Chomping at the Yip

photo taken May 2010 • title thanks to Roxie

one year ago: Behind A Tree
two years ago: A Peeing Deer

Applause, as always!!!!

Ruff love
I got you, babe!
Scrough love
Sharing a Bite
“Ruff” Neck
A Cur with a Mouthful of Fur
Taking a chunk from the hunk.
“I Wanna Nom Your Scruff”
Mmmmm….Chuck steak!
Ears Cocked ~ Mouth Locked
Ruff Treatment
A pain in the neck.
Rough Scruff

• • • Oh, these two.  The expressions!  Heart is melting, face is smiling….
and I hope your fingers are clicking ~
title this photo and you’re in the running to wiiiiiiiiin!
I’ve been hoarding antlers and I think I’m going to pry one away from myself
and send it off as the prize this week.
One full, gorgeous, naturally shed mule deer antler
in all its stunning glory.
To the wittiest!

203 Responses to “Chomping at the Yip”

  1. lynn Says:

    Yackety Yak

  2. Steven Swanson Says:

    I’ve got a secret.

    Don’t tell anyone else.

  3. belle Says:

    Go away kid, you’re botherin’ me (NOT)

  4. Suzy Says:

    Love at First Bite

    Once Bitten Twice Shy

    Charlie jokes “Bite Me” – Chloe thinks he is serious and does it

  5. Andrea Says:

    Love Bite

    ‘Love Tug

    Illegaly Barked, thus Clamped.

    Drunken Yote, Helping Hound

    *Randy Jackson: ”No.”
    Simon Cowell: ”No.”
    Kara DioGuardi: ”No.”
    Charlie: ” wait, i’ll do another!……’O Sole Miooooo”
    Security: ”please come with me, Sir.” *

  6. Meredith Says:

    Looks like Charlie woke up on the wrong side of the bed!

  7. sybann Says:

    “I Wanna Nom Your Scruff”

    The canine equivalent to “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.”

  8. Sarah Says:

    Leggo my neck-o

  9. Sarah Says:


  10. Gail Says:

    Daily pain in the neck!

  11. Mary Says:

    A little lower and to the left – thanks, I hate it when my neck itches like that.

  12. Karen Says:

    A Mouthful of Bark

  13. David Says:

    Charlie, you can’t go out with your collar crooked like that!

  14. Alice Says:

    I love you a bushel and a peck and a bite around the neck

  15. Angela S. Says:

    A Sibling Arrrgh-u-ment

  16. Maria Says:

    Bite-bug, no bite back.
    When canines see a VWBug.

  17. Sandra Holland Says:

    A pain in the neck.

  18. Heather L Says:


    A Cur with a Mouthful of Fur…………………

  19. Dianne Says:

    “Ouch Chloe! Your bite is worse than your bark!”

  20. Di Says:

    Chloe: No Charlie Eli went this way!

  21. Claudia Says:

    Ok kid! You are cute and all but there is only SO MUCH I will let you get away with!

  22. Heather L Says:

    Winkin, Linkin and Sod………………

  23. Susan Says:

    Neck Nip…

  24. Lana Says:

    Charlie: “It was an expression Chloe!”

  25. Heather L Says:

    Neck Marks the Spot!

  26. Heather L Says:

    Jaw Haw………….

  27. Heather L Says:

    Coyote Herding 101

  28. Helioprogenus Says:

    Rough Scruff

    Bite the neck that leads

  29. dog-geek Says:

    The little girl with the little curl

  30. Heather L Says:

    Queen around the Gills……………

    “Ruff” Neck

  31. coygirl Says:

    It’s all fur and games, ’till someone loses an eye.

  32. ilana Says:

    you’re so yummy I could just eat you up. . .

  33. Heather L Says:

    Queen Around the Collar………….

  34. Heather L Says:

    Peck on the Neck..

    Playing Mother to the Brother..

