Smiles In Sepia

photo taken September 2012

one year ago: Territr’ee
two years ago: She Didn’t Let Go…
three years ago: Snow Nosedive
four years ago: Moonrise
five years ago: Me & Him & Him & Me

14 Responses to “Smiles In Sepia”

  1. m.v. Says:

    I is happy I is I is. I sing as I stroll along I is I is. aaawhooooOOOOOOOooooo yippy yippy yaooooOOooo


    Absolutely luv photo. It cheered me up.

  2. Corri Says:

    What a perfectly wonderful portrait. So handsome

  3. Bruce Says:

    A child of the 50’s-60’s this reminds of Rin Tin Tin and Lassie.
    Yo Charlie!

  4. Jackie/Montana Says:

    He looks like he is so happy he’s doing a happy dance. Love him

  5. Catsquatch Says:

    What an awesome pic!
    Happy Halloween Shreve and Fuzzies!

  6. taffy Says:

    It’s a beautiful shot!!! wow! It gives me that wonderful sense of well being!!….and yes i thought the same before i read your comment Bruce….Rin Tin Tin and Lassie!!!

  7. TomT Says:

    Oh that’s a great shot! That’s worthy of framing. What a happy guy.

  8. I Hermit Says:

    Wow you should see the other guy!

  9. Vanessa Says:

    Something quietly serene in that coyote smile :-)

  10. carmel Says:


  11. wright1 Says:

    Ears up, fit body relaxed but ready for play, eyes bright and intent. A great image of a very happy canine.

  12. Cho Says:

    What a beautiful boy! He looks so happy

  13. Cho Says:

    He seems to be saying, “Dude! I’m domesticated!”

  14. Vanessa Says:

    Would love this as a print :-)

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