I am telling ya girlfriend, this is an elf track.

photo taken October 2010 • title thanks to Amy A.

one year ago: C, C, n’ Me
two years ago: With Pig Ear
three years ago: Intensely Intent

Thanks for your patience!  It was SO hard to choose one winner
but Amy A, yours cracked me up, I love it, it’s perfect!
Tied for second place:
Howdy, Pawdner!
Peace Paw
You are feeeelinggg sleepyyy…
“Another charley  horse, Charlie?”
Aww, I’m sorry, Chloe. I was just teasing. Your ears are perfect, not a bit too small!
Quick paw Charlie.
Pawing the Line
Charlie practices his moonwalk
“Even though we are different, I am willing to offer you my paw in friendship.”

• • • There’s a story in their faces, tell me what you see….
Leave your title, caption, or “canine conversation” in the comment
section and you’ll be in the running to WIN!
This week’s prize is a graceful mule deer antler,
naturally shed and found in the sagebrush.
It’s a lovely one!

194 Responses to “I am telling ya girlfriend, this is an elf track.”

  1. kathleen Says:

    My, what big eyes you have!

  2. Mary Says:

    Shreve, Get well soon. Healthful thoughts being sent to you.

  3. Ann Says:

    Peace Paw

    Right here, right now !

    I have an owie…

  4. Jo Says:

    Dearest Shreve,
    Wishin’ you a speedy recovery and sooooo sorry to hear that you are sooooo sick!!! I was for 3 weeks, bad cold, kicked my butt and really got me down….I’m finally feelin’ better and you will too! :) jo

  5. pam Says:

    hope you are feeling better soon, Shreve….my thoughts are with you.

  6. Keith Says:

    Aw, Chloe, jus’ tell me ya love me , please.

  7. kelly Says:

    Bow to Your Partner!


  8. Debi Says:

    Simon Says… raise your right paw!

  9. susie Says:

    ‘Have you seen an elk leg around here someplace? “

  10. Marlene Says:

    I dare you to cross this line!

  11. carmel Says:

    Shreve………get well soon…..

  12. jackie Says:

    wishing you speedy healing, shreve!

  13. Ann Says:

    Shreve, lots of hot herbal tea, chicken soup, vitamin c and b complex. stay warm and rest. get well soon.

  14. katy Says:

    Laying the Ground Rules

  15. EweMama Says:

    I guess, thinking about the original title, my changed entry should change again, to


    and next



    Inching Onward, Toward Chloe

  16. Cynthia Says:

    Get Well soon Shreve.

    Yes, Dear……

  17. Di Says:

    Chloe, you know you find me irresistible!

  18. kathy Says:

    Deep in Conversation

  19. Dave Z. Says:

    Chloe, you stay right here! Shreve is sick and can’t be chasing around with you right now!!!

    Get well soon (sick sucks).

  20. kathy Says:

    “Dang!!! My foot fell asleep again!” says Charlie.

    Chloe responds,”I hate when that happens!”

  21. Puller Says:


    Stealth moves

  22. LISA S Says:

    MY BAD

  23. Janice Says:

    I have just started reading your book….fantastic, indeed! Love your writing style…descriptive, thoughtful. Sending you healing thoughts.

    My caption: :”Even though we are different, I am willing to offer you my paw in friendship.”

    Blesssings, Janice

  24. LabMom Says:

    Oops! My bad!

  25. Marisol Says:

    (Charlie to Chloe) Chloe, You are feeling REALLY sleepyyy… (Chloe to Charlie) Oh, Charlie? it’s not working

    ( Charlie) Come on, Riverton is two pee stops south from here! (Chloe) I’m telling mom, dood.

  26. Randi Says:

    Go ahead, make my day…

  27. sha Says:

    Whatta you mean you and Eli stopped for a drink?

  28. EweMama Says:

    I read a great phrase in a book a few days ago; the gist of it was, when canines go around nosing everything – grass, fire hydrants, other canine butts, etc., – they are just checking their p-mail. Made me laugh out loud, so I’m passing it on.

    Charlie to Chloe – Get a move on, sis. Gotta check our daily p-mail.

  29. Amanda Says:

    Charlie the Charging Bull!

    Charlie looks like he’s digging his paw into the sand like a bull does before he charges.

  30. Cory Says:

    Canis Librate


    See Chloe? This is the way you sneak up on MC….

  31. Alice Says:

    Watch Chloe, not even Chuck Norris can move this fast.

    Hope you feel better soon, Shreve!

  32. farmer lady Says:

    Let’s do the Hokey Pokey!

    You put your right paw in…

    Scratch and Sniff

    Let’s dance!

    Wanna Dance?

    Snow Pals

    Snow Day! Yeah!

  33. CathyA Says:

    Be well Shreve. Hope you’re feeling better by now

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Dot n Dash

  35. Skimmie Says:

    “Ouch! I hurted my paw! Can Chloe kiss and make better?”

  36. carmel Says:


  37. Merrill Says:

    “No, no – you put your RIGHT foot in.”

  38. carmel Says:


  39. Torchy Says:

    Here? YOu left it right here?

  40. Karen Says:


  41. Lauren Says:

    on the prowl

  42. CathyA Says:

    The pause…

    ………..and the rest of my captions are stuck in cyber space! It’s Friday. Your absence is worrying Shreve.

  43. Feral Boy Says:

    “Honey, I can explain …”

  44. Eija Says:

    The Tension Is Palpable

    Every Nerve, Every Muscle…


    P.S. Shreve, hope you are feeling better

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