photo taken September 2011

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three years ago: Sun, Seeds, And Fluff
four years ago: Still Life With Coyote And Elk Antler

12 Responses to “Profile”

  1. M.V. Says:

    Half asleep, sad, or just a quiet moment??

    Planning mischief for the day, or rethinking all the fun things he did that day?

    Or perhaps a mumbled “yes Mom I’m awake”.

  2. Susie Says:

    Mmmm, kiss me and let’s snuggle back under the covers for a little bit.

  3. ajdshootist Says:

    Now thats what i call a nose.

  4. Catsquatch Says:

    “Ommmmmm…. Madapadmeee Ommmmmmmm…..”

    Sorry, I hadda do it ;)

  5. Marlene Says:

    I just read your book, “The Daily Coyote”. I loved it and I didn’t want it to end….but I wondered if you did get a puppy for a companion for Charlie?


  6. Martha 3782 Says:

    I agree with Catsquatch. My first thought was that Charlie appears to be in deep meditation. What a handsome creature.

  7. Jenny C Says:

    Sweet sepia study – beautiful.

  8. Scotty Says:

    yes marlene, S~ got chloe the wonder dog for charlie to hang out with. and she got him some cows, some cats.. horses. and a laptop to chew on.

  9. I Hermit Says:

    Puts me in mind of my grandfather with his (as he called it) The 10 pound school teacher look.

  10. carmel Says:

    Meditative ! Scotty – loved your FYI…haha!

  11. mlaiuppa Says:

    He has such a great profile.

    Reminiscent of John Barrymore.

    My dog has a similar profile but a bit more forehead.

  12. Julie Says:

    Ahhhh – Charlie is so beautiful!

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