He’s Mine

photo taken March 2012

one year ago: Entering The Frost Forest
two years ago: Looking Guilty
three years ago: Eagerly In A New Direction
four years ago: Staredown

11 Responses to “He’s Mine”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Charlie is just amazing. So many pictures show his beauty. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Patr Says:

    Now, that is a raspberry and a 1/2 for you blondie…..

  3. Colleen G Says:

    And they are both yours : )

  4. Catsquatch Says:

    Charlie owns him, Charlie owns you, Charlie owns elf legs, Charlie owns carpets…..

    Guess that means Eli actually owns everything ;)

  5. wright1 Says:

    Oh, that tongue :D ! So adorable; every inch the happy trickster.

  6. Jackie/Montana Says:

    They are both lucky boys.

  7. carmel Says:

    Lucky you…lucky guys :) :)

  8. SuthernJazzmyn Says:

    One ear listening to you and one ear listening to him…and a quick flick of the tongue; great capture!

  9. soo Says:

    So cute…

  10. Claudia Says:

    He is BEAUTIFUL. What a face!

  11. Lesley Says:

    I love homeboy’s crazy wild fur. Charlie is such a blessing.

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