A Break In Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Hi Everyone ~ I see there is some confusion stirring about, which I hope to clarify here. This blog is about five months behind “real time,” simply because I didn’t think about starting a blog until September (Charlie was born in April). I do send out current photos of Charlie and gang via email – details are HERE. If you’re curious about present happenings, join us! You can get a double dose of Charlie with the daily subscription, or receive a current pic once a week for free.

Speaking of The Gang, yes, Charlie has a little sis. I adopted Chloe a month ago; she’s a border collie / mountain cur hound cross. She’ll grow up to be about the same size as Charlie but will probably have about fifteen pounds on him. She’s a doll, Charlie’s absolutely smitten, and Eli still reigns over all. I’m going to fast-forward and post a few pics of them together. Enjoy!