From The Frost

photo taken February 2012

one year ago: Shakin’ Off The Cold
two years ago: Just Bein’ A Coyote
three years ago: Peek-A-Cute
four years ago: Shadow & Sunlight

4 Responses to “From The Frost”

  1. Nathalie Says:

    I’m a bush!

  2. I Hermit Says:

    Make that Am- Bush.

  3. Catsquatch Says:

    Hees PEEKINK!!!

  4. Bill Hurkett Says:

    Marcia and I moved from Massachusetts in 2009 to the Great North Woods of NH. We stayed in tune to you until then. We enjoyed your book and passed it around to our friends. We lived at our prior Address for 44 years and are so happy here in the mountains as are our 3 dogs. Two each Golden Doodles and one Golden Retriever. They love it here as we do and have approximately one acre fenced in for them. Ass we clear addition land we will enlarge it. The wild live likes to pass by frequently but don’t stay too long. We have bear, moose, deer, puma and lots more. The dogs have a great time barking and running around when our wild life visit.

    Bill and Marcia

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