    Blister from the Sister…

    Count Chloe…..

  35. Heather L Says:

    “You’re Not Going Anywhere without Me, Buster”

    “Going My Way”

  36. lisa s Says:

    You are plucking my last nerve girl…..


    Seriously keep your cooties to yourself

  37. Heather L Says:

    “Going My Way?”

  38. Heather L Says:

    Parasite Pal……….

  39. Julianna V Says:

    Sisters Can Be a Pain in the Neck

  40. Heather L Says:

    Happy Host & Persistant Parasite………

    Talker & Stalker…………

  41. Bess Says:

    “Charlie may be head of the pack but Chloe is the neck and determines the direction”

    Yes – I just saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding again recently…

  42. JP Says:

    Savoring the sweet neck-tar of summer.

  43. Lindsay Wiese Says:

    “Nom Nom”

  44. Dana Says:

    Neck nibble

    Charlie says “Sisters are a pain in the neck.”

  45. Faith Says:

    Ruff love

  46. Jennifer Says:

    A wink and a snare…

  47. Wendy B Says:

    Cheek and Chomp

    Cheek by Jowl

    Cheeky Coyote

  48. Angela Says:

    There Are Nips and There Are Yips, But the Best ‘ips Are Frienships

  49. Alice Says:

    NAPEles is thiiiis way.

    This is ruff! Why can’t Mom just put a leash on him?

  50. Christy Says:

    Ahhh, that’s the spot!

  51. Ursula Says:

    What pain in the neck?

    I said pecking..not necking!

    Hold on for the ride.

  52. Eve Says:

    Garrhhh, matey!

  53. don_M Says:

    Tug of Love

    Attack of the Hickey Monster!

  54. V Says:

    Rubber Necking.

  55. Kathleen Says:

    Every girl needs a little fur collar

  56. pika Says:

    Tomato! Tomahto!

  57. L.E. Says:

    Glomp Chomp!

  58. Emily Says:

    What Do You Mean You Can Turn Me into a Werewolf?

    Werewolf in Wyoming???

    Sharing the Love, Literally

    Mom! Mom! Look at the Face I Can Make Charlie Do!


  59. Erica Says:

    Team Jacob is better Charlie!

  60. Michelle R Says:

    Chloe: “Here’s the ‘yote, where’s my reward?”
    Charlie: “What?! You didn’t say you were turning me in!”

  61. James Says:

    Land Shark Attack!

  62. martha 3782 Says:

    You Always Bite the One You Love

  63. Chris P Says:

    Chloe’s Squeaky Toy

  64. Lauren Says:

    “…hey, where’s the cream filling!?”

  65. Anonymous Says:

    Aye matey!!! Charlie trying to impersonate a pirate and Cloe saying..”ok, Ill bite”!!!!

  66. Penny Says:

    Aye matey!!! Charlie trying to impersonate a pirate and Cloe saying..”ok, Ill bite”!!!!

    (sorry I forgot to put my name in before I hit submit..)

  67. Heather L Says:

    “Chloe…Mom said get the toy, not the boy”

  68. margini Says:

    Natural Neck Nibbler

  69. Pam A. Says:

    Heyyyyy…ixnay on the ecknay, Chloe.

  70. Sophie Says:

    “Dog Got Your Neck?”

  71. Lynsey Says:


    A Mouthful of Critter

    Oh, Bite Me!

    Chloe, you can’t have a coyote fur coat WHEN I’M STILL WEARING IT!

    Coyote-flavored Chew Toy

  72. Eija Says:

    For Crying Out Loud, Chloe!

    Hey Chloe, I Thought You That Grip!

    Hey, I Am The Coyote!

    Not Fair, Chloe!

    I Just Love This ‘Piece’ , Charlie.

  73. Cheryl Says:

    That’s enough Missy.

    HaHa, that doesn’t hurt.

    I’m tellin’ Mom.


