Into The Sun

photo taken August 2012

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7 Responses to “Into The Sun”

  1. Katbalu Says:


  2. Eileen Says:

    I love this–it has an almost magical quality to it.
    This site just makes me smile everytime I visit. Thanks!

  3. Catsquatch Says:

    Almost a sillouette :)

  4. TomT Says:

    Very nice. Looks like something created in a darkroom. I wish you would explain this shot for us. Where, how, and what is the background? It’s a cool effect but not sure how you did that digitally. I worked in darkrooms for almost 7 years in the 90’s and this looks dodged and burned to me. That’s fun stuff, workin’ in darkrooms.

  5. shreve Says:

    T ~ I always like it when my digi shots look like darkroom/film, so thanks. This was quite simple ~ background is sky, sun is behind Charlie, I just increased the contrast a bit and added the vignette, plus a little diffusion (I LOVED diffusion in the darkroom; digitally it’s just copy background layer, filter > blur > diffuse, play with the amounts, then lower opacity of that layer while sharpening the background layer.)

  6. Pat D. Says:

    It looks like an old-time photograph to me, probably because of the sepia. You could almost call it “Grandfather Coyote”!

  7. TomT Says:

    Thanks Shreve. I’m not up on my digital as much as you though. Ya kinda lost me there… I do love playing around with my microsoft digital image suite (from 2006!) on my pics. It’s a good creative release.

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