A Fluffy Pup Makes A Furry Flurry In A Fury

photo taken November 2010 • title thanks to Alex i.a.

one year ago: Snow Drifter
two years ago: Horsing Around With Elk Leg
three years ago: Remember Your Innocence

Alex i.a., you are the master of the run on alliteration!
Golf claps to one and all!
Shake what your mama gave you!
Shake and Flake
Shaken, not Stirred
Just Fluffin the Stuffin
I love my stuffy so much! It sweeps me right off of my feet.
The Fur, the Blur and the BRRRRRRR!
Shake and Levitate
Winter Wrastle
“Whip It! Whip It Good!”
Levity Levitation
Toy Joy!  (his tail is the exclamation point)
Shake, Rattle and Snow
A Furry Flurry
Cold Snap….
Assault Shaker…….
BBC commentator: ‘as the cold blanket of snow covers the high prairie, the quiet stillness stretches for miles and……OMG!’
(Charlie to stuffed animal)… Stuffie, Snap outta it!!!
Shake it like a polaroid pict-ah!
chuffed with stuffie
Frenzied Fluff

• • • This PHOTO!
Oh, he cracks me up.
Do you see how he’s shaking that toy so furiously he’s actually lifting off the ground?
And the tail!!!
Give this crazy coyote chaos a name, a title, a caption.  Leave your entry in the comment section and you’ll be in the running to WIN a lovely package of my new feather postcards!

158 Responses to “A Fluffy Pup Makes A Furry Flurry In A Fury”

  1. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    Shake, Shake, Shake My Booty

    You put your stuffed toy in and you shake it all about

    Snow what!

    This is a Snow Day, right?

    Charles and company

    All play and no work

  2. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    AND more …

    At Play in The Fields of The Lord

    The Ten Sleep Shake-up

    Furry Flurry

    Charlie’s Uplifting Moment

    The Stuff of Nonsense

    What’s Stuff got to do with it?

  3. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    Go Ahead, Flake My Day!

    Tail Spin

    A Tail of Two Pretties

    Toy Story Four

    Chuck Waggin’

  4. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

    Stuffin’ Woof

    Go Forth and Toy No More

    The Bounds of Silence

    Bound to Flurry

    Bound to Glory

    (I cannot think of any comment that will reflect on yesterday’s loss by the Steelers … )

  5. Clare Says:

    Shakin all over!

    For goodnes sake I’ve got the hippy, hippy shake!

  6. marcwolf Says:

    When suddenly the stuffed toy sprung its devious trap and terrified the coyote

  7. LEISEL Says:


  8. Suzy Says:

    Shake what your mama gave you!

  9. Suzy Says:

    Charley likes his stuffed animals shaken, not stirred.

  10. Stacey Says:

    Charley Chopper!

  11. Yaara Says:

    Shake and Flake

  12. robbi Says:

    “mother nature, how many times do i have to tell you….i don’t like snow on my chewtoys!!!”

    although, i think you nailed it, shreve, with ‘crazy coyote chaos’!!!

  13. AG Says:

    I think your caption was great: Crazy Coyote Chaos.

  14. nanci Says:

    “Shake it up baby now .. shake it up, baby …”

  15. Claudia Says:

    It is ELK not ELF!!!!!

  16. carol Says:

    Love Hurts

  17. Patr Says:

    A blur of activity

  18. Shannon H. Says:

    Huff & puff… & all that jazz!

    Damn allergies.

  19. Jackie Brown Says:

    ” Dog eat dog World”

  20. Dana Says:

    This reminds me of the bugs bunny cartoon where the giant grabbed bugs and said…
    I’ll love him and hug him and squeeze him and call him George.

  21. Lana Says:

    shaken, not stirred

  22. Heather L Says:

    Cold Kill

    sNOw Kill Zone

  23. kathryn Says:

    Peluche Lift Off

  24. kathryn Says:

    Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture

    Cloud of Happiness

  25. cheryl Says:

    Shake what ya momma gave ya!

  26. Ulrika Says:

    Transcendental Coyote

  27. Emily Says:

    Furball in a Frenzy

    Front End Propeller

    “I KNOW it’s still alive!”

