photo taken May 2007 • title thanks to Kathleen

one year ago: Channeling Munch
two years ago: TP’ing The Room & Eachother
three years ago: Kickin’ Back

Tied for second place:
Bunny Slope
dust puppy
A Gem in the Dirt
If the groundcoyote sees its shadow, there will be six more weeks of cute.
Diamond in the Rough
Grounddog Day
a wee paws
Itty Bitty Pretty One
Rock Slide
earth worm
Red Rover
honey rock dawn
Red Earth Surfing
One small step for Charlie, one great step for coyote kind.

• • • I’ve got a little retro Charlie pic for the contest today!
Leave your title/caption/brilliance in the comment section
and you’ll be in the running to win a
Wyoming Care Package
filled with the beautiful and the strange!

183 Responses to “Gingerly”

  1. carmel Says:

    All creatures great and small

  2. carmel Says:

    Pause for thought !

  3. Steven Swanson Says:


    One small step for Charlie, one great step for coyote kind.

  4. Ava Says:

    Red Earth Surfing

  5. Andrea Says:

    Into the great wide open/under them skies of blue

  6. lynn Says:

    Between a rock and a green patch

  7. Karen A. Todd Says:

    “That looks a lot bigger than me!”

  8. Yaara Says:


  9. Leffe Says:

    Camo pup!

  10. Mary Says:

    I’m so camouflaged that I can’t even find myself! Help! Help me, Mama!

  11. saxon Says:

    earth worm

  12. Bess Says:

    Chamo Coyote

    Coyote Hole

    “Step by step, inch by inch, slowly I turn…”

    Terracotta two-step

  13. laura Says:

    the earth moved, under my feets

  14. Gary Says:

    Itty Bitty Pretty One

  15. Susan L. Says:

    Rock Star!

  16. Felicia Foland Says:

    Hide and Seek!

  17. Deb L. Says:

    Little Package – Big Dreams

  18. Lizzie L Says:

    The Little Prince <3

  19. Maria Says:

    (s)low center of gravity

  20. danielle Says:

    “In hindsight, log rolls seemed like a good a idea.”

  21. pam Says:

    Steven S. said everything I first thought!!!

    Charlie does look so pitiful as he gingerly places a foot on the hard rocks.

    He is exploring and taking his baby steps in this hard world. “Feeling” his way around the hill.

    But the sun is shining and we know he adapted very well to his life. He couldn’t have asked for any better than what he has with you, Shreve.

  22. sybann Says:

    Rescued Lovechild

  23. RWD 47 Says:

    So glad to be alive . . . and loved.

  24. Sara Says:

    Rock Slide

  25. Amy A Says:

    Rolling Stone

    Rolling Stone-ette (a smaller version)


  26. carol Says:


  27. Ashley Groce Says:

    Wee Charlie!!!

  28. Lucky Says:

    a wee paws

    no paws for concern

  29. Meg Says:

    Rock and Rollin’

  30. Blink Dog Says:

    Carry on my wayward son.

  31. Janey Says:

    An angel fearing to tread.

  32. kathy Says:

    Earth baby

  33. Barbie Says:

    One step forward, two steps back.

  34. Heather L Says:

    Between a Rock and a Hard Place…..

  35. belle Says:

    laying low (wishing to be invisible)

  36. Angela S Says:

    Papa was a rollin’ stone…

  37. Alice Says:

    Help! The earth is tipping and I can’t stand up!

    Army Crawl

  38. cfritz Says:

    Ready to rock and roll!

  39. Patr Says:

    Karma Chameleon

  40. Ursula Says:

    One with the Earth

    Blend me in..

  41. Angela Says:

    Grounddog Day

  42. sarah Says:

    Be vewy vewy quite.

  43. Jen Says:

    Rock Practice

    Aaand Freeze!

  44. barbara Says:

    Little friend of the earth

    Beginning the journey

  45. jenrebecc Says:

    you gotta’ crawl before you learn to walk

  46. eija Says:

    Slipping & Sliding

    Nubule & Pebbles

    His First Rock-n-Roll

    Earth- Baby in Pebbles-Quake

  47. Eve Says:

    Little Boy Boo.

  48. treva Says:

    Earth Day

  49. Mary R Says:

    Someday…. this will all be mine!

  50. Jenny C Says:

    The Baby Phoenix rises from Wyoming soil and rock.

  51. goddess Says:

    And so it begins…

  52. Angie Says:

    Gravity Schmavity, I’ve seen Eli do this with his eyes closed!

  53. Marg Says:

    Baby Steps?

  54. nancy Says:

    easily distracted
    do i want to dig here or ohh maybe over there

  55. Heather L Says:

    Terra(fied) Firma……………

  56. Heather L Says:

    The Situation………….

    Testing His Wings………….

