photo taken April 2012

one year ago: Peekaboo Sneak
two years ago: Looking Rather Cartoonish
three years ago: Little Bud
four years ago: Trying To Fly

5 Responses to “Springy”

  1. DiPhi Says:

    Ya know, part of the pleasure of checking in with Charlie each day is noticing the date the photos were taken and being able to watch the change of the seasons (albeit a couple of months late). Thanks for dating them!

  2. m.v. Says:

    “hmmmm….somewhere around here I seem to recall seeing……….”

    I absolutely luv “today’s photo”. That’s quite a yawn. 90 degree angle??

  3. Catsquatch Says:

    He just KNOWS he left that rainbow octopus around there SOMEWHERE.

  4. Jenny C Says:

    Love that “halo” the sun has kissed upon Charlie’s head.

    When I first saw this shot, I could swear I heard a harmonica playing:
    “I’ll keep rolling along
    Deep in my heart is a song
    Here on the range I belong
    Drifting along with a tumbling tumbleweed…”

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