photo taken April 2007

one year ago: Peeking In
two years ago: Open Wide x 2
three years ago: Glove And War
four years ago: Um, Chloe…
five years ago: Watching The Sunset

13 Responses to “Flashback!”

  1. m.v. Says:

    Oh Oh. My first thought is somebody is playing with fire.
    He is definitely interest in what Eli is doing/eating.

  2. Maggie Says:

    Squeeeeee! Oh my god, so CUTE!

  3. Catsquatch Says:


  4. Government Drone Says:

    “… I wonder if he’ll miss it… “

  5. Torre Says:

    I got my calendar! Fabulous as always! Love looking at it at work every day.

  6. LJ Says:

    Precious! So cute it hurts.

  7. Scotty Says:

    i think charlie is about to get a ass woopin and a ‘training’ lesson soon after this shot.

  8. Jenny C Says:

    Achingly adorable… oh Charlie. You caught the perfect expression on his face. Eli was huge compared to the dot that was Charlie. Wonderful pic.

  9. Janet in Cambridge Says:


    You’re little brother to Eli and big brother to Chloe.

  10. carmel Says:


  11. SuthernJazzmyn Says:

    Wow….just wow…I forget sometimes how long I’ve been following you and Charlie. These pictures remind me all the time!

  12. I Hermit Says:

    Charlie almost learns that “Coyote on tail of cat does not equal salt on tail of bird!” EICH!

  13. carmel Says:

    Gingerly with the Ginger!

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