Notes On Charlie – November 3

Last night, Charlie and Eli came in around 10pm; the cat was ready for some chill time before his late-night prowl but Charlie was so excited to see Eli and was having one of his hyper-spaz bursts which he (like most kids) has right before bed. Charlie was dancing around Eli and nipping the air around him and Eli was like “Dude, I’m not in the mood. Go away.” Charlie’s not one to take such brush-offs personally, and he kept at it. Eli was getting visibly irritated, and gave Charlie a meow that said, “Hey, what part of ‘Go Away’ don’t you understand?? On second thought, go FAR AWAY, you nutjob.”

It fell on deaf ears. Finally Eli had had it and he gave Charlie a good bite on the tail. Charlie leapt straight up, onto the bed – this may be the first time a cat has ‘treed’ a coyote! So then, Charlie got one of his toys (an old leather glove) out of the toy bowl that sits on the table at the end of the bed and was tossing the glove in the air and shaking it around, playing on the bed by himself. One toss sent the glove flying off the edge of the bed, onto the floor right next to where the cat was lying. Charlie crouched at the edge of the bed with his chin on his paws, his gaze shifting between Eli and the glove with alternating looks of nervousness and longing. He was too scared to go down and get his glove! I was cracking up. I finally picked the glove off the floor and tossed it back on the bed for Charlie. Cat is still BOSS.