Weekend Begins Now

photo taken May 2012

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9 Responses to “Weekend Begins Now”

  1. rwd47 Says:

    I’m gonna let the world go by without me. Although my ears are perched and my nose is on alert in case something happens that I need to know about or I am needed for something.

  2. mj Says:

    Charlie looks like the poster child for the way people have been feeling this week all over the nation’s mid-section with the record breaking heat wave! Well, except that his ears are still looking freshly starched!

  3. Catsquatch Says:

    Hes so angular sometimes ;)

  4. wright1 Says:

    I love how animals can relax so totally; rest and sleep with ALL their being. It’s a lesson I try to take to heart.

    That said, I love how the alertness of Charlie’s eyes and ears contrasts with the slumped leisure of his body in this image.

  5. kunkmiester Says:

    My sentiments exactly, I don’t want to go to work tonight.

  6. carmel Says:

    Slump Dog Millionaire !!

  7. Jenny C Says:

    Awww… sweet boy. Would love to nuzzle that yummy neck.

  8. goosh Says:

    I know that feeling, LOL!

  9. Kim Says:

    I want to kiss his funny sweet nose!

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