photo taken August 2010 • title thanks to ggnoma

one year ago: So Happy Together
two years ago: Texture
three years ago: It’s Bigger Than He Is

Geniuses, the lot o’ you!
Tied for second place:
Charlie’s such a leg man…
Octo Nom
Unfortunately, Charlie’s interview at Toys ‘R Us for their new spokes-coyote did not go as well as planned…
Charlie has his sea legs !
Charlie’s Arm Candy
Now no one will predict World Cup winners
A Farewell to Arms, all eight of them
Armed to the Teeth
“He’s got legs, he knows howz to chews them…”    (a la ZZ Top)
Octopus?  Maybe, maybe knot..
Favorite Snack: Octo-pie.
Octing Out
Legs Benedict.. or should I say…”L’eggs Benedict”

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154 Responses to “Oct-O-Pied”

  1. Suzy Says:

    Breakfast of Champions- Cephalopod Crunch!

  2. EweMama Says:


    I love the taste of Squid in the morning

    Eight legs and none of them Elf!

    This does NOT taste like chicken!

    Hey, Chloe, want to share?

    An octopus in the mouth is worth more than … well, haven’t figured that out yet

  3. Scarlet Seraph Says:

    The Call of Cthulie

  4. Penny Says:

    Charlie has his sea legs !

  5. Tina Says:

    Calamari Charlie

  6. Jane Says:

    Charlie is armed up

  7. jane Says:

    armed and hilarious

  8. Claudia Says:

    Calamari – Coyote Style

  9. Minnowtonka Says:

    Charlie’s Arm Candy

  10. Kathleen Says:

    Four legs and a mouthful of arms

  11. Holly Says:

    All arms and legs

  12. Remo Says:

    Its mine!

  13. sybann Says:


  14. Paige Says:

    SpongeBob, you’re next!

  15. Angela S Says:


  16. Ava Says:

    Cthulhu Meets Charlie

  17. Linda Says:

    All Appendages

  18. Rhedrose Says:

    Dangly Bits

  19. Mary Says:

    “You keep saying this is getting kind of grungy – I’ll bury it if you get me a new one!”

  20. Patr Says:

    Those eyes are screaming “Come and Get me”…… He had a grand ole time with that octopus didn’t he.

    ARMing UP

    Lowering his ARMS

    ARMS race will begin in 3, 2, 1……

  21. Kirby Says:

    “The phone? Now?”

  22. Jordi Says:

    Now no one will predict World Cup winners

  23. moondoggie Says:

    twelve legs in ten sleep

  24. Shannon H. Says:

    Octo Nom

  25. Lydia G Says:

    Mouth full of Tentacles

  26. Lana Says:

    All Legs

  27. kathy Says:


  28. Janey Says:

    Geez, flossing is harder than I thought.

  29. carol Says:

    Just Can’t Leggo!

  30. Emily Says:

    MY Toy.


  31. Barbie Says:


  32. treva Says:

    Snack attack

  33. Jen Says:

    Must. Hide. Toy.

  34. Nell Says:

    Twenty thousand leagues into the desert

  35. Sim Says:

    8 legged (adorable) monster

  36. Gwen Says:

    Ten Legs of Ten Sleep

  37. AppleTree Says:

    The real demise of Paul The Octopus…

  38. Ryan Says:

    my precious

  39. Ava Says:

    Bizarre exhibit in Wyoming’s Shed Aquarium

    Dental Tentacles

    A Farewell to Arms, all eight of them

  40. Kate Says:

    Pup & Pus Pirouette

  41. Alice Says:

    Well, you’ve got to ask yourself once question…do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

    Charlie looks like he’s daring you to try to get his octopus from him.

  42. Eija Says:

    Tentacle Tangle

    1-2-3-4…..give up?

    One Leggy Octopussy!

    Ready To Flee With His 13 ‘Legs’ (8+4+1)

  43. Karen O. Says:

    Do I have something in my teeth??

  44. Penny Says:

    Now THAT is a mouthful!

  45. Angie Says:

    Sushi, Charlie style.

    or Wyoming sushi

  46. Catsquatch Says:

    “Mine mine mine mine
    Mine mine mine mine
    Oh, and the head is mine too.”


    “Watchoo lookin at?”

    Hi Shreve :)
    Glad to see all is well with you and the fambly!
    Kiss them ALL for me :D

    Oh, and when are you gonna marry the cowboy anyway?

  47. Heather L Says:

    “No One Comes Between Me and My Octopus”

  48. Heather L Says:

    The STUFFed Dreams are Made Of…………..