  57. mlaiuppa Says:


  58. D'Ann Says:

    Essence of Being

  59. Jo Davis Says:

    ” ooooh Eli please wait up, I’m scared!!! “

  60. Becky Says:

    Henna Honey

  61. Heather L Says:

    Rocky Mountain High……….

  62. Barbara Says:

    Charlie & the Whole Earth

  63. Heather L Says:

    Up Side..Down………

  64. Heather L Says:

    Scaredy Cote!

  65. Penny in Co Says:

    You guys are all so good at this!!!! Great comments so far!

  66. Holly Says:

    .. Just a Little Bit…
    Peanut size

  67. Heather L Says:

    Hard Up…………

  68. Cheryl Rhoden Says:

    Coming Soon to a Bookstore Near You.

    Fame is Around the Corner.


    Baby’s Sun Bath.

    Will I look like the cat when I grow up?
    What’s an elk leg?

  69. Felis Sidus Says:

    Nervous Nubule

  70. Kathleen Says:

    Taking the low road


  71. Karen Says:

    I don’t care what anyone says: I do NOT look like a prairie dog!

  72. Lynne Says:

    Petrified Pup

  73. CathyA Says:



  74. Tina Says:

    Earth Angel

  75. Tina Says:

    “Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.” – Rachel Carson

  76. LISA S Says:


  77. Linda Says:

    oh little grasshopper, you will learn!!!!

  78. Chris P Says:

    Cute Creeper

    Maybe Eli won’t see me…

    Just a little closer…

  79. Angela S Says:

    Simon says… “stop.”

  80. Patti Says:

    Ultimate camouflage

  81. Angela S Says:

    “Jeepers, creepers, where’d you get those peepers? Jeepers, creepers, where’d you get those eyes?”

  82. Farmer Lady Says:

    Hillside Baby

    Wimpy Baby Boy

    Between a Rock and a Hill Side

    Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    Tell Eli to quit throwing rocks!

    If a rolling stone gathers no moss, what doesn’t a rolling coyote gather?

    These rocks are hard!

    Bedrock? Who would want a bed made out of rocks!

    It’s too steep! Can I just crawl down?

    Thanks for the contest Shreve. Such a little cutie, you just want to pick him up and cuddle him safe!

  83. Catsquatch Says:

    Learning How To Get Down

  84. Terry Says:

    Can you see me now?

  85. Angela S Says:

    Goin’ places, doin’ things.

  86. Heather L Says:

    Mountain Cote!

  87. Tanya V. Says:

    Prairie Pup

  88. Robyn B Says:

    The Cutest Crator

  89. Robyn B Says:

    The Cutest Crator

    Coyote Camo

    I accidently pressed enter without typing in my email.

  90. kathy Says:


  91. Dinah Says:

    Slowly I turned!
    Inch by inch,
    step by step I crept up on him.
    I grabbed him, I shook him, and
    I threw him over the cliff!!!

  92. Marcella Says:


  93. darci Says:

    There’s a shadow. 6 more weeks of winter!

  94. Pat D. Says:

    Little coyote went over the mountain — to see what was there!

    (from children’s book about the little bear that went over the mountain…)

  95. LISA S Says:


  96. Pam Strayer Says:

    Rock Rollin’ Charlie gathers no moss

  97. Meg A. Says:

    Conquering the world one hill at a time!

  98. Kathy Says:

    I’m still waiting for that pedicure!

  99. Scotty Says:


  100. Heather L Says:


  101. kallimao Says:


    cute as a button

    fuzzy wuzzy was a coyote

  102. bonnie Says:

    It’s a big scary world, but I’m gonna check it out anyway.

  103. Debra Says:

    I’m coming…slowly..but I’m coming to you.

    I think that rock moved.

  104. Ray Dolor Says:

    No caption idea, but a question: How did Eli relate to baby Charlie at first? I’m guessing Eli was a full-grown Tom at that point, and the dominant critter in your menagerie.

  105. Dale Says:

    Dirt Squirt

  106. Suzanna Says:


    (kinda looks like he’s coming out of the earth!)

  107. Susan Says:

    Walk softly and carry a big rock…

  108. Tina Says:

    “In everything natural there is something marvelous.” — Aristotle

  109. D'Ann Says:

    Who knew something so small would soon have Wildlife Ambassador on his Resume’…

  110. D'Ann Says:

    “Grow old with me! The best is yet to be.” Robert Browning

  111. Shannon H. Says:


  112. ms martyr Says:

    Oh Charlie, Charlie it’s a wild world
    (apologies to Cat Stevens)

  113. Tracy B. Says:

    Red Red Whine…

  114. katy Says:

    Diamond in the Rough
    The Prettiest Pebble

  115. Cait Says:

    If the groundcoyote sees its shadow, there will be six more weeks of cute.

  116. Patty Says:

    MOMMMMMMMM what IS this place?

  117. Carolyn Says:

    A Gem in the Dirt

  118. Sara Says:

    Precarious Puppy Perch

  119. Marion Says:

    Is this Mars?

