Winter Freeze Frame

photo taken December 2010 • title thanks to Debi

one year ago: Fluff Ruff
two years ago: Charlie’s First Snarl
three years ago: Hillbilly Dishwasher

les runners up ~
Charlie, you didn’t get your head on straight this morning!
Contortion Distortion
No, Charlie, we’re on put your left paw in.
Chloe avoiding the ‘ewww’ coming off of Charlie.
Charlie trying to shake off winter
Eli, Thaks for the bug in my ear!!!
Cray Z. Coyote
Shaking up the day
Hound Dog, and All Shook Up!
Shakey and the Bandit
Askewed Dude!
Ears to You Chloe…………….
Stand back from the Ear Flaps.
“Whatchya doin’, Charlie?”  ”I’m muggin’ for the NSA satellite.”
Ear Veer

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118 Responses to “Winter Freeze Frame”

  1. Penny Says:

    Charlie, you didn’t get your head on straight this morning !

  2. Claudia Says:

    Just another couple of seconds and I KNOW she will look up!

  3. Suzy Says:

    the plane, The Plane!!

  4. Suzy Says:

    You’re wrong Chloe- the wind is coming from the west

  5. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    Charlie sniffs out one of them durn TSA vans …

    Shreve’s not-so-distant early warning system

    Snow Sniffin’

    Chloe, THIS is how you follow the flight of the snow geese

    I thought I heard a puddy tat; Chloe, is Eli behind me?

    (Suzy’s first caption made me snicker)

  6. Beth aka EweMama Says:

    I have just tried TWICE to submit a couple of captions – apparently cut-and-paste doesn’t work here. For the third time, without trying to insert URLS, here goes.)

    Damn, I was SURE Ten Sleep was in a No-Fly Zone.

    Chloe, don’t look up; a hummingbird spy drone just buzzed us.

    (This is where I had inserted two URLs about those drones. You will have to look up said articles on your own. Sorry.)

    (After reading the TSA mobile van article, I may never fly again … taking a slow boat, a freighter, to Europe always sounded appealing. I suppose ship passengers are inspected the same as airline passengers??)

  7. Lisa W. Says:

    No, Charlie, we’re on put your left paw in.

  8. LEISEL Says:


  9. Danielle Says:

    Contortion Distortion

    Chloe: “Backing away slowly…”

  10. Amy A Says:


    Avoiding the twister / trickster


    Chloe avoiding the ‘ewww’ coming off of Charlie.

  11. Heidi Says:

    Howl are you?

  12. Dana Says:

    Help Chloe, I think my ear is frozen to the top of my head!!!

    I have an awful kink in my neck this morning, Chloe. We have got to get a new bed!

  13. Angela S Says:

    Rock ‘n Roll

  14. LEISEL Says:


  15. Kathleen Says:

    Shake, rattle and roll

  16. Patr Says:

    Charlie & Chloe do the Cha Cha Choo!

    It looks like Charlie is about to sneeze during thier dance.

  17. Deb L. Says:

    Doin’ the Hookey-Pookey! You put your left foot in and you shake it all about…

  18. Suzy Says:

    No – it’s right there – ooh, do you see it? Wait – I think it moved – what about here? On this side? Nothing? Hmm.

  19. Di Says:

    Charlie trying to shake of winter

    Eli, Thaks for the bug in my ear!!!

  20. Gary Says:

    Spring is in the air

  21. JON Says:

    Twist and Snout

  22. Emily Says:

    Cray Z. Coyote

  23. Tessa Minnie Says:

    “Charlie don’t you need to raise your left front paw to the sky for inverted triangle pose?”

  24. Barbie Says:

    “Their Heeeerrrreee!”

  25. Ursula Says:

    Pick your left leg up….Charlie, you are doing it wrong!

  26. Alice Says:

    Howlin’ in the (strong) wind.

    “So the chiropracter twisted my neck like this, Chloe. I heard a ‘pop’ & my neck felt great!”

  27. Sharolyn Says:

    Naaah! I don’t think so….

  28. Marg Says:

    Brrrr, Is THAT the plane to summer???

  29. Bess Says:

    Howl Symphony

    Charlie and Chloe’s own Sun Salutation

    Shaking up the day

  30. Dale Says:

    Hey Bro, What’s Shakin!

    Hound Dog, and All Shook Up!

  31. Maria Says:

    you get a more satisfying shake if you start strong at the nose.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    The Nose Knows-spring IS coming!

  33. Karen Says:

    The Nose Knows-spring IS coming!

