Notes On Charlie – May 20

I’m lying on the floor writing this, and Charlie’s curled up at my shoulder with his warm furry head resting on my neck. I am so in love. He is the perfect blend of feisty and adoring – I know when he wakes up he’ll want to gnaw on my sleeve or the end of my pencil, but I’ll give him a piece of kindling and he’ll chew on that for a while.

I have no expectations regarding how long he will be with me. It totally depends on Charlie, and what his needs and desires prove to be. I’ve been telling myself since day one that it is unlikely he will stay with me – if it is best for him to be wild and free, I would never ‘keep him for myself,’ and there are places where I could safely set him loose.

Coyotes are incredibly intelligent and it’s apparent already that Charlie possesses an ancient instinct and intellegence that will allow him to survive well in the wild, if that’s what his destiny is. Though maybe he’ll become permanent family. I feel I will know what his needs and capabilities are from simply being with him.