Alpine Aristocrat

photo taken August 2011

one year ago: Summer In Swing
two years ago: In The Sun, Out Of The Wind
three years ago: The Winter Coat
four years ago: I Wish I Could Make This Face

17 Responses to “Alpine Aristocrat”

  1. Patr Says:

    Charlie – you need some kisses planted on that wonderful nose….

    He is so handsome.

  2. The M Half Says:

    He’s just so beautiful. I get chills when I see these pics.

  3. Eileen Says:

    His coloring is just stunning.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    You got some super pictures of Charlie this summer Shreve. He is so healthy looking and handsome!

  5. Marg Says:

    Not that it matters but the above Anonymous is me, lol

  6. CGJ Says:

    So handsome. I’ve always preferred the natural look of wild animals to the look of domesticated animals. I wonder if Charlie has any idea how famous he is. What a unique and special life experience for a Coyote!

  7. Torre in MD Says:

    a fabulous picture – Charlie is such a handsome coyote! And thanks for adding notecards to the shop – just ordered 2 sets! Always try to send nature/animal picture cards for all occasions.

  8. Hallan Says:

    Oh, -gorgeous-. The composition in this photo is amazing.

  9. Catsquatch Says:

    Wow, great pic.

    I love the close ups, to see his eyes and the many colors of his fur…..



  10. Anonymous Says:

    There is dignity, grace and wisdom of the ages in that face.

  11. m.v. Says:

    oops. sorry. previous comment was mine. forgot to fill in all the boxes. guess i was too distracted by the photo.

  12. carmel Says:

    m.v. just said it all ! but I would like to add…regal ! that was my first impression…

  13. Scotty Says:

    he looks worried, like maybe there might be a scary snake out there, or worse yet…a criminal scheme to find his elf leg hideout.

  14. Fran Says:

    I had a German Shepherd and coyote mix for 18 years. All of what you say comparing coyotes to dogs is absolutely true from my experience. Diablo was much smarter, independent (and more calculating) in all his behavior. As a family (3 humans) he regulated our behavior toward one another — no rough play that didn’t include him and he assigned roles within the “pack.” when we went on wilderness hikes, Diablo took the lead. He felt it was his responsibility to keep us safe. He was a fabulous creature and wonderful companion. . . he did have a habit of chewing up neighborhood dogs, though. We paid quite a few vet bills before we figured out how to let him roam enough to keep him happy without undue risk to dogs. Enjoy Charlie and give him a big hug for me. . . that is if he permits hugs — Diablo loved them and washed our faces thoroughly in the process. . .

  15. Dawn Says:

    So Handsome!!

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