Sly Guy

photo taken March 2012

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two years ago: Tasting Snowflakes
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four years ago: Frosty Morning

3 Responses to “Sly Guy”

  1. Catsquatch Says:

    You dont see me.
    No no no, I said you DONT see me.


  2. mo Says:

    Does Charlie take “interest” in the sheep. It could be a natural food source if he were wild. They take pleasure in killing coyotes in Utah like they do many western states.

  3. wright1 Says:

    That is camouflage. And he’s not even (I assume) seriously trying, just playing.

    It makes me think about Tolkien’s descriptions of how quiet and unobtrusive hobbits and elves were: no more than rustles in the grass or a shimmer in moonlight if they didn’t want to be seen.

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