August Warmth

photo taken August 2012

one year ago: Opposite Ways Together
two years ago: Mouthful Of Chloe
three years ago: A Little Bit Spring, A Little Bit Summer
four years ago: Awwwww
five years ago: Ears ‘N Antlers

7 Responses to “August Warmth”

  1. Torre Says:

    I’ve been loving the latest pictures – you can really feel the august warmth there. I enjoy looking at the previous years pictures as well – you just capture so much of the energy and joy with Charlie and Chloe! what a great life your animals have!

  2. rwd47 Says:

    He looks so friendly in this picture, yet I know from personal experience and your many comments that coyotes are very shy animals.

  3. Catsquatch Says:

    His eyes…..

  4. Stefan Jones Says:

    A wonderful expression on a beautiful creature. The set of his lips is intriguing.

    Shreve, do you ever brush or wash Charlie? Does he just keep himself clean with dust / snow baths?

  5. carmel Says:

    Tight Lipped

  6. I Hermit Says:

    My father called the look Charlie has on his face his HURUMPH, now my grandfather called it his 10# school teacher look. Now when my great grand father had a hammer dropped from a ladder on his head, leaned over and picked up the hammer and handed to my grandfather. Now my great grand-father was known for cussing up a blue streak (hey 13 kids, I would bet my great grandmother could beat himself any-day) he said “that is a terrible thing to do to a hammer” my grandfather looked at him cringing, “Aren’t you going to swear about it?” “No” my great grandfather replied. “why” asked my grandfather. The answer came, “couldn’t do it justice” Hey the Charlie look just brought that story back…..

  7. Says:

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