  28. LISA S Says:


  29. Anna Says:

    “Coyote CPR” (Charlie is helping Shreve study for the EMT exam)

  30. nancy Says:

    A whole lot of shaking going on

  31. leah Says:

    “Bushy Tale of the 2011 Coyote-Quake”

  32. leah Says:

    *guess that would be 2010 Coyote-Quake!

  33. CathyA Says:

    Shake it up baby!
    Twist and shake
    Approaching liftoff…
    Beam me up Shreve
    Converting matter to energy

  34. Debra Says:

    Shake your moose thing, baby.

  35. LISA s Says:


  36. Jane Says:

    Shake and levitate
    Twist and howl

  37. Terry Says:

    Shake it up baby now twist and shout

  38. CathyA Says:

    In warp drive

    Resistance is futile

    Soundless fury

    The Maw

  39. Bess Says:

    “Elk warning – this is just a sample of what I can do!”

    “This is my territory!”

    “Squeak I said!”

  40. Heather L Says:

    Stuffed to the Chills………….

  41. carolyn Says:

    Buckle your seatbelt; we’re ready for lift off.

    Chuck does the twist.

    The incredible fluff ball elevates.

  42. D'Ann Says:

    Shake, Rattle and Roll

  43. Pat D. Says:

    “Snow squeaks are good squeaks!”

  44. D'Ann Says:

    Nose puppet

    (instead of hand puppet)

  45. Eija Says:

    On His Daily ‘KillToy’ Mission

    The Shake-n-Bake Effect

    Weightlessness of His Fury

    The Tail Liftoff Moment

  46. LISA Says:

    Just Fluffin the Stuffin

  47. Sarah L. Says:

    Rudolph the Red-Nosed Chew Toy

  48. Di Says:

    I love my stuffy so much! It sweeps me right off of my feet.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Shaken, not stirred.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    Shakin’ the stuffin’ out of both of them.

    I hate when my hind end starts to take off & my front end isn’t ready yet.

  51. Alice Says:

    Whoops! That anonymous was me.

  52. Alice Says:

    Well, since someone else went anonymous right before me, mine were:
    Shakin’ the stuffin’ out of both of them.

    I hate when my hind end starts to take off & my front end isn’t ready yet.

  53. Anonymous Says:

    …And we have lift-off

    Blurry Furry Flurry

    Shakin’ his world

    Goofball with Tail

    Beloved Comedian

  54. Ed Says:


  55. Diane R Says:

    Coyote Copter Power

  56. kathy Says:


  57. Wendy Sue Says:

    Squid propeller

  58. Kat Says:

    Winter Wrastle

  59. Tervicz Says:

    Plushies, why do they die so young?

  60. Alex i.a. Says:

    A fluffy pup makes a furry flurry in a fury

  61. LEISEL Says:

    I tried this with a goose, once.

  62. kathy Says:

    3-2-1-… SHAKE OFF!!!

  63. pika Says:

    Now THIS is how you wag the dog!

  64. Kimberly Says:

    Oh my! haha! That SO reminds me of Kenti, the fox we raised. She did the exact same thing!

    “Shake that toy! Shake it good!”

  65. Pat D. Says:

    Snow Squeak-tasy!

  66. Lary Says:

    Shaken, not blurred

  67. Penny in Co Says:


  68. b Says:

    I know there’s an elf leg in here somewhere…..

  69. Louise L Says:

    “Stuffy, I warned you, don’t do that again!”

  70. sybil ann Says:

    “Whip It! Whip It Good!”

    “I Have All the Stuffing Up One End!”

  71. Pat O Says:

    Shake, Rattle and Snow

  72. Heather L Says:

    Chill Kill…

    Cold Snap….

  73. Heather L Says:

    Slush Puppies!

  74. Nic Says:

    Bad toys, bad toys, what ya gonna do? What ya gonna do when they come for you?!

  75. Marisol Says:

    (Charlie to stuffed animal)… Stuffie, Snap outta it!!!

