A Meditation

photo taken December 2012

one year ago: Belly Rub
two years ago: Snuggly In The Snow
three years ago: Pondering Pounce Potential
four years ago: Eggplant
five years ago: Notes On Charlie – September 12

9 Responses to “A Meditation”

  1. Regina Says:

    I love this! Any chance you will be making this available in your etsy shop?

  2. Veena Says:

    What a gorgeous picture. Could you please tell me how you too this particular photograph?

  3. bekka Says:


  4. shreve Says:

    V ~ I was shooting into the sun!

  5. Melissa Says:


  6. Carmel Says:

    Love this…any picture of twenty cows standing in a row outside your window, meditating together…??? That would (maybe) trump Charlie…

  7. Vee Says:

    Thanks Shreve :)

  8. wright1 Says:

    A timeless image; it could come from the very dawn of photography. Though good luck getting even a coyote as socialized as Charlie to hold still for the time required in those days!

  9. I Hermit Says:

    Like putting moonrise past a coyote, sunrise comes, you put out corn pollen and, that’s your time. Coyote waits for his time to come again.

    Tony Hillerman ” Coyote Waits”

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