    “Can You Hear Me NOW!”

  25. Wendy Says:

    Demonstrating a-cute angle.

  26. karen Says:


  27. James Says:


  28. Heidi Says:

    Angled Elegance

  29. Eve Says:


    (Charlie’s chicken impression)

  30. Rayna Says:

    “I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable,
    I sound my barbaric YAWP over the roofs of the world”
    ~Walt Whitman

  31. ilana Says:


  32. Emily Says:

    Trying So Hard to Perfect That 90 Degree Yawn…

  33. Dave Z. Says:

    Do you get my point(s)

  34. Eija Says:

    Half-way jaw

    The gentle yawn

    Hey, this is just one half of my best!

    The pleasure of jaw strectching

  35. Rebecca Says:

    “Yawn of the Wild.”

  36. Angela Says:

    Kaaaahhh… Furball

  37. Angela Says:

    Top Half: Serene, Bottom Half: Tongue and Teeth

  38. Scotty Says:

    Eli endures another telling of the scary snake story

  39. Ursula Says:

    Charlie unhinged….


  40. Chris P Says:

    I swear! It was *this* big!

  41. Karen Says:

    Grim Grin

  42. mk ray Says:

    a get-your-brawn-on yawn

  43. Ava Says:

    Bleaching His Teeth

    Ten Sleep Tongue Tanning

    “CHLOOEE! Bring back my elf leg!”

  44. pika Says:

    Clap Trap

    Cool Shade Under the Yawning

    Sighting Down the Snoot

    Jaw n’ Maw

  45. LISA S Says:

    I gots something stuck in my craw !!!!!TASTY

  46. cheryl Says:


  47. Liz Says:

    Catching an imaginary beach ball :D

    Blech! That’s the last time I try to groom Charlie back…..

  48. Pat D. Says:

    “The Yawning of the Dawn”

    “Wyoming Yawns”


  49. D'Ann Says:

    Ooooohhh, pointy!

  50. D'Ann Says:

    Ahh Some!

  51. Michelle R Says:

    Long Jaws Silver

    A great yawn at dawn

    (Sorry if it’s not dawn, but dusk!)

  52. DMorgan Says:

    Curse, that roadrunner beat me again!

  53. jb Says:

    Uh oh, Charlie’s become unhinged again.

  54. John Thompson Says:

    Coyote multifunction tool.

  55. Holly Says:

    Yap Trap!

    I think I’ve used this one before, buuuuuut,

    “All points bulletin”

    Open wide and say Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

  56. Analise Says:

    Wide Open Spaces

  57. Melissa Says:

    Land Shark.

  58. kathleen Says:

    Sun kiss-serrated!

  59. Suzanna Says:

    Angular Angel

  60. Rebecca Says:

    Dawn Yawn
    Morning Stretch

  61. Richard Says:

    Wyoming Flytrap

  62. Heather L Says:

    Garlic Breath!

    The Mammoth Cave

  63. Kirby Says:

    “With all these points, I must have earned some great rewards!”

  64. Rhedrose Says:

    Open Mouth, Insert Yawn

  65. Colleen Says:

    Who put the habineros in the kibble?????

  66. Julia Says:

    “That skull had a tongue in it, and could sing once.” Hamlet

    I have noticed that Charlie’s jaw seems longer than a regular dog’s. Does he have more teeth too?

  67. Karen Says:


  68. treva kensler Says:

    Come on…just a little kiss

  69. Ericka Says:

    Morning Breath

  70. Helen Says:

    I’m only getting started!

    This is totally jawsome!

    Are you scared yet?

  71. JON Says:


    Angle of the fangle

    Bucket mouth

  72. Liz Says:

    Someone has the Mondays

  73. Tina Says:

    C is for Charlie, that’s good enough for me.

  74. Farmer Lady Says:

    “Here kitty, kitty, kitty….”

    “Oh Sol a Mio” (or however you spell it….)

    Ack! Hairball!

    Give me a Kiss, Shreve…!

  75. Barbara R Says:

    Arc Angel

  76. Rachel Says:

    Gaping yawp!

    Morning Coyote -chasm.

  77. i-ching Says:

    Open Sesame

    Insert Elk Leg Here

    Lion Pose (Simhasana), coyote-style

  78. Kay Says:

    I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll BLOW your house down.

  79. Heather L Says:

    Tongue and Cheek………………

  80. ElizabethZ Says:

    Sleep E. Coyote

    You call that a mouth? Now THIS is a mouth.

  81. D'Ann Says:

    Gack… hairball

  82. Heather L Says:

    Copper & Choppers

  83. D'Ann Says:


  84. Heather L Says:

    Over Bite?…

    Under Bite?…

    Bite Size……….

