photo taken July 2012

one year ago: Breezing
two years ago: Butt Bite
three years ago: Wethead
four years ago: Bug!


11 Responses to “Sibs”

  1. marg Says:

    They look like they are planning the days mischief. Hard to top the skunk in the house day I bet.

  2. marg Says:

    They look like they are planning the days mischief. Hard to top the skunk in the house day I bet.

    Wow! That ‘Bug” picture is incredible, super colors, texture and subject, definitely one of my favorites.

  3. Heather Says:

    I just wanted you to know that I’ve been following this site off and on for years. I was directed your way by a friend after you had Charlie about 6 months. And simply put I want to Thank You. Your love of Charlie and your new life in Wyoming give hope and inspiration daily. I wish more people would find the simple pleasures in life and learn to just enjoy what comes your way.

    On another note, your photography is amazing as well. While I no longer live in the Rocky Mountain region, I love feeling like I’ve gone home each time I see one of your pictures.

    Thank you for hanging in there even when some were deterimined to hurt you with comments and lack of understanding of what you are really doing.

  4. Catsquatch Says:

    The play agreement goes well ;)

  5. wright1 Says:

    Another lovely image, and one that shows how different their two lines of canis are: his nature-honed lean build and ever-alert ears a striking contrast to her heavier and deep-chested build. Natural selection driven by nothing but the need to keep perpetuating the genes, vs. artificial selection for intelligence, obedience and secondarily aesthetics and friendliness.

    And both processes resulting in two individuals who play with each other and adore their humans and extended pack. Life is marvelous.

  6. Lesley Says:

    Chloe has Charlie’s long legs. They are so well matched…

  7. Rachael Says:

    I never get tire of seeing the beauty that you live in.

  8. TomT Says:

    Excellent post wright1.

  9. Pat D. Says:

    This picture reminds me of the cartoon film “The Fox and the Hound” for some reason. Charlie seems off on a mission, doesn’t he? Chloe is, as always, observing.

  10. taffy Says:

    “I’m gonna gitcha!”
    “Oh no you’re not!”
    (Can’t tell who is speaking first here!)

  11. Kazza the Blank One Says:

    This entry has some spam links too. The start of the paragraph code has a width: 0px; style applied to it – which renders it invisible to standard browsers ..

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