Late Summer Love

photo taken September 2012

one year ago: Prairie Prince
two years ago: Pinned
three years ago: Pause On The Paws
four years ago: The Chase Is On
five years ago: Mmmm….Toasty

6 Responses to “Late Summer Love”

  1. Colleen G Says:

    The scenery is beautiful and Charlie, as usual, is as handsome as ever.

  2. Catsquatch Says:

    Oh nice pic!

  3. Stephanie Says:

    I think his winter coat is growing in, right? I love your blogs–thank you for creating them.

  4. carmel Says:

    He’s getting his winter coat! He’s so handsome!

  5. torre Says:

    another beautiful picture of dear Charlie :)

    just ordered holiday note cards! thank you for adding them to the shop – I love the picture!

  6. Monika Frielinghaus Says:

    I never have read a book like yours, dear Shreve !
    It consists in friendship and love, together with the knowledge, what you have to change in your life to be in perfect harmony with yourself and nature …

    Just wonderful – congratulations !

    Best regards,

    Can’t you write about the follwing years with Charlie ?!

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