Hey Sis

photo taken July 2011

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8 Responses to “Hey Sis”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Charlie’s deference to cats is so endearing! I don’t think he’d believe you if you told him he could easily take a cat in a fight. So adorable.

  2. CGJ Says:

    My kids love the term “farmily”. Ok, so do I.

  3. Catsquatch Says:

    You got another cat Shreve?

    Its interesting that she is showing no fear of him, her body posture suggests she knows he wont hurt her, and maybe she could even take him out ;)

  4. MV Says:

    Charlie’s expression says “Hey little Sis, what you up to? want to play??”

    His gentleness in dealing with and the respect for the smaller and/or weaker members of the farmily is a lesson the majority of humanity needs to learn.

  5. Pat D. Says:

    I like the composition in this one, Charlie’s expression and the cat’s coloring (a patchy tortie with lots of rust– like my cat!)

  6. Jenny C Says:

    LOVE this pic! Charlie definitely got Eli’s memo that all farmily cats are precious…

  7. Lu Says:

    Anyone who thinks that coyotes are, by their very DNA, unable to control themselves (and their “instincts”) around cats… well, they do not know Charlie!

  8. JENNIFER Says:

    oh yeh! i’ve been wanting to see the kitties . . . wondering how they are all doing. this is mama I think. a delightful dilute.

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