Scentient Beings

photo taken October 2010 • title thanks to Dale

thanks one and all!
tied for second place:
‘He gazed deeply into her … nose.’
Scratch N’ Sniff
Chloe Being Nosy
“Pooch Pow-Wow”
The poetry of earth is never dead.  – Keats
I Nose You Love Me
Opposites Attract
Through the Looking Glass
Chloe…the Pointer Sister

• • • You know what to do!

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114 Responses to “Scentient Beings”

  1. Liza Lundell Says:

    Helllooooooooo, handsome!

  2. Kathleen Says:

    Scratch n’ sniff

  3. davidray Says:

    Eye don’t like where this is headed…

  4. Jenny C Says:

    Not clever, but my first thought when I saw this sweet photo: Love in Their Eyes

    The Mask and the Eyebrows

    Two Too Cute

    Pack Pact

    The Pact

    I Only Have Eyes for You

    The Look of Love

  5. Sophie Says:

    “Pooch Pow-Wow”

  6. D'Ann Says:

    Meeting of the minds

  7. D'Ann Says:

    Chloe in the Pink

  8. Arthurus Says:

    Speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee.
    -Job 12:8

    The poetry of earth is never dead.
    – Keats

  9. CathyA Says:

    Passing the sniff test

    World of scents

  10. Katbalu Says:

    A splendid palatte of colors

  11. Carolyne Says:

    New shampoo?

  12. Feral Boy Says:

    I LOOOOVE Your Aftershave!

  13. Barbie Says:

    “Hey good lookin”

  14. Julia Says:

    Do si do! You put your right foot out…

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