photo taken January 2012

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32 Responses to “‘Ello”

  1. Sandy Says:

    He looks so wise. :-)

  2. rwd47 Says:

    He looks so curious too!

  3. Leffe Says:

    Is this thing on?

  4. Karen B Says:

    Does Charlie ever get tired of posing? I certainly never get tired of viewing. Such precious beings, the lot of you. Love to start my day this way!

  5. Karen B Says:

    Also, I must mention what an wonderful photographer you are. Your creative diversity is endless. You have given me a new appreciation of what is possible.

  6. moondoggie Says:

    this is one of the best photo/caption combos of charlie–thanks!
    (i also love the ‘goldilocks cow’ editorial!)

  7. Susan Helene Gottfried Says:

    That might be a new favorite, Shreve. I’d love it on a notecard…

  8. Tina Says:

    Definitelyneeds to be offered as a print!

  9. Shannon S. Says:


  10. Carlene Says:

    Love his eyes! Gorgeous picture.

  11. Jenny C Says:

    Ooohhh… wonderful. I see all of Charlie in this photo: the Old Soul, the Playful Pup, the Trickster, the Companion, the Wild Thing, the Challenger, the Goofy Comedian, the Wary One, the Buddy and of course, the Coyote-In-All-His-Glory.

    As always, love the eyebrows and lips. Hehe.

  12. kay Says:

    pourquoi, bonjour! ta moustache est charmant

  13. Scotty Says:

    baaa haaaaa! lol. hey !

  14. Sandy Says:

    charlie, what do you use on your hair…i mean fur…it always looks so soft and supple! :o)

  15. carmel Says:

    Just Checkin’ In

  16. Jackie/Montana Says:

    Is he peek a boo-ing !!

  17. Catsquatch Says:


    Perfect caption!

  18. wright1 Says:

    Classic Charlie. Ears up and friendly, a polite, inquiring posture. Glowing with health.

  19. carolyn Says:

    I am SO cracking up right now…. ol’ chap!

  20. carolyn Says:

    And… Jolly good to you. Still laughing. Thanks Shreve!

  21. MJ Says:

    Love it! The little tip of his collar that’s showing almost looks like a bow tie. Charlie is always a dapper dude, but that is just a finishing touch:)

  22. carmel Says:

    ….just looking at Charlie again, can’t get enough of him…seems like he is staring at me and looking into my soul…carolyn…ol’ chap and jolly good…love it sounds Brittish !! lived in Oxford for a while…

  23. Cait Says:

    Charlie just photo-bombed himself.

  24. Jan Says:

    What a great picture!! He’s the cutest dang coyote I’ve ever seen…your pictures ALWAYS bring out the best. Thanks so much for sharing his life with all of us.

  25. Karen Says:

    ENDLESS Charlie facets!

  26. Lisa Says:

    Lips indeed! LOL. Such a cutie…

  27. Kathy Says:

    Love his black button nose and fluffy ears! Haven’t been here for awhile and he has matured! Last time I was here you did the caption contest. That was fun.

  28. Pat D. Says:

    “Squire Coyote” in all his glory, indeed!

  29. Carrie Says:

    That’s awesome!

  30. Lesley Says:

    That cracks me right up.

  31. Cindy from the South Says:

    He is SO incredibly beautiful.

  32. Laurie Says:

    Oh come on… how did you catch that expression??? That’s amazing!
    I almost think he’s about to talk to the camara…
    He’s got such personality… quite a character, this Charlie.
    yeap, I love him…

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