  74. Anonymous Says:

    Love Bite

    “I just want to eat you up!” Chloe says

    “My teeth are bigger!” says Charlie.
    “Yea? Mine are sharper!” says Chloe

    “Is this the killing bite?” Chloe asks
    “Yes, you’re learning.” Charlie giggles as Chloe tickles him

    “I want the collar!” Chloe says with fur in her mouth.
    I’m supposed to be the tame one, and you’re supposed to be the wild one, no fair!

  75. Lynne R Says:

    Love Bite!

  76. Carolyn Says:

    Ears Cocked ~ Mouth Locked

    Cockeyed Winkster Lovin’ his Pain in the Neck

  77. Barbara R Says:

    Chloe takes a bite out of Scruff McGruff!

  78. Sarah Says:

    Taking Control of the Scruffuation

  79. marsha Says:

    I got you, babe!

  80. Amy T. Says:

    Charlie! Mom says it’s time to come in!


    Chloe as Vampira

  81. Lynne R Says:

    Charlie’s irresistibleness bites him in the . . . neck.

  82. Suzette Says:


  83. Lynne R Says:

    Don’t bite me some more!

  84. schatze Says:

    OK Chloe, no more “Twilight ” movies for you.

  85. Lynne R Says:

    Taking the bull by the horns – er – the coyote by the neck.

  86. lois Says:

    How about, “Bro Beatin’ or “Love Bro” or “Bro-Might”?

  87. Sarah Says:

    Tooth Step

    (Chloe looks like she’s a dancer)

  88. julie Says:

    Scrough love

  89. Maggie Y. Says:

    “Let’s Play Tug-O-Charlie!”

    “No, Charlie. It’s over heeeerre…”

    Caught by an Oral Fixation

  90. Jean Says:

    Charlie!! Come On!! Mom said to come inside now!

  91. Susan M Says:

    A Canine Hicky

  92. sha Says:

    Taking a chunk from the hunk.

  93. Sandy Says:

    dude, you need a tic tac…on second thought, you better make that an altoid!

  94. Karen Says:

    Tuning Charlie’s Pitch

    Scruff Scrapping

    Nape Napper

  95. Heather L Says:


    Chloe Collars Charlie…………….

  96. Roxie Says:

    Chow Hounds

    Chomping at the Yip

  97. Heather L Says:

    Stop “Head” in his Tracks………….

    Stop Says the Cop

    Stop! Thief!

    Chloe short-Circuits Charlie

  98. Heather L Says:

    Chloe Polices the Path………….

  99. MJ Says:

    Scruff Love!

    Smile! You’re on Canine Camera!

    “Good one Chloe, tell me another!”

    Let me chew on that for awhile.


    Canine version of Jawboning

  100. Roxie Says:

    Deep Tissue Massage

    Acupuncture Gone Awry

    Canine Rolfing

  101. Karen Says:

    He and She

  102. Heather L Says:

    “You Have the Right to Remain Silent…..”

    Capture the Coyote……..

    Nab the Nuisance………..

  103. Lucky Says:

    you want a piece of me?!

    Bite Fight

  104. Laura Says:

    Nippy yi yo ki yah

  105. Lucky Says:

    I knew reading interview with a vampire was a bad idea Chloe…

  106. Heather L Says:

    Coyote in Custody…………..

  107. bonnie Says:

    Aww, c’mon!

  108. i-ching Says:

    “Shark Week is OVER, Chloe!”

    “Stop For Me, It’s the CLaw!”

    Ruff Riders

    Chloe: “What d’you call me?”
    Charlie: “Yeow! It was a joke!”

  109. Carlene' Garza Says:

    Don’t bite my neck fat!

    Studly wink!

  110. Liz Says:

    “Sometimes love don’t feel like it should….it hurts so good”

  111. Lindsay Says:

    Hall Monitor

    Neck Massage

    Hound Hickey

  112. Pat D. Says:

    Chloe: “Who’s the boss?’
    Charlie: (YELP!) “You are, sis, you are!”


