Windblown Soul

photo taken March 2012

one year ago: First Pheasant
two years ago: Mini Meditation
three years ago: Love & Tolerance
four years ago: Master Of His Morning

5 Responses to “Windblown Soul”

  1. Pat Lapp Says:

    Shhh…I’m hiding from Chloe! She doesn’t blend in like I do! :)

  2. Catsquatch Says:

    Is that an optical illusion or did his ears actually double in size for that pic?

  3. Tt in md Says:

    Haven’t commented lately but wanted to let you know how much I’ve been enjoying these March photos of Charlie – and then go to the previous years when he was so little – such a sweet guy!!

  4. Claudia Says:

    What a face! I just love this picture!
    Thanks for always sharing and thanks for the pic of Chloe recently.

  5. onlinec Says:

    All of us were engaging in our first game of Diplomacy, and we all had

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