  76. Heather L Says:

    Shake Shake Shake….Shake Your “Booty”

  77. Heather L Says:

    Bottlebrush Beatdown……….

    Furry Fury………..

  78. Karyn Says:

    Shake that boo-tay!

  79. Amy Says:

    Wintry Whirling Dervish Dogs

    “You have to turn it upside down and shake it to get to the prize at the center.”

    Shake n’ Flake

    Just as Snuggles, the evil plush toy, launched his infamous Squishy Widowmaker attack, Charlie countered with a move he liked to call the All- Points Bulletin. With one flash of the teeth and a small cloud of fluff, Snuggles squeaked his last squeak.

  80. Torchy Says:

    No, Stuffie, No, No. NO!!

  81. bonnie Says:

    Shakin’ the Shit out of it.

  82. Scotty Says:

    BBC commentator: ‘as the cold blanket of snow covers the high prairie, the quiet stillness stretches for miles and……OMG!’

  83. Carrie Says:

    Pure Joy in Motion

  84. Catsquatch Says:

    You think you’re a coyote?
    Ill SHOW you a coyote!


    Shake shake shake
    Shake shake shake
    Shake your stuffie
    Shake your stuffie Charlie!

  85. Lynne Says:

    Snow Boogie

  86. Lynne Says:

    Gettin’ Jiggy With It

  87. Terri Says:

    Shake it like a polaroid pict-ah!

  88. Shannon S. Says:

    Aaand we have lift off!

  89. Heather Says:

    Snow flurry

  90. Sandy Says:

    “My eyes! My eyes! Where are my eyes???”

  91. Lynne Says:

    Anger Management

  92. Alexis D. Says:

    This is not a bunny.
    My teeth will shake it
    Red heart, i’ll break it
    while sweat flies from my brow….
    think I heard Eli’s meow
    he’s not finding this funny.

  93. belle Says:

    “giving it the old ‘how to and where for’ “

  94. Aleta Says:

    Levity levitation.

  95. Farmer Lady Says:

    Toy Joy!

    (his tail is the exclamation point)

  96. Anonymous Says:

    I’m no helicopter, but I am one helluva chomper!

  97. WendyAA Says:

    Dominance Demonstration

  98. Karen Says:

    That was me: I’m no helicopter, but I am one helluva chomper!

  99. Lesley Says:

    Shakin’ what your momma gave ya.

  100. kale Says:

    Shake it up, make a scene
    Let them know what you really mean
    And dance all night, keep the beat
    Don’t ya worry ’bout two left feet
    … Shake it up…
    (The Cars)

  101. Sherri Says:

    A whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on!

  102. Lynne Says:


  103. Dale Says:


  104. Heather L Says:


  105. Doug in Missoula Says:

    ORANGE will never be my color! NEVER! NEVER!

  106. Kelly B Says:

    Tangerine Tornado

  107. Craig Says:

    Soon I’ll add your stuffing to my elk catching machine and all the elk legs in the world will be mine! All MINE.

    All dog / coyote toys run on stuffing. Seriously. Ever notice how they cease to function as toys once the stuffing has been removed? Unfortunately the magical powers of stuffing fade quickly once removed from the toy.

  108. i-ching Says:

    Houston, We Have Lift Off!


    Winter Snap

    Stuffie has a serious case of the shakes.

  109. Heather L Says:

    Assault Shaker…….

  110. Diana Says:

    Wyoming Pinata

  111. Meg A. Says:

    Shaken, Not Fluffed


  112. Alex Says:

    The Shakedown

  113. Carissa Says:

    Spin Cycle

    Joy at Terminal Velocity

  114. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    A Growlwork Orange

    Orange you sorry I bit you?

    Shake it up, baby!

    Just The Bite Size

    The Bite Stuff

  115. Chris Matthies Says:

    Shake, Rattle, and Roll
    Snow Thrower
    A Furry Flurry

  116. Chris Matthies Says:

    The Thrill of the Chilly Kill
    Snow Daze
    Do the Shiver Shake

  117. Patris Says:


  118. Ashley Says:

    I whip my bear back and forth~

  119. Bertl Says:

    Your arms are no match for my Snout!

