Baby Blues And Greens

photo taken April 2007

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9 Responses to “Baby Blues And Greens”

  1. Johnathen Says:

    O so cuddly.

  2. summerhorse Says:

    bright-eyed and . . .

  3. marg Says:

    Sometimes pictures like this make you wish they’d never grow up!

  4. Bob Says:

    He sure has grown

  5. Nancy Says:

    As my Mother would say…he’s a cutie-pie…

  6. Maggie Says:

    Squeeee, oh my goodness.

  7. pam Says:

    I was looking at this adorable baby picture and then scrolled down to “Look to the light” and was thinking of just how majestic Charlie has become.

    You, Shreve, should be so proud of yourself to have raised him so successfully and to have him so happy .

  8. carmel Says:

    “And Gingerly…” pam, you just said it all…well done Shreve!!

  9. I Hermit Says:

    Ah youth. We all can learn from this picture of exploration of a new world, we need his new eyes to guide us, his acute hearing to let us listen, his sensitive nose to lead us, and most of all a open mind to wonder and learn.

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