photo taken August 2010 • title thanks to ggnoma

one year ago: So Happy Together
two years ago: Texture
three years ago: It’s Bigger Than He Is

Geniuses, the lot o’ you!
Tied for second place:
Charlie’s such a leg man…
Octo Nom
Unfortunately, Charlie’s interview at Toys ‘R Us for their new spokes-coyote did not go as well as planned…
Charlie has his sea legs !
Charlie’s Arm Candy
Now no one will predict World Cup winners
A Farewell to Arms, all eight of them
Armed to the Teeth
“He’s got legs, he knows howz to chews them…”    (a la ZZ Top)
Octopus?  Maybe, maybe knot..
Favorite Snack: Octo-pie.
Octing Out
Legs Benedict.. or should I say…”L’eggs Benedict”

• • • The Caption Contest is back!
Hurrah and thank you for your patience!!!
~ one more octopus photo ~
~ leave your brilliant captions in the comment section ~
~ prize this week is your choice of Charlie or Cowboy 2011 Calendar ~

154 Responses to “Oct-O-Pied”

  1. aly Says:

    I’m a coyote, derp derp derp


  2. Kirby Says:

    Octing Out

  3. farmerjohn Says:

    Chomp ! Chomp!! Chomp !!! And Still Twitching ? I’ll try shaking now.

  4. Jenny Says:

    Elk Intestines? Really?

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