The Princess and The Frog

photo taken July 2010 • title thanks to Kirby

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Here’s to you looking at ME, kid.
Charlie’s Angel
The Princess & The Putz
What up dawg?
Heaven Help the Mister Who Comes between Me and My Sister
A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.
Ruff & Ready
Loopy Tail, Loopy Face
“Hey brotha, can you spare an elf leg?”
The Ham and the Hound.
hurr durrr derrpyhurr
Curly and Moe
Focus on me!
It’s not easy being lean

• • • Am I the only one who thinks Charlie looks like Kermit the Frog in this picture?  Thought so!  Share what you see and you’ll be in the running for this week’s Prize, which happens to be a GORGEOUS naturally shed deer antler.  It’s one of the prettiest I’ve ever held.  And it’s going to one of you!

196 Responses to “The Princess and The Frog”

  1. Patr Says:

    Er, now where do you want me?

  2. Angela S Says:

    Yo! S’up?

  3. John Says:

    Have you heard this one?
    A coyote and a dog walk into a bar…

  4. Robert D Says:

    “I were the collar around here girl”

  5. Ann Says:

    You talking to me?… about her ?

    Yeah, she’s my girl… what about it ?

    She’s making me crazy !

  6. Robert D Says:

    Hey lady, I wear the “collar” around here

  7. Robert D Says:

    “Huff, I make em all pant”

  8. Robert D Says:

    “run with me, you’d pant too”

  9. E.J. Says:

    Apologies to Chloe for my typo.

  10. Judy Says:

    “Watch this…I’m gonna pretend I’m ignoring her…then spin and grab her by the nap of the neck!” Hehehehe…….

  11. Kirby Says:

    The Princess & The Putz

  12. Jo Davis Says:

    ” oh Kermie, oops I mean Charlie ” – miss chloe-

    I can see the resemblance to Kermit for sure…. Kerm-lie :)

  13. taffy Says:

    Divided Attention (variation of sybann’s idea)


    Charlie: “Look nonchalant. I’ll sneak around her for those green things”

  14. Kaylyn Says:

    “It’s A Myth…Myth…”


  15. Carolyn Standlee Says:

    “Ya know . . . I should tell her that her breath is all fresh and minty, but it might hurt her feelings!”

  16. D Says:

    take your eyes off my sister, pal

  17. Bernice Says:

    Charlie sees calves in the fields and so “Get along little doggies, get along.”

  18. Emily Says:

    Want my paw-tograph?


    Mo and Curly.

  19. D'Ann Says:

    Charlie thought bubble… “Shreve, would you just hurry up and pick a caption”!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    “We’ve secretly replaced her elk leg with Folger’s Crystals —
    let’s see if she notices!”

  21. melis Says:

    Ya got Trouble, Oh We got Trouble,
    Right here in Coyote City!
    With a capital “T”
    That rhymes with “C”
    And that stands for………….Chloe….and Charlie!!

  22. Eija Says:

    Donut Tail and Frog Face


    “There Is No Playing When She Gets That Stare”

    “I’ll just wait until she gets out of it”

  23. Robert D Says:

    we are family

  24. jan atkinson Says:

    You want a piece of me?

  25. Robert D Says:

    “she’s OK even if her tail is stuck-up”

  26. Robert D Says:

    “she treats me like a dog”

  27. Robert D Says:

    Canine Mirage

  28. Robert D Says:

    Have you seen a she wolf or a cute fox around here?

  29. Lynne R Says:

    “Are ju talkin’ to me – what do ya want to know?”

  30. Kerry A. Says:

    Hey, eyes over here….quit lookin’ at the girl, I’M the one you want to be talkin’ to around here….

  31. Robert D Says:

    I know, I know. I keep telling her it’s heads up and tails down.

  32. laurelann Says:

    “Time’s fun when you’re having elk legs.”

  33. Deanna Says:

    I’m with falnfenix. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  34. Murph Says:

    Coyote Idol ! (Where Charlie is in mid-chorus of a song about Chloe ! )


    Ode to Chloe or

    Coyote Idol Eyes.

    What a funny face. But such beautiful intense eyes.

  35. carmel Says:

    BAD TO THE BONE….(not!)

  36. carmel Says:

    Want not, pant not…

  37. carmel Says:

    Ruff and Ready

  38. carmel Says:

    Ruff and Ready…

  39. carmel Says:

    Tea cup and saw her

    Tea cup and…

    Tea cup and hottie…

    Ham an’ Jam

    Dame and Him

    curly wurly

  40. carmel Says:

    Smile and the world smiles with you !

    Frown and you frown alone…

  41. taffy Says:

    When the Moon hits Your Eye
    like a big Pizza Pie…
    that’s Amore’!

    in other words:

    Struck by Love and
    Giddy in the Knees


    Charlie’s Angel

  42. Adrienne Says:

    Don’t tell da dame, but I got dem tickets yous been wantin.

  43. Jay Says:

    “Someday we’ll find it, that rainbow connection,
    the lovers the dreamers and me.”

  44. LISA S Says:

    EYELINER … What eyeliner? Damn she got me while I was asleep.
    Last time she painted my nails PINK…

  45. Jenny C Says:

    Laurel and Hardly

  46. Nancy Homerding Says:

    Rib – It!!

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