Like Velvet

photo taken May 2007

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10 Responses to “Like Velvet”

  1. Marg Says:

    How adorable they are when they are babies. Shreve you’ve had a few tough times lately and it must be exhausting for you. Sending good vibes your way. Glad to hear I’m not the only one having very strange dreams, mine had a cougar, pig and wolf in it…….those dreams intrigue me and scare me at the same time. Good luck to the calf.

  2. catherine Says:

    Good thoughts from the desert to you Shreve. Daisy is a pro, she knows….
    I dreamed I had bought a gigantic house and I did not know why, I was in the house wandering around asking myself why did I buy this house ???? Back to the shrink I guess…..darn it !

  3. Catsquatch Says:

    Oh just look at his beautiful blue baby eyes!

  4. taffy Says:

    Oh Shreve i feel for you! I know that long trek to the barn after having cared for an ailing critter, just after sneaking a short recharging nap, hoping they are still standing when you get there! And so often surprising me to find that their will to live was a winner…. so i wish that for you!
    (And what a gorgeous baby Charlie!)

  5. Claire Says:

    Ahh Charlie – what a cutie. I love all babies. Shreve, hope Daisy and babe will be okay. This must weigh heavy on your heart. I hate seeing animals ill, I feel so helpless especially when they are old. Pls keep us informed on the babe.

  6. carmel Says:

    Little Velvet Ears…pray all goes well for Daisy and her little one…re. the dream…I have them too…I think stress…maybe you need a vacation, some time away…

  7. Claudia Says:


  8. M.V. Says:

    Charlie is so cute and cuddly in this photo. His facial expression makes me want to hug him and tell him everything will be okay.
    I wish I could do the same thing for Daisy’s little boy. Give him a great big hug and tell him he is going to grow up big and strong just like his big bro Frisco.
    Have strength and courage Shreve, and hopefully everything will be okay.

  9. wagga Says:

    Damn you Shreve! I’m an Oz bloke and I don’t giggle and I don’t cry. Except here. Hope the little moke makes it.

  10. Linda D Says:

    Wow. It is so hard to think that Charlie is now 5 years old. It seems like only yesterday when he was this adorable little one.

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