photo taken November 2012

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8 Responses to “Snowfall”

  1. rwd47 Says:

    S: Does Charlie bark? You have said that Charlie has a high pitched voice, especially in comparison to Chloe. I know that coyotes have a high pitched voice and they yelp and howl, but does he bark, especially in a lower range, say when he sees you or Mike or some other barkable event? This looks like a great pre-bark picture to me.

  2. dailycoyote Says:

    R ~ No, not in any way like a dog does – his communications in what you call “barkable events” are yips, howls, and whines; his barks only happen in a territorial context – “get off my lawn” – with strangers (human or animal).

  3. I Hermit Says:

    “I am king of the hill, throw biscuits at me as I have won Shreve, throw a snowball and I will hunt you down and extract a belly rub! Ha Ha so there”! Charlie

  4. Claire Says:

    Are the snowflakes as big as they appear? Pretty cool. I’m sure the rest of your family is furry. How about some pics of the horses, cows, kittys in their fur coats and all fluffy.

  5. carmel Says:

    This one’s for the 2014 calendar :) love it

  6. wright1 Says:

    One of the most perfectly composed images I’ve seen on this site; definitely in the top ten. Charlie, the wall and roof of the house, the trees behind and the snow dropping down… amazing.

  7. Jenny C Says:

    Absolutely love the composition of this shot – wow. …And Charlie’s so, so beautiful.

  8. Andrea Says:

    This is one of my favorite shots ever. I’m not even sure why, but I love it. I think it’s that he looks so majestic.

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