  85. Jenn Says:

    Can’t a coyote get any privacy around here?!

  86. Heather L Says:

    Portion Control????

    Over the teeth, Pass the gums, Look out stomach…Here it Comes!!!

  87. Mia Says:

    Yawny Coyote!

  88. Lori Says:


  89. Lynne R Says:

    Jaw Dropper

  90. lynsey Says:

    The Yawn of the Wild

  91. Sherri Says:

    All the better to EAT you with my dear!!!

  92. Lynne R Says:

    The Rabbit Cave

  93. Lynne R Says:

    Coyotes Gone Wild

  94. Maggie Says:

    Golden Maw

  95. Joanne Says:


  96. Maggie Says:

    Golden Gaping Maw

    Yawn of the Golden Hour

    (sorry, hit submit too quickly! ^)

  97. nancy Says:

    warming up for the jack-a-lope eating contest

  98. L.E. Says:


  99. Rick Says:

    Why Grandma, what a large mouth you have!

  100. Joanne Says:

    Yawsome Kisser

    Jawsome Kisser

    Charlie’s got Chops!

    Coyote Cavity

    Ten Sleep Chasm

    Gap Tooth Gulch

  101. Feral Boy Says:

    The Jaws of WTF!!!

  102. b Says:


  103. Becky Says:

    Yada, Yada, Yada

  104. Emily Says:

    Sun-Touched Yawn

    The Scream (Coyote Style)

    Ruff Fluff

  105. LISA Says:


    Sorry but I once knew a horse named OTEY
    who couldnt cross over the moat SEE
    he blew out a shoe, oh what to do…
    but go barefoot and wear a floaty…..(-:

  106. Heather Says:

    X Marks the Spot!

  107. RS Says:

    All the better to chomp you with, my dear.

  108. LISA S Says:


  109. sue c Says:

    …..of all the jaws, in all the world – you’re walkin into mine

  110. Camille Says:

    “45 degrees of space-saving elf leg storage!”
    “Enormous Enamel”
    “Chloe, is there anything in my teeth?”

    What a fun picture! Shreve, I’m not going to lie- I massively yawned when I saw this!

  111. Isobel Says:

    Face Splitz!

  112. Lauren H Says:

    Charlie has a jawbone, but not bluetooth!

  113. Tracey Says:

    Yipee! No cavities!

  114. Annemiek Says:

    Hear me roar!

  115. Diana Says:

    If you don’t have a smile, I’ll give you one of mine.

    Author Unknown.

  116. Chris in MN Says:

    “Place food, toys, sticks, etc. here.”

    (Love all the angle puns.)

  117. Helioprogenus Says:

    Beyond The Wild Red Yawnder

  118. Carrie Says:


  119. Penny Says:

    I told you the l-tryptophan in turkey makes me sleepy!

  120. ChrisB Says:


  121. Stacey Says:

    Check it out Chloe. Coyote breath smells different than dog breath.

  122. Ava Says:

    “ELI’S COMING, better hide your heart!”

    (A little Three Dog Night humor. And you have to be older than granite to recognize that song.)

  123. Lindsay Says:

    Honey Rock Yawn


    All the Better To Eat You With.

  124. katy Says:

    Nature’s Protractor

    Hungry Hungry Coyote

    The Great Wide Open

  125. Rachel Says:

    Charlie: “MOM!!!!! Chloe said my face would get stuck like this and I didn’t believe her but it did!!!”

  126. Sue Says:

    Oh MacLeans you’ve done it again

    This is the jingle for a toothpaste add on the radio here!!

  127. D'Ann Says:

    Watch out 7/11, here I come for my Big Gulp!

  128. Aleta Says:

    The Yawn Patrol

  129. Joanne Lipczynski Says:

    Ohhh say can you see by the dawns……………………………..

  130. Lydia G Says:

    Invisible Mega Cheeseburger

  131. Joe Bob Hitchcock Says:

    I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours.

  132. Heather L Says:

    Slack-Jawed Charlie

    “I’ll Give my Eye-Tooth for an Elk Leg”

    “And His Teeth were Pearly White”

    No Bite…Just Pearly White

  133. Heather L Says:


  134. mlaiuppa Says:

    Grandmothers? Sorry, no grandmother’s here. Move along.

  135. mlaiuppa Says:

    hhaaaaccckkkkk! Elf ball.

  136. Anonymous Says:

    Come on, just tell me if I have anything in my teeth!

  137. mlaiuppa Says:

    Shreve: I absolutely know some great online sources to learn to crochet.

