Sun Sparkles

photo taken November 2011

one year ago: Come Hither
two years ago: Sun Drunk
three years ago: Sunset Streak
four years ago: A Nice Place For A Nose

5 Responses to “Sun Sparkles”

  1. Catsquatch Says:

    Hez jus so SPARKLYZ!!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The way the light is so soft it almost look like a dream

  3. Meg Says:

    The way the light is so soft is almost looks like a dream

    ( I don’t think my first comment worked )

  4. Carlos Says:

    Breathtakingly gorgeous! Something about this picture makes me feel like I could reach my arm out into the pasture and touch Charlie. Thanks for continuing to share your photos with us!

  5. jennifer Says:


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