Nap Attack

photo taken September 2011

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11 Responses to “Nap Attack”

  1. Hallan Says:

    They really are inseparable, aren’t they?

  2. M.V. Says:

    “We are a pack. We stick together through good and bad and even nappinzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………”

  3. Chris Says:

    reminds me of a song this morning. . . . Oh, oh, oh, oh oh oh- You and me baby we’re stuck like glue!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The one year ago link did not work for me.

  5. shreve Says:

    anon – fixed!

  6. mlaiuppa Says:

    I am so glad you got Chloe.

    Charlie seems really happy and loves her.

  7. Kyrie Says:

    My dog does this with WILD coyotes! Not as close – but not a whole lot farther apart, either. I think it’s that, if he doesn’t chase, why should the coyote bother running? First they stare at each other. Then they get bored? Anyway, they sit. Then the coyote will curl up & nap – maybe a little disrespect? “I could outrun you in a heartbeat, Domestic Dog.” But then the dog lies down, too, dozes. And after a while, the dog seems to decide coyotes aren’t all that exciting after all, and off we go. The coyote(s) will sit up & watch us walk off.

  8. Carol Says:

    Loved the photo from the past, “Um, Chloe…That’s My Elf Leg!” Naps and playtime are great for building bonds within the pack.

  9. magnolia Says:

    Prairie Power Nap.

  10. Catsquatch Says:


  11. carmel Says:

    Aww, BFF…so sweet…peace at last, peace on earth !

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