    Charlie Says “Uncle” at Chloe’s Insistence

  113. Scott Says:

    Walk this way, stalk this way,
    Gawk this way, talk this way,
    Just gimme a kiss,
    Like this!

  114. Hoarse Says:

    Hey you two, get a room

  115. treva kensler Says:

    Love Hurts

  116. Tia Says:

    HEYYY…..That tickles

  117. Erthshade Says:

    Ruff Treatment

  118. E.J. Says:

    Who Loves Ya ?

  119. Isobel Says:


  120. Scott Says:


  121. pika Says:

    Breakaway Ruff

  122. Patr Says:

    Sisters are a pain in the neck, but I still love her

  123. Karen Says:

    Faces of Love

  124. Tom Mannon Says:

    Sharing a Bite

  125. WendyAA Says:

    Charlie the Chew Toy

  126. Lynne R Says:

    Love Hurts

  127. Lynne R Says:

    Sorry treva – didn’t read yours till after I posted!

  128. leah Says:

    ‘Canine’ Courtesy

  129. Jane Says:

    If this is love I want my money back (from a song by Charlie Pickett and the Eggs)

  130. Laura Says:

    It’s a love chomp!

    Leggo my Charlie!

    That’s not how rubbernecking works…

  131. MJ Says:

    Ruff Love


    Rough Love

  132. Lynne R Says:

    Walk this way Charlie!

  133. Stacy Says:

    Interview with a Coyote

  134. Alicia H. Says:

    “Scruff Love”
    “The Boss”

  135. Julia Says:

    “How much she loves me-
    She hung about my neck,”

    Taming of the Shrew


    “his eyes begun
    To wink, being blinded with a greater light”

    Rape of Lucrece

  136. Timmy Says:

    Wink Wink! Chomp Chomp!

  137. Rebecca Says:

    Chloe Chomps Charlie
    The Trailer Wins
    The Black and White nabs her collar!
    “Do I really look like a chew toy?”

  138. Rachel Says:

    Every Time You Go Away You Take a Piece of Me With You

  139. Snooze Says:

    Nip and Tuck

  140. kelly Says:

    You Smile, I Smile

  141. cfritz Says:

    Mmmmm….Chuck steak!

  142. Lynne R Says:


  143. jaren Says:

    Canine Twilight Series

  144. Debi Says:

    I say TEAM EDWARD!!!

  145. cfritz Says:

    Primal Cut!

  146. Tracy Says:

    Afternoon wink and nip.

  147. Tina Says:

    Hold still Charlie, it’ll only hurt for a minute

  148. Gary R. Says:

    K9 Kiss!

  149. Chris Says:

    “EXCUSE ME ! But you can not floss with me”

  150. Jean Says:

    !*#%&?!! The absolute last time i fall for your ” Great Scott!…what’s that over there ?”

    Hickeys hurt!!

  151. Alice Says:

    “Alright already, Yes Chloe I love you too!!”

  152. Kirk Says:

    Not a chew toy!
    Are too!
    Are not!
    Are too!

  153. Carrie Says:

    Wiseguy eh?

  154. Sarah Says:

    New from Tootsie Roll, The Charlie Chew!

  155. Becky Says:


  156. Kit.e Says:

    His bark is not worse than her bite.

    Charlie: “This was a whole lot cuter, when you were a whole lot smaller.”

  157. carmel Says:


  158. Betsy Says:

    Chloe: “Charlie, slow down a sec, my teef are stuck in yer neck!”

    Charlie: “Nah, tha’ts not it. You need to retake ‘Coyote Biting 101′…”

  159. Liza Lundell Says:

    nudge nudge, wink wink

  160. carmel Says:


  161. carmel Says:

    PEST !

    The best pest

  162. carmel Says:

    Mighty ouch !

