Does Charlie know any commands?

Charlie’s wildly intelligent (har har) and knows quite a bit. I’m excited to teach him more and more because he picks things up incredibly quickly. I taught him “Sit” very early on, and he sits before getting treats or toys and before coming in or going out. He knows “Come” and “Come This Way.” I use this often on our hikes – if I want to change our general direction or if he deviates from our path, I say “Come This Way” and he changes his direction or leaves his scent trail to follow me. Yesterday I said to him, “Get Back On The Deer Trail” (a deer trail is a tiny footpath the deer make when they traverse the hillsides, and we often take these trails on our hikes) and he did – he returned to the deer trail each time I asked him to. I like to think he knows “Deer Trail”, and “Get Back On It Little Boy;” maybe he does, but maybe he just saw in my eyes what I meant. He also knows “Stay” and “Drop It.” Charlie loves to be chased and I quickly learned I would never get my stolen things from him if I chased him. So I ask him to Drop It, and then when he does, I chase him around just for fun, as his reward.