Orange Crush

photo taken May 2012

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19 Responses to “Orange Crush”

  1. heleen Says:

    He’s looking somewhat sad, as going on for being middle aged.

  2. SheilaE. Says:

    He doesn’t look sad to me; he kind of looks like something has intrigued him. I love this shot.

  3. Marg Says:

    No guilty conscience on that face, just patient concentration.

  4. Johnathen Says:

    “no no not me, I didn’t do, I’m not guilty”

  5. Felyne Says:

    Charlie’s yearbook photo. Most likely to Daily.

  6. Maggie Says:

    Ah, that face. There’s so much there. <3

  7. Claire Says:

    “I see you Chloe – you’re taking my favorite toy. I’ll be there once I finish posing.

  8. Ann Greene Says:

    I have enjoyed your pictures and stories so much after finding your site. Charlie is truly a beautiful animal. Your stories about the bulls are amazing. It’s great to find someone who truly loves the animals and understands them so well. You are so fortunate to be living the live that your are.

  9. saraht Says:

    My take on it is that he is wise – that’s the wisdom face of an animal who’s been around just a bit. Cool.

  10. Torre Says:

    He looks like he and Shreve are having an important discussion – wonder what’s up for negotiation? :)

  11. Karyn Says:

    This is one of the most compelling pictures of Charlie that I’ve seen. Such an expression! Love it!

  12. Sallie Says:

    Pretty pretty boy…or perhaps the “handsomest” guys around!! So intent.

  13. Jenny C Says:

    Oh! Love this shot – so quintessentially Charlie!

  14. Nathan L. Says:

    Always love coming to see pictures of Charlie!

  15. Lesley Says:

    I look at that magnificent photo and marvel at the miracle of evolution.
    How perfect he is.

  16. Julie Says:

    Ohh, Charley looks so fluffy and huggable here!!

  17. Michael Isaac Says:

    Now I understand how the Warner Brothers animators came up with the look of Wile E. Coyote…

  18. Pat D. Says:

    Coyote the Trickster, thinking up more mischief– and smiling about it to himself, just a little.

  19. Vanessa H Says:

    The face of such a sweet old soul

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