  34. Betsy Says:

    Chloe, look, LOOK!! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s SUPER Coyote!!

  35. Eve Says:

    Bobblehead Charlie.

    Made ya look!

  36. Trudy Says:

    dosey do grab your partner and away we go.

  37. Penny in Co Says:

    Whoa Charlie!! Talk about coyote ear wax….

  38. D'Ann Says:

    Twist and Shout!

  39. Patti Says:

    Shakey and the Bandit

  40. Julia Says:

    Chloe carefully studies the whirlwind.

  41. Barbara Says:

    He says……..yes!!!!

  42. Heather L Says:

    “I Hope Whatever Charlie Has….Isn’t Catching”

  43. Dale Says:

    Ain’t nothing but a hound dog, and all shook up!

    Hey Bro, What’s Shakin?

  44. Heather L Says:

    Askewed Dude!

  45. Heather L Says:

    Ears to You Chloe…………….

  46. Heather L Says:

    “Backoff Buddy, I’m Doing My Yoga”

  47. Heather L Says:

    “Crazy Coyote Mode….Approach With Caution”

  48. Theresa Szpila Says:

    I spy in the sky…a reflection of ME?!

  49. Barbara in California Says:

    Snow Shake 101

    Teaching a Young Dog a New Trick

  50. Sailor John Says:

    Check out ma new collar babe!

  51. Jenny C Says:

    Double Take

    Fluff ‘n Nutter

  52. pika Says:

    Ears (and Chloe) Taken Aback

  53. Eija Says:

    His Version of Cubism

    “You Are Doing That Freaky Shake Again”

    “Enough Already with That Weird Shake of Yours”

  54. evan Says:

    Up…Up…and not quite away…

  55. Colleen Says:

    I told you Charlie, I don’t see a bug up there!

  56. Rhedrose Says:

    He’s Come Undone!
    (a.k.a. “the Chloe effect”)

  57. Kirby Says:

    “Hang on, Charlie, I’m going for the exorcist!”

  58. Carrie Says:

    Illysay Oyotecay

  59. bonnie Says:

    Stand back from the Ear Flaps.

  60. Becky Foster Says:

    Hey up there, stop the snow…enuff already!

  61. Roxie Says:

    Charlie to Chloe: “They’re looking for Area 51.”

    “Whatchya doin’, Charlie?” “I’m muggin’ for the NSA satellite.”

  62. Maggie Says:

    Chloe: “You better check yo self before you wreck yo self” – Ice Cube

  63. Rebecca Says:

    “Yes, I’m being followed by a moan shadow, moan shadow, moan shadow..”

  64. D'Ann Says:

    Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah… Show’em how we do it now… The New Peaches and Herb

  65. Rachel Says:

    Ear Dance

  66. Lynne Says:

    Watching for Chemtrails~

  67. Lynne Says:

    I AM NOT A SNOB!!!

  68. i-ching Says:

    “Look, a Zeppelin!”

    Charlie gives Chloe a lesson in time: Tail at 9 o’clock, Snout at 1. Ears at 2 and 3.

  69. Shannon Says:

    Uh-oh. Next comes the green pea soup part.

  70. Jo Says:

    ” God bless you!!!!…. jeepers… I’m bracin’ myself for the next one, cause that last sneeze bout’ blew one of your ears off dude!!!!” ~~Chloe’

  71. kelly Says:

    Double Dog Dance

  72. kelly Says:

    Let the Wookie Win!

  73. mlaiuppa Says:

    Look! Up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No really, look. I’m not kidding.

  74. mlaiuppa Says:

    Come on, baby! Let’s do the twist.

  75. mlaiuppa Says:

    Eeeew. Doggie flatulence.

  76. katy Says:

    Shake your sillies out

  77. Kimberly Says:

    Shake it all about!

  78. Kris Says:

    Airing the Ears
    “But you said I’d get ice cream if I made a silly face!”
    “Charlie, mom is NOT up there.”
    Shake of Ages
    Crooked Mr. Coyote-Head (Poor Mr. Potato Head. He’s getting a makeover.)
    “Charlie, a sneeze is supposed to come out of your NOSE.”

  79. Robert D Says:

    Little Bighorn High

  80. Robert D Says:

    Big Horney High

  81. Lindsay Says:

    Chloe performs an exorcism.

  82. craig Says:

    Hey, that cloud does look like an elf leg!

    Chloe, blow in my ear and let’s see if it come out the other side.

    Coyo-sat communication system activated. Come in Space Station, this is Charlie, over.