  49. April Says:

    What?! The ocean was WHERE?!!

  50. mlaiuppa Says:

    A big puss of octo.

    Octo in my puss.

    Fleece sushi

    Must be fairy legs ’cause elks only gots four.

  51. Taryn Says:

    Charlie in an Octopus’s Garden in the Sun

  52. Pat D. Says:

    “Get your own dang octopus!”

    Looks snarky, doesn’t he, lol!

  53. Pam Deering Says:


  54. Chris P Says:


  55. kathleen Says:

    Flossing coyote style

  56. Heather L Says:


    Leggy Lantrans……….

  57. V Says:


  58. Juliet Farmer Says:


  59. Heather L Says:

    Possessive Pup!

    OWN IT!

    Ate Eight……..

    Thrill Kill…………..

  60. ggnoma Says:


  61. Barbara R Says:


  62. saxon Says:


  63. Allie Says:

    I think I threw up my intestines…

  64. b Says:

    This is my octopus. There are many others like it, but this one is mine!

  65. Heather L Says:

    Mouth Watering……………….

  66. Heather L Says:

    Armed to the Teeth……………

  67. Meg Says:

    Friends give you legs up in life

  68. Gary Says:


  69. Heather L Says:

    Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea………..

  70. Kathleen Says:

    Definitely a leg man…

  71. Martha Parks Johnson Says:

    Are fossils supposed to be fluffy????

  72. Lindsay Says:

    He’s a Leg Man.

  73. Heather L Says:

    Living Hand to Mouth…………….

  74. Anonymous Says:

    “No Chloe can’t have it”
    “My time with the tentacles”

  75. Alicia H Says:

    Forgot to put my name on Anonymous at 1:54 pm.

  76. Meg A. Says:

    No Touchy the Octopus!

    Charlie demonstrates how the octopus is a member of the invertebrate family.

  77. Barbara R Says:

    “Octopus’s Guardian”

  78. Kate L. Says:

    Circular Cephalopods

  79. Lynne R Says:

    To Toss In The Air Or Bury With Flair: That Is The Question.

  80. deb l. Says:

    doing the octopus dance!

  81. bonnie Says:

    Step right this way….

  82. Janet M Says:

    Eight-legged elf!

  83. Dinah Says:

    I am the very model of a modern canine predator
    My “Dance of Death for Octopus” could never need an editor.
    Within my world of sky and land I’m plucky and adventury
    The only ones who’ve earned my love are members of the Farmily!

    And he’ll protect with fang and claw the members of the Farmily!

  84. Roxie Says:


    Land Shark

  85. tracy Says:

    Arms around me.

  86. Tina Says:


  87. Nico Says:

    Wyoming Ocean hunter

  88. Sandy G. Says:

    LOL….Lots ‘O Legs

  89. Barbara Worden Says:

    Two jaws beats eight legs any time.

  90. Kerri Says:

    Cutie Pie and Octi Pie!

  91. Melis Says:

    Squid Le’ Coyote

    (kind of a french play on Wile E. Coyote)

  92. Scotty Says:

    just try n take it

  93. Barbara Says:

    Octopus? Maybe, maybe knot..

  94. Barbara R Says:

    “He’s got legs, he knows howz to chews them…” (a la ZZ Top)

  95. Barbara in California Says:

    Favorite Snack: Octo-pie.

  96. Barbara in California Says:

    Loose Ends All Tied Up

  97. taffy Says:

    CalaCharlie Jones

    (from Johnny Depp’s pirates movie)

  98. Melis Says:

    I’d call me Us.

    (from Ogden Nash’s poem:

    Tell me, O Octopus, I begs
    Is those things arms, or is they legs?
    I marvel at thee, Octopus;
    If I were thou, I’d call me Us.

    Ha – here is another you might like:

    The cow is of the bovine ilk;
    One end is moo, the other, milk.)

  99. Yaara Says:


  100. Karyn Says:

    Look ma! Twelve legs!

  101. Carrie Mc W Says:

    Squid or octopus?

  102. Meredith Bogen Says:


    I think they need a song!!

  103. Ruchi Says:

    Sorry, I am octu-pied at the moment…

  104. Maranda Says:

    The elusive stuffalapod meets its match…

  105. Alice Says:

    I octo-dare you!

  106. carmel Says:

    Octopus ‘N boots

  107. patty Says:


  108. runr Says:

    Let’s have sushi for lunch!

  109. lisa S Says:

    I slayed the sea serpent. Knight me PLZS….

