Chomping at the Yip

photo taken May 2010 • title thanks to Roxie

one year ago: Behind A Tree
two years ago: A Peeing Deer

Applause, as always!!!!

Ruff love
I got you, babe!
Scrough love
Sharing a Bite
“Ruff” Neck
A Cur with a Mouthful of Fur
Taking a chunk from the hunk.
“I Wanna Nom Your Scruff”
Mmmmm….Chuck steak!
Ears Cocked ~ Mouth Locked
Ruff Treatment
A pain in the neck.
Rough Scruff

• • • Oh, these two.  The expressions!  Heart is melting, face is smiling….
and I hope your fingers are clicking ~
title this photo and you’re in the running to wiiiiiiiiin!
I’ve been hoarding antlers and I think I’m going to pry one away from myself
and send it off as the prize this week.
One full, gorgeous, naturally shed mule deer antler
in all its stunning glory.
To the wittiest!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    The child vampire Claudia attacks her father Lestat. Charlie to Chloe this role playing may not be good Chloe you know it ends bad for her right?

  2. saxon Says:

    the goings on


    idle gossip

  3. Murphydog Says:

    Just wanted to swing by and tell you to check out my blog post…I left something for you!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

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