    (Charlie counting clouds) – Two, Two Clouds Ah ah ah.

  83. Meiki Says:

    Uh- huh.

  84. Heather L Says:

    Coyote Contortionist & Confused Cur

  85. Heather L Says:

    “Hey Sis…Pull My Ear”

  86. Heather L Says:

    Hilarious Howler & Wary Woofer….

  87. Karen Says:

    Twist and Shout…. twist and shout…. c’mon, c’mon, c’mon baby now…

  88. Barbara in California Says:

    Coiling Coyote with Curious Canine

    Whirling Wonder in Winter Wonderland

    A Gyration Invitation from Charlie to Chloe

    Flaps Check / Ready for Take-Off

    Winter Whirl with His Girl

    The Winter Revolution

  89. Barbara in California Says:

    Come Fly With Me

  90. Jane Says:

    Chloe do I look fat from this angle?

  91. Barbara in California Says:

    A Snow Stomp on a Winter Romp

  92. Marcia Blum Says:

    Did I hear you right?

  93. Rhedrose Says:


  94. carmel Says:

    Fluff it up !

  95. carmel Says:

    …is it a plane or is it a bird ?
    …it’s a bird……!!

  96. carmel Says:

    He huffed and he puffed ’till the sky turned blue…

  97. Laura Says:

    go tell it on the mountain

  98. Lydia G Says:

    Let the Wind Ruffle the Fur

  99. Rhedrose Says:

    Chloe and the Cubist Coyote

  100. Rick Says:

    No…Like this!

  101. Jeanny Yoga girl Says:

    Look Chloe, it’s a bird, it’s a plane……no….the octopus is back!!!!

  102. Lynne Says:

    “You spin me right round, baby
    right round like a record, baby . . .”

  103. Sophie Says:

    “The Hokey-Pokey” (left paw in, shake it all about!)

  104. Martha Says:

    O Sole Mio!

    Neapolitan lyrics

    Che bella cosa e’ na jurnata ‘e sole
    n’aria serena doppo na tempesta!
    Pe’ ll’aria fresca pare già na festa
    Che bella cosa e’ na jurnata ‘e sole

    Ma n’atu sole,
    cchiù bello, oje ne’
    ‘O sole mio
    sta ‘nfronte a te!
    ‘O sole, ‘o sole mio
    sta ‘nfronte a te!
    sta ‘nfronte a te!

    Quanno fa notte e ‘o sole se ne scenne,
    me vene quase ‘na malincunia;
    sotto ‘a fenesta toia restarria
    quanno fa notte e ‘o sole se ne scenne.

    Ma n’atu sole,
    cchiù bello, oje ne’
    ‘O sole mio
    sta ‘nfronte a te!
    ‘O sole, ‘o sole mio
    sta ‘nfronte a te!
    sta ‘nfronte a te!

    English translation

    What a beautiful thing is a sunny day,
    The air is serene after a storm
    The air’s so fresh that it already feels like a celebration
    What a beautiful thing is a sunny day

    But another sun,
    that’s brighter still
    It’s my own sun
    that’s upon your face!
    The sun, my own sun
    It’s upon your face!
    It’s upon your face!

    When night comes and the sun has gone down,
    I almost start feeling melancholy;
    I’d stay below your window
    When night comes and the sun has gone down.

    But another sun,
    that’s brighter still
    It’s my own sun
    that’s upon your face!
    The sun, my own sun
    It’s upon your face!
    It’s upon your face!

  105. MK Says:

    ear veer

  106. MK Says:

    Ear Veer
    (forgot to add my email)

  107. ChrisB Says:

    It takes two to tango

  108. Rosemary Says:

    I whip my ears back and forth

  109. Terri Says:

    I whip my HAIR back and forth!

  110. Sandra Says:

    In the Shadow of his Shake

  111. Says:

    Brother gets his bell rung


    I Warned You!


    Ding-Dong !

    (looks to me as if Charlie got put in his place by Chloe)

  112. Leah Says:

    True Brotherly Love.

    (Where you hit your sister with ear goobers or any other bodily material for that matter!)

  113. Debi Says:

    Winter Freeze Frame!

    I can’t get that stupid song outta my head!

  114. lisa S Says:

    Quit horsin around and come on already!!!

  115. GpaY Says:

    You are the Dancing Queen….. young and sweet…..only seventeen

  116. Mimi Says:


  117. Carolyn Says:

    Charlie performing sign language: “Here’s to my Twisted Sister”

  118. Valorie Says:

    Do you hear that ringing in your ears. I cant seem to shake it

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