  120. Marie Moore Says:

    Snowy Stuffed Soiree

  121. Heather Says:

    Frenzied Fluff

  122. Robert D Says:

    Shuttering Rudder

  123. Robert D Says:

    The Rudder Shudder

  124. Sarah Says:

    Die, Die Die!

  125. carmel Says:

    chuffed with stuffie

  126. carmel Says:


  127. carmel Says:

    ……..this is not an entry…but wondering who won the previous contest…? did i miss the posting …?

  128. Maggie Says:

    Vigorous Levitation

    And We Have Liftoff

    Fervent Toy Shake

  129. Evan Says:

    Not an entry but my dog Lucy has him beat…she can shake the stuffing right out all the while leaping a foot into the air and knocking everything off the coffee table. I laugh so hard I have to cry!

  130. Sandee Says:

    Shake it, shake it baby, shake it!

  131. Rebecca Says:

    Suspended Animation

    “Tensleep, We have liftoff!”

  132. Anita Says:

    It’s mine, all mine, just mine, only mine!!!

  133. Roxie Says:

    Booty Shaker

    Somebunny Loves Me!

    Hip Hop This!

    He just keeps going and going…

    Kwazy Charlie and his Flying Wabbitskie

    Hopping Mad

  134. Cristina S. Says:

    They moostly shake out at night…. Moostly.

  135. kelly Says:

    The Fur, the Blur and the BRRRRRRR!

  136. katy Says:

    Play Therapy

    Deadly Dance

  137. Snow Says:

    Think Happy Thoughts, Charlie Pan!

  138. Liza Lundell Says:

    Kill da wabbit! Kill da WAB-bit!

    as sung by Elmer Fudd

  139. Arthurus Says:

    Shake your money maker.

    It’s Hard out here for a Coyote Pimp

  140. Anonymous Says:

    Shake, Rattle & Roll

    Coyote ready for take-off with stuffie

    Coyote lift-off with stuffie

    Cold snap

  141. Barbara in California Says:

    Shake, Rattle & Roll

    Coyote ready for take-off with stuffie

    Coyote lift-off with stuffie

    Cold snap

    PS: I neglected to put in my identifying information above.

  142. Lynne Says:

    The Ten-Sleep Tear Em’ Up~

  143. katy Says:

    The Sproing of Death

  144. dj fishsticks Says:


  145. Lisa Wallace Says:


  146. kathy Says:

    All Shook Up!

    Just Because…

    Furry Ferociousness

    Charley the Vampire~Who knew?!?!

  147. kathy Says:


    Charlie the Vampire~Who knew?!?!

  148. kathy Says:

    Seriously, fiercely, – FUN!

  149. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    Leg-GO Land

    Getting a Leg Up on The Competition

    Well, it’s NOT an Elf Leg but it will suffice


    Charlie, the Wild Retriever

    Spring Forward … Fall Back Later

    Take THAT, Stuffed Monster!!

    Ah, SPRING!

  150. Robert D Says:

    All Shook Up
    Shake Well
    Shake It-Don’t Break IT

  151. E.J. Says:

    Rarebit Shaker

  152. dj fishsticks Says:

    The Shakinator: Fall of the Reindeer Nation

  153. Helioprogenus Says:


  154. Barbie Says:

    “I tell ya, there is a prize in there?

  155. Eija Says:

    The Daily Ritual

    His Rite of Enactment

    Just Me and My Toy

    Blurry, Furry Frenzy

  156. Pat D. Says:

    to Carmel– Amy A. won last week’s caption contest. It’s on the second page now– click on “older entries” in the lower left corner to get there.

  157. carmel Says:

    thanks Pat D.

  158. The Dog Lover Says:

    Speaking of toys, can Charlie have stuffed toys? My dog shreds everything that is made of cloth! Also you probably know this, but did you know that deer and elk antlers make awesome chews for dogs? If you find them for free in the wild you should give a piece to Charlie. They are, alas, very expensive, but they are the best chews I have found for my dog yet! They last a long time especially because I limit the time my dog gets to chew hers! Have a good day!

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