Scentient Beings

photo taken October 2010 • title thanks to Dale

thanks one and all!
tied for second place:
‘He gazed deeply into her … nose.’
Scratch N’ Sniff
Chloe Being Nosy
“Pooch Pow-Wow”
The poetry of earth is never dead.  – Keats
I Nose You Love Me
Opposites Attract
Through the Looking Glass
Chloe…the Pointer Sister

• • • You know what to do!

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114 Responses to “Scentient Beings”

  1. EweMama Says:

    Darn, I just thought my first ones had posted. Now I must try to recall what I keyed in. LOL

    Black and White and Red, around the ears

    We must stop meeting like this

    Paws to reflect

    So, you ready for the NFL Conference playoffs? (GO STEELERS!)

    No, Chloe, I can’t curl my tail this early in the morning

    Canine Cornered

    Snout to Snout

    Happy Tails to you

    Dust Up

    Let’s go look for Elf Legs!!

  2. Claudia Says:

    Mmmmmmmmmm – Is that Armani Code?

  3. Suzy Says:

    Sniff, Sniff – you smell good! You going out again tonight?

  4. Courtney Says:

    Don’t Ask, Chloe…

  5. pika Says:

    Reaffirming Unspoken Vows

  6. E.J. Says:

    Chloe points out Charlie has been eating elf legs & not sharing.

  7. belle Says:

    you know I love ya – baby!!

  8. Tina Says:

    Opposites Attract

    Mirror Image

    Through the Looking Glass

    Mirror, Mirror

    A sister is both your mirror – and your opposite. – Elizabeth Fishel

  9. Sandy Says:

    are those snausages i smell?

  10. Amy A Says:

    Opposite Reflections

    Whadda looking at

  11. Yaara Says:

    Eye Sniff
    Ewe Sniff
    We all Sniff
    for Elf Legs

  12. Jill Says:

    The eyes have it….

  13. Richard Says:

    Mutual Admiration Society

  14. cfritz Says:

    Hey…wait a minute…sniff…are you a coyote?

  15. Craig Says:

    “I love the smell of coyote in the morning… The smell, you know that wild smell… Smells like, NATURE!”, to borrow an oft-quoted line from Apocolypse Now.

  16. Eve Says:

    Suddenly I see.

  17. CathyA Says:

    Uh, yeah it was good……..uh, no, didn’t bring you any

    Eau de pew!

    Been steppin’ out Charlie? Huh? Uh….Uh….

  18. Terry Says:

    i’ve got you babe

  19. Terry Says:

    here’s looking at you kid

  20. James Says:

    The Nose Knows What the Heart Wants

  21. Barbara S. Says:

    The Lady and the Tramp

    A Sniff in Time

  22. Di Says:

    Chloe, how many times to I have to tell you? Not before my first cup of coffee.

  23. Heather L Says:

    Sizing Up

    Sizing Each Other Up…..

  24. Dale Says:

    Pssst! Did you hear the one about the Elk and the Mule Deer?

  25. Linda Lu Says:

    Wanna hear a secret?

  26. Chris P Says:

    Eau de Elk – for the coyote in charge

    Remember, you distract Shreve so I can grab the elk snacks. Got it?

  27. Victoria (of Boston) Says:

    I see something in your eye

  28. Alice Says:

    Have ya heard this one yet? A dog & a coyote walk into a bar…

  29. Sara M Says:

    Chloe has the sniffles

  30. Leah Says:


  31. treva Says:

    Kiss me you fool

  32. Dale Says:

    My Brother From a Different Mother

    Scentient Beings

    Eau de Bro

  33. Lindsay Says:

    Squaring Off

  34. Jenny C Says:

    Eye to Eye

  35. jb Says:

    Canine Comradery.

  36. Heather L Says:

    Approach with Care…………


  37. Heather L Says:

    “Do I Know You?”

  38. Heather Lyles Says:

    Cautious Coyote / Curious Cur

  39. nancy Says:

    oh oh that smell

  40. Heather L Says:

    Team Chloe vs. Team Charlie

    Turf War…………………

  41. pika Says:


  42. Betsy Says:

    Pssssst ….. Charlie …. I know where there’s an Elk Leg we could eat….!


    Charlie! Wait don’t move! Hmmm, lemme see, what’s that little critter crawlin’ around in your ear…?

  43. Tessa Minnie Says:

    “Manly, yet I like it too!”

  44. Barbara Says:

    Won’t you lend me your colors?

  45. Karen Says:

    Grin to Grin

  46. Bruce Says:

    Goin’ my way?

  47. Bruce Says:

    Mmmm…nice pheromones big boy.

  48. Heather L Says:

    “Chloe, Keep Your Nose Out of My Business”

    “Keep Your Nose to Yourself!”


  49. Jenny C Says:

    Meeting in the Middle

  50. Emily Says:

    Puppy Love

    Kiss and Tell

    Chloe Being Nosy

  51. Isobel Says:

    mmmm…Eau de Elf Leg

  52. Elaine Says:

    “nose to nose / heel to heel”

  53. Patti Says:

    The nose knows

  54. Sara Says:

    So is that Stetson or Old Spice?

  55. kathryn Says:


    The eye tells all

    Let your eye be chaste

    Is that lipstick on your collar?

    Tell me everything!


