Slope Of Nose

photo taken August 2011

one year ago: Prince Charlie
two years ago: Golden Goblin
three years ago: The World Outside
four years ago: Nuzzle Love

6 Responses to “Slope Of Nose”

  1. Barbara Says:

    I kiss Charlie on his lovely nose! He doesn’t mind because I am thousands of miles away.

  2. Chris Says:

    Now that is a noble profile.

  3. Craig Says:

    Soooo ALERT. Makes me think of a hawk, those eyes! Piercing. If Charlie’s snout were a rifle barrel, his nose would be the gun sight, and his eyes just go where the nose leads.

    Anybody else notice those cute lil stray eyebrow hairs? My dog Bailey has those too.

    Gotta give a shoutout for the wonderful photography too. Love this site and all who visit here. Thanks for sharing`

  4. Claire Says:

    What a profile! Pics like this remind me how much I miss by dogs. I would love to give him a hug. So glad my oldest daughter has a dog that I can spoil and hug.

  5. Stephanie Says:

    Hi Charlie…. pretty boy….
    Great shot as always!

  6. Pat D. Says:

    THERE’S a shot for the next Daily Coyote Calendar! Beautiful.

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