  120. Donna J. Burr Says:

    I can run faster than you ole rocks…ha..ha.

  121. Evan Says:

    Critter Cha-Cha

  122. Sue from NZ Says:

    Take a peek over ya shoulder Charlie-it won’t bite.

  123. Evan Says:

    Let’s do the time warp again…

  124. Bess Says:

    One more – Gravitationally Challenged

  125. Jess Says:

    “This Doesn’t Look Like China”
    “Wow! Narnia!”

  126. Karen Says:

    Bred to be Red

  127. Carrie Says:

    Rock n Roll!

  128. karen Says:

    Planet Mars to Mission Control…The coyote has landed!

  129. Angela S Says:

    Scaredy Pup

  130. Lynne Says:

    Tiptoe Through The Red Dirt . . .

  131. melissa Says:

    honey rock dawn

  132. tiger Says:

    Mini Mountain Man


    Golden heart in golden hues

  133. Suzy Says:


  134. Rebecca Cheek Says:

    Getting ‘Boulder’ by the day

  135. melissa Says:

    Nubule Spotting

  136. Pam A. Says:

    Rocky top, you’ll always be
    Sweet home to me

    “Rocky Top” by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant

  137. melissa Says:

    Learning to Blend

  138. Shannon S. Says:

    Rock Furry

  139. roxie Says:

    Black Diamond Run

    He came from the Center of the Earth!!!!

  140. TIA Says:

    Puppie loveeee…

  141. Emily Says:

    Are You Ready to Tumble?

    Internet Surfer

    Curiosity Didn’t Quite Kill the Coyote

    Oh, The Days When He Was Little…

  142. D'Ann Says:

    Red earth rascal

  143. roxie Says:

    Bunny slope

  144. Lynne Says:

    Dirt Angel

  145. Dawn Says:

    “Umm, guys? I don’t think “dirt nap” means what I thought it did…”

  146. Randi Says:

    The Little Coyote That Could

  147. Pink Daisy Says:

    “What makes the desert beautiful… is that somewhere it hides a coyote”

    (adapted from The Little Prince)

  148. Martha Says:

    The Mile High Cub

    Club Red

    Cub Med.

  149. melissa Says:

    Squirt on Dirt

    hmm, should have explained “honey rock dawn” from before. I was thinking:

    honey (charlie) rock (in picture) dawn (well, light looks more like afternoon, but…)

    Yeah, see – honey rock afternoon – just doesn’t sound right.

  150. Bronco77 Says:

    Coyote Commando Crawl

  151. Randi Says:

    I love that Melissa… about…

    Honey Rock Down

  152. Jenny Says:

    Baby, You’re gonna be a star someday!

  153. Trina Says:

    Prince of the Hill (we all know Eli is the king)

  154. Jessica Says:

    Crouching Coyote, Hidden Charlie

  155. Sophie Says:

    “Knee High to a Grasshopper”

  156. Andrew Says:

    O hi! I’m in your mountains, stealing your rocks…

  157. Janet Says:

    ‘It’s a strange, strange world.’ (Looks like that might be what he’s thinking.)

  158. Diana Says:

    Maybe if I look extra cute … they’ll let me live here.

  159. Barbara Says:

    Cayutie Pie

  160. Rachel Says:

    Red Rambler

  161. Rachel Says:

    Red Rover

  162. jacqui p Says:

    dust puppy

  163. Victoria Says:


  164. Victoria Says:

    whoops! sorry. that should have read “etsy bitsy”

  165. Sharon Says:

    Sweet Sneak!

  166. T Gail Says:

    Nowhere to Hide

  167. Rachel Says:

    Space Cadet
    Rocky Road

  168. Tony Says:

    The earth is mine, and the fullness thereof

  169. Maegan Says:

    Wyoming Nubule Patch

    Baby Potatyotes

  170. Lydia G Says:

    Coyote Tumble Weed

  171. Jenny C Says:

    It’s a boy!

  172. Diana Says:

    NASA: Life found on Mars!

  173. Arthurus Says:

    I like what slope Lynne Says:
    Dirt Angel

  174. June Says:

    Pebble in Profile

  175. Barbara in California Says:

    Creeping Cutie

    Nubule on Red Soil

    Hot Rocks

    Lay Some Paw on Me, Eli

    Gimme Five

  176. randy Says:

    Earth Birth

  177. Craig Says:

    Situational Awareness

  178. beth Says:

    Tiniest C on the scree

  179. Kelly Says:

    Mascots: Changing Lives Since 2007

  180. Terry Says:


  181. jon Says:

    Little Nugget

  182. Feral Boy Says:

    Red Dirt Coyboy

  183. melissa Says:

    Ha – I love it Randi – I knew I was missing something on the last one and couldn’t figure it out – you got it!! Can’t believe we didn’t win on a combo name!!

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