photo taken May 2007 • title thanks to Kathleen

one year ago: Channeling Munch
two years ago: TP’ing The Room & Eachother
three years ago: Kickin’ Back

Tied for second place:
Bunny Slope
dust puppy
A Gem in the Dirt
If the groundcoyote sees its shadow, there will be six more weeks of cute.
Diamond in the Rough
Grounddog Day
a wee paws
Itty Bitty Pretty One
Rock Slide
earth worm
Red Rover
honey rock dawn
Red Earth Surfing
One small step for Charlie, one great step for coyote kind.

• • • I’ve got a little retro Charlie pic for the contest today!
Leave your title/caption/brilliance in the comment section
and you’ll be in the running to win a
Wyoming Care Package
filled with the beautiful and the strange!

183 Responses to “Gingerly”

  1. Randi Says:

    I love that Melissa… about…

    Honey Rock Down

  2. Jenny Says:

    Baby, You’re gonna be a star someday!

  3. Trina Says:

    Prince of the Hill (we all know Eli is the king)

  4. Jessica Says:

    Crouching Coyote, Hidden Charlie

  5. Sophie Says:

    “Knee High to a Grasshopper”

  6. Andrew Says:

    O hi! I’m in your mountains, stealing your rocks…

  7. Janet Says:

    ‘It’s a strange, strange world.’ (Looks like that might be what he’s thinking.)

  8. Diana Says:

    Maybe if I look extra cute … they’ll let me live here.

  9. Barbara Says:

    Cayutie Pie

  10. Rachel Says:

    Red Rambler

  11. Rachel Says:

    Red Rover

  12. jacqui p Says:

    dust puppy

  13. Victoria Says:


  14. Victoria Says:

    whoops! sorry. that should have read “etsy bitsy”

  15. Sharon Says:

    Sweet Sneak!

  16. T Gail Says:

    Nowhere to Hide

  17. Rachel Says:

    Space Cadet
    Rocky Road

  18. Tony Says:

    The earth is mine, and the fullness thereof

  19. Maegan Says:

    Wyoming Nubule Patch

    Baby Potatyotes

  20. Lydia G Says:

    Coyote Tumble Weed

  21. Jenny C Says:

    It’s a boy!

  22. Diana Says:

    NASA: Life found on Mars!

  23. Arthurus Says:

    I like what slope Lynne Says:
    Dirt Angel

  24. June Says:

    Pebble in Profile

  25. Barbara in California Says:

    Creeping Cutie

    Nubule on Red Soil

    Hot Rocks

    Lay Some Paw on Me, Eli

    Gimme Five

  26. randy Says:

    Earth Birth

  27. Craig Says:

    Situational Awareness

  28. beth Says:

    Tiniest C on the scree

  29. Kelly Says:

    Mascots: Changing Lives Since 2007

  30. Terry Says:


  31. jon Says:

    Little Nugget

  32. Feral Boy Says:

    Red Dirt Coyboy

  33. melissa Says:

    Ha – I love it Randi – I knew I was missing something on the last one and couldn’t figure it out – you got it!! Can’t believe we didn’t win on a combo name!!

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