  163. April Says:

    Acting Class or Theater 101

    Hounding Around

  164. Olga Says:

    I was going to write “Love bites” but there are already variations of that one, so what about:

    Can’t live with you,
    Can’t live without you.

    It’s a really cute photo, Chloe is all character and more, really cute along Charlie. :)

    Best wishes.

  165. Linda D. Says:

    Role Reversal

    (Charlie is the wild animal and Chloe is the domestic animal. Yet, it appears they have their roles reversed.)

  166. Jessica Says:

    Why do you always have to drag me along when you go shopping??

  167. Scotty Says:

    Chloe teases Charlie about scary snakes

  168. MissM Says:

    Love Bite

  169. MaggieM Says:

    Dog Speak for “Come over here.”

  170. Emily Says:

    Chloe The Snake Spreading Her Silly Venom

    Walking the Dog… Er – Coyote

    Stop It, Chloe! That Tickles!

    Nubble Nibble

  171. Terri Says:

    A wink and a smile

  172. karzie Says:

    A’cute’ puncture.

  173. Barbara R Says:

    Chloe: The original Furminator

  174. chris Says:

    “calmer then you are, dude…calmer then you are”

  175. Gary R. Says:

    Teaching Carlie…K9 Karate.

  176. Meg Says:

    A Little Bite of Love

    Chompin’ on Charlie

    Little sisters can be so ruff!

  177. Martha Parks Johnson Says:

    Let’s get Neck~ID!

    Another one bites the scruff!

    Face lift!

    Chloe the Chiropractor: Coyotes Welcome.

  178. deidre Says:

    Auditioning for the pets on “Twilight Saga”

  179. Sandee Says:


  180. carmel Says:

    Ah, move over cow-dog

  181. tiger Says:

    scruff’n'tuff: surf’n'turf for wyomingans.

  182. Karen B Says:

    Love you a bushel and a peck and a nip on the neck…

    “She ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog…”

  183. Jett Says:

    Teeth for Two!

  184. Maegan Says:

    Oy! That’s mah neck, girl!
    I’m up! I’m up!
    Scruff Luck
    Scruff Scrunch

  185. Tanya V. Says:

    All is Fair in Love and War

    That look on Charlie says it all: “OWWWWWW!!”

    Puppy Love

  186. Tanya V. Says:

    Love Nibble

  187. taffy Says:

    You get back here young man, and clean up that den!!

  188. Andrea Says:

    Leashes? We don’t need no stinking leashes!

  189. Jessie Says:

    You look like Jacob, but taste like Edward


    Oww Charlie! Charlie bit me.. first!

  190. Adrienne Says:


    Necking Fools

    Pair of Flirts

    Seeing-Eye Coyote

    Chloe in Charge

    A Bite Much

    Taking Friendship a Bite Too Far

  191. Camille Says:

    A yip and a nip!

  192. Kerri Murphy Says:

    How many times have I told you, No Hickies!

  193. paula jarvis Says:

    I know something she doesn’t!

  194. Gavin B Says:

    Charlie is the Bark, Chloe is the Bite!

    What, this? Only a flesh wound-OW!

  195. Lauren Says:

    “Chloe bit me
    ouch Ouch OUCHHH
    chloe that really hurt
    and its still hurting
    haha chloe bit me”

  196. Lauren Says:

    play with me i don’t bite…. hard

  197. Lauren Says:

    go ahead and bite me as hard as you can I’m sure my bite is harder

  198. Lauren Says:

    love hurts

  199. Kathy Says:

    Love bite!

  200. John Laplante Says:

    Chloe !! What did I tell you ???

  201. Anonymous Says:

    The child vampire Claudia attacks her father Lestat. Charlie to Chloe this role playing may not be good Chloe you know it ends bad for her right?

  202. saxon Says:

    the goings on


    idle gossip

  203. Murphydog Says:

    Just wanted to swing by and tell you to check out my blog post…I left something for you!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

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