Pile Of Play

photo taken August 2011

one year ago: Running Off Into The Sunset
two years ago: The Eyes Behind
three years ago: Pointed
four years ago: Exploring The Wide Wild

10 Responses to “Pile Of Play”

  1. Marg Says:

    Do they ever have a day when they don’t play???

  2. CGJ Says:

    It looks like they’re havin’ fun!

  3. Catsquatch Says:

    Gimmee that there stuffed monkey!
    No! Its MY stuffed monkey! Mine! Mine I say!

  4. Siobhan Says:

    How did I miss that silky white fur on Charlie’s tummy all this time??? Is it as soft as it looks?

  5. M.V. Says:

    re: twitter on union suits
    There used to be battery heated vests and other items available for people spending a lot of time in the bush in the winter etc.
    If you checked a hunting/fishing equipment store or survivor gear supplier, you might find something.
    Or perhaps check on-line.

  6. TomT Says:

    Shreve, how ’bout some video of the canines playing? Would be a nice Christmas present for us followers of all that is Charlie. :)

  7. Lesley Says:

    This photo is magical, a contortion of wonderful. I hope you put it in a future calendar. I love the abandon and fearlessness of canids. They give themselves to life, without question.

  8. carmel Says:

    Powerful Play

  9. Judith Says:

    How about a Charlie+Chloe calendar next year? Or of all of the family?

  10. Jenny C Says:

    Charlie’s ears pinned back, Chloe’s ears flappin’ in the breeze – all in all, a day well played.

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