Dolphin Boy

photo taken July 2011

one year ago: Nip N’ Not
two years ago: Shadow Eyes
three years ago: Tiny Tiny!
four years ago: Notes On Charlie

7 Responses to “Dolphin Boy”

  1. CGJ Says:

    What a wonderful adventure you’ve found for yourself there in Wyoming!

  2. torre Says:

    always truly amazed by how handsome Charlie is! What a treat we’ve all had being able to see all these pictures. I love the “back in time” pictures too – he was so tiny!

  3. Pat D. Says:

    Great photo of Charlie– but I had to think about the title a little before I “got” it… and to think I never missed “Flipper” on TV when I was a kid!

  4. Catsquatch Says:

    OMG!!!! We have COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!
    Hi Shreve! Hi Charlie and the menagerie!
    I hope you guys are doing wonderfully!
    All my love for all of you!!!!!

    (I got to COMMENT!!!!! WOOT!!!!!)

  5. Catsquatch Says:

    Wow Shreve,
    Only 4 comments all day?

    Say, seeing as how all 4 of us love Charlie, how about leaving comments open every day SO I CAN TYPE TO YOU!


    Seriously though, I really missed being able to comment about Charlies pics….

    So purdy pleeeeze, wif a cherry on? :D

  6. Catsquatch Says:

    Aw man, and I forgot my caption AGAIN:

    “Sienna Smiles!”

  7. JoDi Says:

    FOUR YEARS AGO!!! Can it really have been that that long?? Does it seem like it flew by to you, or does it feel like you’ve been there forever?

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