Just A Taste

photo taken November 2011

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9 Responses to “Just A Taste”

  1. M.V. Says:

    “blah, yuk”
    or ” burrrrr, it’s freezing”
    or perhaps “this snowcone needs a little flavoring”

  2. Johnathen Says:

    “O so sweet”

  3. cassie Says:

    Oh, how silly and cute!

  4. Cat Mandu Says:

    It tastes better with your eyes closed!

  5. Catsquatch Says:

    Yep, its cold alright.

  6. Torre in MD Says:

    how adorable – what a face!

  7. susanna liberty Says:

    Hi i just finished “The Daily Coyote” what a wonderful book, thank you! i had to keep peeking ahead to make sure it had a happy ending, so glad you are all here, great pics, great inspiration, Susanna

  8. carmel Says:

    Bitter Sweat

  9. Karen B Says:

    Susanna, I read the book the first time too quickly to get to the end. Then I decided to read it again and was surprised that I got so much out of the second time around!

    Shreve, thank you so much for coming into our lives with the Farmly!

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