A Fluffy Pup Makes A Furry Flurry In A Fury

photo taken November 2010 • title thanks to Alex i.a.

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Alex i.a., you are the master of the run on alliteration!
Golf claps to one and all!
Shake what your mama gave you!
Shake and Flake
Shaken, not Stirred
Just Fluffin the Stuffin
I love my stuffy so much! It sweeps me right off of my feet.
The Fur, the Blur and the BRRRRRRR!
Shake and Levitate
Winter Wrastle
“Whip It! Whip It Good!”
Levity Levitation
Toy Joy!  (his tail is the exclamation point)
Shake, Rattle and Snow
A Furry Flurry
Cold Snap….
Assault Shaker…….
BBC commentator: ‘as the cold blanket of snow covers the high prairie, the quiet stillness stretches for miles and……OMG!’
(Charlie to stuffed animal)… Stuffie, Snap outta it!!!
Shake it like a polaroid pict-ah!
chuffed with stuffie
Frenzied Fluff

• • • This PHOTO!
Oh, he cracks me up.
Do you see how he’s shaking that toy so furiously he’s actually lifting off the ground?
And the tail!!!
Give this crazy coyote chaos a name, a title, a caption.  Leave your entry in the comment section and you’ll be in the running to WIN a lovely package of my new feather postcards!

158 Responses to “A Fluffy Pup Makes A Furry Flurry In A Fury”

  1. E.J. Says:

    Rarebit Shaker

  2. dj fishsticks Says:

    The Shakinator: Fall of the Reindeer Nation

  3. Helioprogenus Says:


  4. Barbie Says:

    “I tell ya, there is a prize in there?

  5. Eija Says:

    The Daily Ritual

    His Rite of Enactment

    Just Me and My Toy

    Blurry, Furry Frenzy

  6. Pat D. Says:

    to Carmel– Amy A. won last week’s caption contest. It’s on the second page now– click on “older entries” in the lower left corner to get there.

  7. carmel Says:

    thanks Pat D.

  8. The Dog Lover Says:

    Speaking of toys, can Charlie have stuffed toys? My dog shreds everything that is made of cloth! Also you probably know this, but did you know that deer and elk antlers make awesome chews for dogs? If you find them for free in the wild you should give a piece to Charlie. They are, alas, very expensive, but they are the best chews I have found for my dog yet! They last a long time especially because I limit the time my dog gets to chew hers! Have a good day!

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