Stark Contrast

photo taken December 2011

one year ago: Sometimes He’s Sulky
two years ago: The Yawn Of Uncivilization
three years ago: A Little Nap, A Little Nose
four years ago: Yippee In A Puddle!

4 Responses to “Stark Contrast”

  1. CGJ Says:

    Your photos are stunning, Shreve. Do you ever think about taking a stab at wildlife photography in general? I’d love to see what you could image with wildlife there in Wyoming!

  2. Eileen Says:

    Shreve–Thank you so much for including the links to photos of years past.
    I love looking back at those and I have to say the “A little nap, a little nose” one has to be one of the sweetest pictures ever. I actually said “Awwww” out loud. Thanks-Eileen

  3. shreve Says:

    CGJ ~ not really, no! I’ve always loved editorial portraiture the most, and that’s basically what I’m doing with my photography of Charlie and the Farmily. I do NOT have the patience for wildlife photography. It’s great in theory, but all wrong for my personality ~ too much waiting!!

  4. Catsquatch Says:

    That one looks all nostalgic for some reason, maybe the coloring.
    Good to see you posting Shreve :)

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