    Do you want to learn short hook or long hook? I am a member of the Tunisian Crochet group on Yahoo. It uses a long hook and can look just like knitting or not, depending on the stitch. It’s run by two crochet hook authors: Kim Guzman and ARnie Grabowski. Plenty of beginners join and learn to crochet with the long Tunisian hook.


    There are plenty of files and links to resources for directions, patterns, supplies, etc. If you’ve got a mailbox, you can get any hook you want. If you have internet, you can download any pattern. And Arnie and Kim are always there to answer any question and help people. It’s a really nice group. Kim has videos online on YouTube that show how to do specific stitches. They’re very good.

    Wheat Carr has an online shop and offers discounts.

  138. D'Ann Says:

    Whole Pie Hole

  139. Heather L Says:

    Holy Molar!

  140. Gary R. Says:

    All the better to EAT YOU with my dear!!

  141. Randi Says:

    The Wide, Wide West

  142. Cristina S. Says:

    Coyote’s cardinal points

    Coyote compass

    Yawning in all directions

  143. Tessa Says:

    I almost caught it. It was thiiiiiiis big!

  144. Patr Says:

    Step 1: Open – Step 2: Insert Stuffed Animal – Step 3: Euphoria!

  145. Meg Says:


    Charlie Chomp

    The Teeth Have it!

  146. Alice Says:

    Charlie plays Pacman

    “Since I don’t have have palms, do you think the gypsies could read the lines of my tongue instead?”

  147. Kathleen Says:

    The Golden Triangle

  148. Ashley Says:

    An X-treme Yawn.

  149. WendyAA Says:

    Coyote Sundial

  150. Mike Says:


  151. Kathleen Kimball-Baker Says:


  152. Tara Krepp Says:

    I do NOT scream like a girl!

  153. Barbara in California Says:

    A fangular angle

    Grand Ole Coyote Opry
    (Grand Old Coyote Opera)

    It’s not over until the coyote sings

  154. Barbara in California Says:

    Fangular angles

  155. Martha Parks Johnson Says:


  156. Tracy Says:

    Wisdom Laugh

  157. Tracy Says:

    C Class Coyote

  158. Mandy Jordan Says:

    THANK YOU CLEVELAND! Keep on rockin’!!!

  159. Sally Says:

    I KNOW I can open wide enough to get ALL of Chloe’s butt this time!

  160. laura Says:

    shock and jaw

    yawn of discovery

    a bite out of time

  161. bonnie Says:

    So iI brought the hammer already, do you need a ratchet?

  162. bonnie Says:

    it’s been a rough day— let me try that again…….

    So I brought the hammer already, do you need a ratchet ?

  163. Tai Says:

    All Points Bulletin!

  164. Kit.e Says:

    That’s nothing, coyotes have been doing this since the yawn of time.

    Lockjaw commencing in 3… 2… 1…

    Romper Chomper.

    He widens his white toothy grin, to fit a dozen elk legs in.

  165. Isobel Says:

    IsosaCharlie – A Study of Triangles

  166. Trebor Says:

    Insert Elk Leg Here

  167. Dotty Says:

    My! what a big mouth I have! The better to chomp on that elk leg you have!

  168. Nan Says:

    Tooth or Dare

  169. Toni Says:

    “Look Ma, I’m a star!”

  170. Kris Says:

    “The Jaws of Life.”

  171. Trebor Says:

    i-ching…sorry, i just noticed i posted the same as you in an earlier post.

    Washakie County Choppers

    Attn. Coyote Dentists: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

  172. Tanya V. Says:

    Jaws of Prarie Life

  173. Tanya V. Says:

    Insert noms here…

  174. carmel Says:

    Mighty Mouth

  175. carmel Says:

    Get ‘outa my way

  176. Eve Says:

    I can haz cheeseburger, too.

  177. Stacy Says:


  178. jon Says:

    Jaws of joy.

    Angling for a toy

  179. ilana Says:

    Try not to yawn, I dare you!

  180. jon Says:

    Into the great wide open.

  181. Mel Says:

    Okay, to steal a line from you:

    It takes effort to be this lazy. :)


    Honey Rider

  182. E.Jolie Says:

    Chloe use to be this big.

  183. Rosemarie Krezdorn Says:

    “Eat me or eat not eat me”

  184. GD Says:

    I’m not putting in a submission but I am putting in my 2 cents worth! :)

    I vote for Ava’s : 45º of Separation

  185. Brandon Says:

    HA HA! That Marmaduke is one funny dog!

  186. moondoggie Says:

    Wizard of Aaaaahs

  187. Eija Says:

    ‘Sun Salutation’ a la Charlie

    Stretching for ‘elf’ legs’


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