  56. sha Says:

    I Love You a Bushel and a Peck

  57. Lynne R Says:

    I Nose You!

  58. Farmer Lady Says:

    Eye of the Coyote

    Chloe says “Ya got something in yer eye!”
    Charlie replies: “Yea, it’s your nose!”

    Chloe checks out Charlie’s eyesight… ‘can you read the bottom line of the fence?’

    Chloe gets a new job as optometrist.

  59. Eija Says:

    Amore a la Canine

    Sniffing Hello

    “Hey Charlie, Where Have You Been?” [sniffing his cheek]

    Greeting a la Canine

  60. kathryn Says:

    A sniff of truth

  61. Lana Says:


  62. Elaine Schoolnik Says:

    Want to limbo big guy?

  63. Kate Says:

    Eye Nose What You’ve Been Up To

  64. Eleanor Says:

    ‘He gazed deeply into her … nose.’

  65. Randi Says:

    Butterfly Kisses

  66. Amelia Says:

    Opposites attract

  67. Lisa Says:

    Meeting of the Minds

    So Happy Together

    “Just walk beside me and be my friend.” –Camus

    “What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” –Aristotle

    “A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

  68. Pat D. Says:

    Chloe looks like she works for Homeland Security! “Cooperate sir, and I won’t have to pat you down!”

  69. ChrisB Says:

    “We will always have Paris”

  70. Meg Says:

    Their paths will always cross.

  71. Sherri Says:

    Where have YOU been!???

  72. olga9999 Says:

    BFF: Best Friends Forever

    Chloe is adorable and they are really cute together. I think that it was really great for Charlie to have someone more like him in Chloe. He’s always looked different more confident since you got her. Just an impression. :)

    Thanks for sharing your photographs, they are amazing

  73. Robert D Says:

    What’s the point Chloe?

  74. Maggie Says:

    Sister Sniff

  75. Rebecca Says:

    90 degrees of freedom.

    Chloe ‘nose’ her best friend.

  76. Harald Says:

    Where ya bin Chuck?

  77. Jane Says:

    Flirty and Coy

  78. Patty Says:

    Chloe…the pointer sister

  79. Erika Says:

    Well hello handsome.

  80. Patr Says:

    The Nose Knows Best

  81. Lindsay Says:

    Conflict Avoidance.

  82. CathyA Says:

    Just one sniff, that’s all you get, yeah, just one sniff

  83. Torchy Says:

    L’eau d’Issy dahling?

  84. Marcella Says:

    Brother, you look sleepy…

  85. Mary Says:

    Hmm…eau de Brut!

  86. Cindy Says:

    Fancy meeting You here!

  87. Jo Davis Says:

    “Heyyyyy babie”

  88. Anonymous Says:

    what’s black and white and read in between ?? ( a newspaper ! ) sorry Charlie, you’re only in the grey areas…..

  89. carmel Says:

    …….oops that was me in the above……what’s black and white….

  90. carmel Says:

    what’s black and white and read in between ?? ( a newspaper ! ) sorry Charlie, you’re only in the grey areas…..

  91. Meg A. Says:

    I Nose You Love Me

  92. carmel Says:


  93. bonnie Says:

    and you ate the WHOLE THING by yourself!?!

  94. roxie Says:

    You Smell Elf-y

    “Charlie, you know how much I love black eyeliner…but a stripe down the middle of your head?”

  95. kelly Says:

    The Dolls of the Wild

    Two Scents

  96. Barbara in California Says:

    Change of Watch

    Canine Conference

    What’s New With You, Charlie?

  97. Lucky Says:

    dogue e deux

  98. laura Says:

    “I know a way to stay friends forever, There’s really nothing to it, I tell you what to do, And you do it.”

    Shel Silverstein

  99. Ursula Says:

    Here’s looking at you kid…

    Chloe being nosy…

  100. Anonymous Says:

    Dangit…. /I/ was gonna say “Kiss me, you fool!”

    Eye Inspection

    Canine Pleasantries

    Meet ‘n’ Greet

    Drive By Sniff

    He looks like a sauve ladies man who’s nonchalantly walking by as Cloe, the adoring damsel, tries to obtain his attention. Unfortunately, I can’t think of a caption that captures that–maybe someone else can?

  101. Liza Lundell Says:

    Helllooooooooo, handsome!

  102. Kathleen Says:

    Scratch n’ sniff

  103. davidray Says:

    Eye don’t like where this is headed…

  104. Jenny C Says:

    Not clever, but my first thought when I saw this sweet photo: Love in Their Eyes

    The Mask and the Eyebrows

    Two Too Cute

    Pack Pact

    The Pact

    I Only Have Eyes for You

    The Look of Love

  105. Sophie Says:

    “Pooch Pow-Wow”

  106. D'Ann Says:

    Meeting of the minds

  107. D'Ann Says:

    Chloe in the Pink

  108. Arthurus Says:

    Speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee.
    -Job 12:8

    The poetry of earth is never dead.
    – Keats

  109. CathyA Says:

    Passing the sniff test

    World of scents

  110. Katbalu Says:

    A splendid palatte of colors

  111. Carolyne Says:

    New shampoo?

  112. Feral Boy Says:

    I LOOOOVE Your Aftershave!

  113. Barbie Says:

    “Hey good lookin”

  114. Julia Says:

    Do si do! You put your right foot out…

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