  110. Chris Matthies Says:

    All in Knots

    I know the ocean is here somewhere…

    Petrified squid in the making

  111. kathryn Says:

    IT’S ALIVE!!!

  112. Julie Says:

    “Legs Benedict”

  113. Julie Says:

    or should I say…”L’eggs Benedict”

  114. Diane Says:

    Lotsa Leg

  115. jackie Says:

    Tako Sushi, Wyoming Style.

  116. jackie Says:

    oops – I meant Tako Maki, Ten-Sleep Style.

  117. Red Wolf Says:

    It’s mine! All mine! And so are all its legs!

  118. kathryn Says:

    “Look! It’s moving. It’s alive. It’s alive… It’s alive, it’s moving, it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive, IT’S ALIVE!”


    (….. just elaborating on my first comment a little :)

  119. Pat D. Says:

    Unfortunately, Charlie’s interview at Toys ‘R Us for their new spokes-coyote did not go as well as planned…

  120. mlaiuppa Says:

    Octopus? What octopus?

  121. Kelly Planer Says:

    Alamande LEFT!

  122. Sarah Says:

    5-Limbed Coyotepus

  123. Jessica Says:

    Octopus? Nope, I haven’t seen any octopus around here!

  124. mlaiuppa Says:

    Maximum floppability.

  125. magnolia Says:


  126. Sandra Says:

    Got Legs?

    Legs by the Dozen

    Twelve Legs A-Lookin’


    Tangled Up In Gold

  127. Meghan Says:

    12 legs and a tail

  128. Kathy Says:

    A CoyOctopus’s garden in the sun

  129. Evan Says:


  130. Di Says:

    Step away from the coyote and his legs.

  131. Heidi Says:

    Wait just a MINUTE! I’ve almost got it untied.

  132. WendyAA Says:

    You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around…..

  133. Anonymous Says:

    Charlie’s such a leg man…

    “This gluten-free pathta ith juth delithious, Mom…”

    (Please ‘scuse me if I’ve repeated something someone else posted – I read most of them, and they’re all good, but I could have missed one or two…)

    Shannon H., that was a hoot: ” Octo Nom”

    Just a note here: Shreve, I have gotten such a kick out of these shots of Charlie playing with the octopus. SUCH a perfect toy for him!

  134. Jenny C Says:

    Oops, that “Charlie’s such a leg man” post was from me – didn’t realize my name & email address weren’t filled in. :)

  135. Luckybug58@hotmail.com Says:

    octs of love

  136. TT in MD Says:

    8 legs and no thighs for dinner!

  137. kin Says:

    in which Charlie has a sudden lucid vision of prehistoric undersea Ten Sleep and the ancient mega-cephalopods seeking vengence for their plush comrade.


    “shake to riiiight, shake to the leeef-OHMYGOD did i leave the oven on?!”

  138. Happy Hopa Says:

    i can haz octopus?

    Wait…this isn’t deer…

    Did this thing just INK me???

    Who knew a coyote would have such a taste for sushi?

  139. pogonip Says:

    Golden Grrr-eight

  140. Random Charlie Fan Says:

    Leggin’ it

    Lots and Lots and Lots of Legs

    A Total of Twelve

    Do the Hokey Pokey and You Turn Yourself Around…

  141. jf in Land of Mary Says:

    Charlie’s Daily Ink

  142. vb Says:

    Let go my legs? No!

  143. Marni Says:

    That plushy is soon going to be in octopeaces, =3 or octobits one of the two

  144. Barbara in California Says:

    Thith ith a lot of fun!

  145. catherine Says:

    Tell us about Frisco, pneumonia, poor baby, what can be done ?

  146. Anita Says:

    Keep talkin I’m all legs, I mean ears, ears…..

    I’m into lego’s.

    I’m not missing any legs, are you?

  147. Elizabeth Says:

    This isn’t a caption, but Frisco! Sending good thoughts your way.

  148. montanarose Says:

    (Eight)-armed and dangerous.

  149. melis Says:

    For Frisco and crew, sending much golden light your way.

  150. Lisa Says:

    Who knew that sushi was fuzzy?

    Next time I’ll have the eel…..

    I love his expression in this pic!

    Best wishes and healing for Frisco.

  151. aly Says:

    I’m a coyote, derp derp derp


  152. Kirby Says:

    Octing Out

  153. farmerjohn Says:

    Chomp ! Chomp!! Chomp !!! And Still Twitching ? I’ll try shaking now.

  154. Jenny Says:

    Elk Intestines? Really?

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