Glove Love

photo taken January 2012

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12 Responses to “Glove Love”

  1. Marg Says:

    By the look on his face and the fact that it is barely in his mouth, I would guess that the glove does NOT taste or smell like something Charlie likes.

  2. Alex I.A. Says:

    He is so puffy! I love the fur-dewlap!

  3. Valerie Dorsky Says:

    Dear Shreve,
    I have no judgments about you and Charlie —- no negative feedback. I regard you as a mentor as a writer and if I had a Coyote pup to raise I would be thrilled but concerned for my two male dogs who aren’t sure how to assert their alpha status with each other let alone a wild animal. Alas, I live in Ohio. My adventures when young included: holding a great horned owl with a broken wing on my lap (my husband drove and I didn’t) while trying to dodge his beak and talons while he was semi-wrapped up in a truck pad —- and coming face to face with a pack of semi-wild wolves who were kept by a wild-life photographer in a mile-square fenced in area in UP
    Michigan. My ex-husband was a lot like Mike — hands like leather and city cowboys in the wrong century. When he was young caught 45 rattlesnakes and sold them to zoos and private collectors. That was an interesting time in my life. I am disabled currently and by that I mean my tendency to find ways of using my body to make money have mostly been taken from me. All that’s left for me to do is write or do art. Could you send me the name of your agent? I am sitting on great stories that go unpublished because I am tried of giving good writing to people who think they are doing me a favor by taking it for free. I need an advocate, a nudge someone with a cattle-prod to go against the entropy that comes with Lupus. Boy I am doing a great job of unselling myself aren’t I? Sigh this is a cry for help so please don’t think harshly of me. Your success looks like a road map for my own. Thanks for your fierce independence. You are an insipration to me. Thanks for sharing yourself so bravely and honestly. Thanks you for Charlie too. A friend you haven’t met, Valerie Dorsky 614-848-7879

  4. valerie Dorsky Says:

    God I know better than to hit submit without editing ; now I feel pretty dumb looking back. Yup Yup I’m a writer.

  5. wright1 Says:

    Agree with Marg: at best, he’s still making up his mind about the smell / taste. There definitely seems to be an abstracted, deliberating air about his expression and posture.

    Love the contrast between his body fur and legs: a hint at how lean he is under all that ploof. And of course the contrast between his fur and the glove.

  6. Catsquatch Says:

    Look what I found….
    I think it may need to be buried though…..

  7. carmel Says:

    If The Glove Fits… (go Valerie Dorsky !! )

  8. Lesley Says:

    Charlie is like a giant powder puff in the winter. I love how fluffy he looks. I also like the contrast between all that powerful fur and his delicate hold on that glove. He is such a star!

  9. Jenny C Says:

    The glove complements the subtle shades of cinnamon of the entire ensemble. How thoughtful of you to provide a glove that matches him perfectly, and how discerning of him to select just the right accessory. Hehe.

    Maybe I’m nuts, but man, there is so much humor in this photo… what is UP with that face?!

  10. Pat D. Says:

    I don’t think it’s *that* humorous a picture. I think it’s kind of poignant that here is a wild-born coyote, who should be carrying around rabbits, or quail, or “elf”-legs– and like any domesticated dog, he has to make do with a ratty old leather glove as a chew toy.
    But then, my cat has to play with catnip-filled soft toys (her favorite is a cigar-shaped one), so who am I to talk? LOL.

  11. kay Says:

    maybe charlie thinks that he found poor mike’s lost hand..

  12. Jack Says:

    Did he take the hand too? LOL Beautiful image.

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