Mattress Mountain

photo taken April 2007

one year ago: Deepest Dusk
two years ago: His Favorite Penguin
three years ago: Fox Skull Favorite Toy
four years ago: He’s Not Cold

10 Responses to “Mattress Mountain”

  1. Alyxx Says:

    I forgot he was so tiny!!! He looks like a tiny monkey, somehow, with his little tail balancing him and his “hands” exploring the bedding.

    He was….so…..tiny!!

  2. Marg Says:

    I thought it was a Meercat at first! Babies……..sigh

  3. Jackie/Montana Says:

    That is just so dear. Trying to figure how old he is now. I sure do love him from afar

  4. Felyne Says:

    Omg for a moment I thought that was a monkey and my immediate thought was “dear god, she’s added monkeys”. hahaha. :D

  5. Catsquatch Says:


    He really was so small……

  6. Claire G. Says:

    We have decamped to Montana for the summer (Missoula) from Texas, and on the way there we drove through the eastern part of Wyoming. Oh My. Desolate doesn’t even begin to describe it, and so, so beautiful. I waved as we passed the junction that leads off to Ten Sleep on Sunday, and thought about how lucky you and the farmily are to live in such beauty!

    Have a wonderful summer!

  7. carmel Says:

    He looks ten days old, could fit in the palm of your hand…Jackie/Montana, I think Charlie is about 5 yrs old now.

  8. Patr Says:

    So so kissable. Love baby flashbacks..

    Traveling for work and so missing my crew tonight….. So I think I’ll go look at their baby pics too.

  9. Claire B. Says:

    What a cutie. At first I thought it was one of the kittens. Going to look at my pups baby pics. Babies are so cute.

  10. Karen Says:

    That tiny furball sure did become a lovely, wise and quirky coyote!

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