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17 Responses to “Siesta”

  1. Darryl Says:

    Charlie’s impression of a pillow, apparently.

  2. CGJ Says:

    This Coyote doesn’t take a bad picture!

  3. Terri Says:

    He’s a great looking coyote. Does he like to be groomed? I wouldn’t be able to resist trying it at least once.

  4. Catsquatch Says:


    How much do I wanna lay down and take a nap with him…..


  5. taffy Says:

    His color is gorgeous! His coat is so nice! He is such a pretty boy! What a peaceful life he has, thanks to you!

  6. Mary Says:


    Charlie’s ears always look as though he is monitoring what’s going on around him, even when he looks as if he’s sound asleep. Have you ever been able to sneak up on him or startle him?

    Also, his fur is so interesting in your photos. It seems to pick up whatever color the background is. Is each hair multi-colored?

  7. Stefan Jones Says:

    I’ve always wondered about what grooming Charlie receives. Does he get brushed or bathed, or are self-administered dust baths and the like enough?

    I spotted a coyote on my morning dog walk yesterday. A lithe form and glowing eyes eying us from the treeline of a suburban partk. A few minutes earlier we had encountered a strong skunk smell . . . I’m guessing that the coyote set the skunk off. I wonder what ‘yotes do to get the musk off?

  8. Jenny C Says:

    Sigh… I just love him so much. I assume you get to curl up beside him and nap together now and then. Yum.

    “She’s a 500-pound dog with hooves” – what a hoot! Reminds me a bit of Frisco finding the hose. Hehe.

    Looks like Mushy has stepped up to the plate in honor of Ricardo – what a good and darling girl she is for watching over the herd! They either don’t realize they’re not the same species or they DO, and they’re all gentle and careful with each other. Stands to reason that Daisy, Frisco, Baby and Fiona are aware of their size and step lightly around the wee ones of the farmily, including you. I believe you are responsible for an entirely new species : utterlius divinus bovinus stocktonus.

  9. Torre Says:

    what a handsome fella – his fur looks so nice and cozy – love all the colors showing through. what a deep, comfy sleep he’s in! So looking forward to the calendar!

  10. Keitha Says:

    With those ears he DOES look like he’s alert & sleeping at the same time.
    I don’t recall too many pics of him sleeping as an adult. He is soooo beautiful! I see a future calendar picture.

    Love Jenny C’s new species name!!!

  11. carmel Says:


  12. wright1 Says:

    Classics are enduring for a reason :)

  13. alohalady Says:

    Oh if I could only kiss that sweet face and stay for awhile!

  14. Shreve Says:

    Mary ~
    I have snuck up on him a time or two in the past and it’s heartbreaking – he looks scared and disgusted with himself that he’s allowed himself to be surprised.

    I love that he can be so relaxed and unhindered with me, and want him to continue to feel safe enough to “let go” to such an extent, so now, when I can tell he’s in a deep sleep, I make a bit of noise as I approach so that he knows I’m there. Hence the alert ears in most of the sleeping photos I have of him.

    And yah, he’s such a chameleon – he can blend into all sorts of backgrounds, the fur is amazing how it seems to pick up the dominant tones of his surroundings, whatever they might be.

  15. Feral Boy Says:

    While visions of elf-legs danced in his head …

  16. Pat D. Says:

    Charlie is simply gorgeous, even in repose!

  17. Tonisha Says:

    great site :-)

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