Charlie And The Big Red Dog

photo taken September 2011

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9 Responses to “Charlie And The Big Red Dog”

  1. Catsquatch Says:

    I shall PUNCTURE it, and SHAKE it, and CARRY it around, and call it GEORGE!

  2. mlaiuppa Says:

    It’s a BoBo!

    My dog has three, including the red terry one.

  3. TomT Says:

    My dog loves his “Booby”. He has a camo one and a cream colored one. We play catch with them in the house.

  4. carmel Says:

    LOL ….aww, so cute…(.on another note – NYC = the city that never sleeps )

  5. Linda Mc Says:

    I just happened upon your book as it was on a featured shelf at my local library. I’m really enjoying the book (currently just starting Chapter 9). So glad to find this blog and see that you still have Charlie and he’s looking great!

  6. nancy morgan Says:

    Love to read about your family! I’ve followed you for years. How was Charlie’s litter found, was he the only pup there at 10 days old, I know Mike brought him to you at 10 days old. Love all your pictures and writings! Keep up you good work, love it! I have 6 dogs, 3 small and 3 herding dogs. Love them all! Hope to hear back from you. Beautiful Countryside………………………..Nancy.

  7. Helen Donohue Says:

    Just read your book. Loved it.

    Now will try your alpha method on my two tiny havanese dogs who are ruling my life!

    Hardly your experience with Charlie the wolf, but your methods did inspire me.

    Great writing. Really moved by your relationship with all your animals.

  8. R.F Says:

    Reminds me of my dog except he had a duck. :)

  9. Barbara Says:

    I cry when I think about Charlie. I thought he was wonderful. I looked for your stories ever since you first got him. I miss hearing about him and his family. So keep the memories going. Thank You. Barbara Parks Pasco, Washington

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