I Found It First

photo taken April 2012

one year ago: Statuesque
two years ago: Go Ahead Little Bro…
three years ago: Oh, The Days Gone By…
four years ago: Split Light

4 Responses to “I Found It First”

  1. Pat D. Says:

    I think Chloe seems to be dropping a tiny curtsey to His Highness, Charlie. (Who isn’t particularly noticing, lol.)

  2. Karyn Says:

    Did I miss my Tuesday Charlie in my inbox?

  3. carmel Says:

    Pat D. so funny, you made my day…!!

  4. Pat D. Says:

    To Carmel: Happy to help! (seriously, it was probably due to all the documentaries about Queen Elizabeth II I’ve seen recently that made me see the photo that way…)

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