Oh This Charlie

photo taken August 2011

one year ago: Lean Machine
two years ago: This Cow….
three years ago: Main Man
four years ago: Mmmm….Toasty

36 Responses to “Oh This Charlie”

  1. Claudia Says:

    So handsome!

  2. Anji Says:

    If ever he needs a passport…

  3. Hallan Says:

    It’s school picture time! (I’d say DMV, but those -never- look good…)

  4. I Hermit Says:

    I guess we know picture #1 for the 2013 Daily Coyote calendar! The picture really cheered me up, the antibiotic to combat my case of Lyme Disease has worn me down.

  5. Robin Says:

    He is SO handsome, makes my heart melt.

  6. cassie Says:

    His ears are so big, they crack me up and I love them!

  7. marsha Says:

    Que guapo!

  8. Patr Says:

    That would be Charles E. Coyote in the school year-book.

    There are so many loveable spots on that face. Nose, between the eyes, the forehead, cheeks. Shreve, get ’em all for me please….

  9. Robin Says:

    I bet he smells delicious.

    Remember the movie Fanstastic Mr Fox? This is Charismatic Mr Coyote…. LOVE THIS PHOTO!!!

  10. Rebecca Says:

    What a beautiful creature he is, so perfectly symmetrical and regal. I love his little black whiskers and giant ears.

  11. MJ Says:

    Picture Perfect!

  12. Catsquatch Says:

    He iss zee KINK off zee fields!!!!
    Hees eerses makes zee peerfect V!!!
    Hees nosicle so warmily ant moistess!!!
    Hees fuurses so softy ant cuddlies!!!

    (fake German accent provided by the little dude in my head ;)

  13. bonnie Says:

    oh, what a beautiful boy!!

  14. carmel Says:


  15. Lisa Says:

    I agree with Carmel… And his eyes are just mesmerizing!

  16. mlaiuppa Says:

    That is the most fabulous picture of that handsome guy I have ever seen.

    He so reminds me of my dog.

    I wish I could get as lovely a picture of my guy. Although I must say, Charlie is much more photogenic.

  17. sue from NZ Says:

    so Kissable. so Snuggable.

  18. Jenny C Says:

    “Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy…”

    I think that delectable soft spot on his forehead will be permanently smudged and dented with all the proxy-kisses you’ll have to plant there from all of us.

  19. Skye Says:

    Hawwwooo!! What a lovable Canis Latrans. This brightened up my day a whole lot. !

  20. M.V. Says:

    A master of all he surveys pose.

    For some reason the first thing that came to mind is “power primeval”.

  21. junkshop_coyote Says:

    Be still, my heart…. :)

  22. Patty Says:

    You know, I have been following Charlie since he was a pup, have seen most if not all of his photographs. This one is may be the best. It’s all in those eyes. Sometimes he looks so wise and then he looks like a goofball. This is a little of both, like a cartoon character come to life.

  23. gryt Says:

    He is so gorgeous!! It’s an amazing portrait; it’s quite mesmerizing. The way he’s looking at the camera/at you? So intense. Unreal!

  24. karzie Says:

    ….is SO gorgeous:>)

  25. carmel Says:

    thanks Lisa, I agree with you too, those eyes, those eyes…maybe a window to the soul !

  26. lucky Says:

    he’s such a pretty boy. how could any female resist him ;)

  27. Scotty Says:

    haa i agree w hallan. it’s like a school picture lol. august 2011 eh, great shot S.

  28. kay Says:

    Oh, you are so lucky to live with that boy!

  29. CGJ Says:

    Charlie and Shreve were lucky to have found each other.

  30. Darryl Says:

    Partly, he looks like he’s posing for a portrait.
    However, he also looks like he’s contemplating some sort of wonderful practical joke.

    Perfect mix of serious and just a hint of playful. Something about the eyes, I think.

  31. soo Says:

    I love that we can comment again! Just to say: what a face! Adorable.

  32. Kerri M Says:

    What a Grreat Picture. I love this!

  33. Lori Ann Giles Says:

    This is perfect creation reflected in Charlie. He is beautiful, and you are both blessed to have each other.

  34. Judi Says:

    He’s so beautiful, he makes me cry. I have saved every one of Charlie’s pictures, but this one may be the best.

  35. Michael J. Lively Says:

    Charlie is a beautiful animal, it’s interesting that you were able to raise him. I can only imagine the challenges that brings because coyotes are not domestic animals. I live in an area were people don’t know how to live with coyotes and unfortunately their pets are taken from these animals who are following the instincts God gave them.

    I’m glad I saw this blog and looked at a picture of Charlie, who’s species should always be respected.

  36. Dani Says:

    I would like to use this photo for a painting , I am wanting to know who to contact please

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