Notes On Charlie – October 25

The faint of heart might not want to read this, because it’s about hearts and you might faint.

I gave Charlie his first heart two days ago. MC brought me a deer heart and two elk hearts from his guiding (the hearts are usually left at the scene with the entrails), and I finally toughed up and fed one to Charlie. I started with the deer heart – it was smaller. I had vivid images of blood spurting everywhere when I sliced into it, but no. It is a dense, solid muscle. No blood at all.

I have never seen Charlie in such a state of heaven as when he was eating the heart. Oh, how he loved it. So, last night I gave him one of the elk hearts. They are huge, about the size of the body of a teapot. I gave some to him and some to the cat and saved some for today. Pure ecstasy. (I just’ed “ecstasy” to get the spelling and the first definition is “rapturous delight.” That is exactly what Charlie was projecting.)

I told MC that next year, I’m putting up a sign that says “Hunters, I Want Your Hearts.” MC said, “You’d better clarify, or they’ll be lining up at the gate!”

Any of you pet owners – if you want to provide “rapturous delight” for the animals in your life, find and feed them a heart.